Dio/The Last In Line

The Last in Line

The Last in Line is the second studio album by heavy metal band Dio, released on July 13, 1984. It was certified Gold (five hundred thousand units sold) by the RIAA on September 12, 1984, and was the first Dio album to be certified Platinum, achieving the feat on February 3, 1987.[1]

It is the first Dio album to feature former Rough Cutt keyboardist Claude Schnell.

We Rock—-Picking up in the similar vein of Holy Diver, the music as always in consistent and very 80’s inspired Heavy Metal. Dio literally soars at points on this song and I dare say the vocal is even better on this follow-up release. This opening song is another prime example of the rowdy, crowd inspiring music that Dio was known for opening with. This is great…the sound is huge, muscular and the addition of the keyboards add a nice feel to the song. Fantastic!!!

The Last In Line—-When you hear the opening strains to the song…the gentle guitar and the almost serene vocals of Ronnie, you know that something special is occuring…and indeed…there is. When the song opens up, it is full of power and mystical atmosphere. Dio has never sounded better and the band is aggressive and beefy. This is fantastic…a piece of Heavy Metal history.

Breathless—-With another intro full of atmosphere, it is only moments before the song really kicks into gear. Ronnie sounds more aggressive than on previous songs and the chorus that emerges from this is monstrous. This is a delicious piece of Metal as Dio emerges on another mystical journey that allows your mind to wander and conjure up all types of imagery. This is remarkable.

I Speed At Night—-You are actually able to hear bits and pieces of keyboards on this track before the incredibly fast paced song really breaks out. This is delivered at a blistering speed…perhaps the fastest song that Dio has ever recorded. This is aggressive and speedy, yet magically accessible to even the casual listener. The guitar solo is huge…this is classic!!!

One Night In The City—-With a slight blues lean, the song is drum heavy and has some nice overlayed keyboards. The rhythm section of the band is in top form and Dio tells a story that is classic Metal in it’s very form. This is great…I love the sense of melody the song has while still allowing for a darker edge. This is talent!!!!

Evil Eyes—-Aggressive while still maintaining a splendid sense of melody, the guitars combined with the voice create a huge landscape of sound. This is remarkably fresh and new even after all of these years. The vocal has some overlays on the chorus, making it sound even larger and more masterful. This is excellent…straight up rock and roll. 

Mystery—-Without a doubt, my favorite Dio track of all time….this has a remarkable resemblance at times to The Who’s song Baba O’Reilly. The keyboards are very present, the guitar less overt…the vocal literally soars…this is a masterpiece of a song….I truly love this and have listened to it perhaps 5.000 times without losing any of my thirst for it the next time. This is FREAKING BRILLIANT!!!

Eat Your Heart Out—-This is acceptable…..musically aggressive, the song is straight up Heavy Metal fare with less emphasis on the mystical or magic scope of most of Ronnie’s songs. All in all, this is nice and fits in with most of the release.

Egypt—-Another of those closing tracks that are full of atmosphere and some nice India inspired music, the song is slow at the beginning…taking some time to become the opus that it truly is…Ronnie has never sounded better and this was a favorite of his to play live…I never tire of this even though it seems to go on for a very, very long time.

**** out of 5


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