KMFDM is an industrial metal band led by founding member Sascha Konietzko, who started the group as a performance art project. There have been a number of line-up changes over the years, including a temporary disbandment from 1999–2002, with Konietzko being the only constant.

Since their founding in 1984, they have released sixteen studio albums. They had sold approximately 2 million records in the United States alone as of September 2003,[1] with multiple albums selling more than 100,000 copies and a number of singles becoming club hits.

They have been mentioned in connection with two separate school shooting controversies, but have repeatedly distanced themselves from any incitements to violence.

Krieg is an industrial rock album by KMFDM containing remixes of songs from their 2009 album Blitz. It was released January 5, 2010, on KMFDM Records. [Wikipedia]

Bait & Switch [All 4 One Mix]—-Make no mistakes….if you are expecting something different from these remixes by KMFDM, you will be disappointed. This is consistent Industrial German Rock that is built for the darker dancefloors and is the reason we buy these remix CD’s the band consistently release. This is fantastic….up and comers Combichrist take the best elements of this song and smacks you over and over the head with them…thhis is damn near ecstatic!!!

Strut [Disco Balls Mix]—-Blending perfectly from the previous song, this does have a nice Disco Beat that still manages to keep, in the backdrop, the more aggressive tones of the song. This is remarkable and it is hard to imagine from this track that the band can be as heavy-handed and aggressive as they can be. This is nice, but settles to comfortably in the dance floor element to be relevant. Give me that heavier and darker tone please.

Potz Blitz [Harmonic Tremors Mix]—-From the onset, you at once notice that the song has a darker tone and more machine generated noise than anything thus far on the release…it is done with flair and mastery. The vocal is so distorted…the deep synth bass is so aggressive and the tone of the song so menacing it makes you yearn for the leather back rooms of Germany. This is the KMFDM we all know and love…welcome guys!!!

Bait & Switch [Sacred Cow Mix]—-The interesting thing about remix releases are how other people interpret the song of another. This remix of the first song featured is a prime example of the wonderment. This is faster, harder and more aggressive than you could imagine…although the song keeps the catchy and contagious female vocal, the backdrop is dark and menacing…coming off like a Nightwish song…seriously…this is fantastic. I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never Say Never [Naughty Habit Mix]—-Creeping from the synth laden intro, the song has a nice element of the original, but comes across as rather sedate at the onset. the guitars ramp up by the third bar, but the song never really goes anywhere for me. The sound of the recording is so deep and underproduced that it sounds almost like a bootleg recording. This falls flat for me, but the simple chorus takes you back to the glory days when KMFDM and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult ruled the Industrial dance floor.

People Of The Lie [Requiem Mix]—-This is odd from the onset, the piano based mix is a surprise..allowing a KMFDM song to take on a slight edge of beauty…what is that all about? The end result is something nice to listen to on occasion, but this is almost a letdown when you are in the mood for the hard, driving industrial pounding that this band can give you….next….

Bitches [Pop Will Eat This Mix]—-This remix begins with lots of promise….the build up is masterful and you feel the blood begin to boil as the bass hits and the synth lines enters at a 1000 beats per minute. This is fun…the intro becomes the song and lasts a bit too long….dying from over exposure. The vocal is heavily distorted, removed and sparse…noe the less this is great between song banter that will keep people on the floor while digging through your crates.

Never Say Never [Confessional Mix]—-This is a bit better than the previous effort of this remix…the dance beats are huge while still retaining some of the industrial flair that the band has become known for….this still plays like an old school MLWTKK but none the less, this is lots of fun and definite must for the party atmosphere.

People Of The Lie [Crooked Illusion Mix]—-This plays much different from what I expected…the beats are almost a downbeat version of the original and Sascha is all but missing from this release…this is all female vocal and falls flat for me…where is the aggression and the sharp beats that leave you stunned?

Davai [Cyrillic Mix]—-Now…..this is what I have been pining for…the beats are much sharper..the vocal a nice blend of Distorted German and the huge swirl of German Industrial takes over you headphones…the guitars in the backdrop give just the needed sound of aggression…this is almost heaven for me.

Never Say Never [Candy Apple Mix]—-Another remix of this song is really not necessary…..the fun thing is that for me is that this is the most pleasant and wonderful crossover of pop music that has ever been recorded. This is really remarkable, sounding like a classic 80’s song that you have never heard before…Christ…this is genius!!!!

Davai [Bloody Fog Mix]—-Remixed by Assemblage 23, this takes on a much harder edge than I expected. The synth manipulations are wonderful, but the trademark 23 sounds permeate the song as well. This is more aggressive than you would expect, but Tom has his hands all over the sound and you recognize this if you are even a little familiar with Assemblage 23. This is remarkable…I’m thinking these guys should have fun and work more together!!!!

**** out of 5


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