Band Of Horses/Infinite Arms

Infinite Arms

Band of Horses, previously known as Horses, is an American rock band formed in 2004 in Seattle by Ben Bridwell. The band’s current lineup features Bridwell, Ryan Monroe, Tyler Ramsey, Bill Reynolds and Creigton Barrett.

Vocalist Bridwell has been likened to Jim James of My Morning Jacket,[1] early Neil Young, and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips.

Infinite Arms[9] is the third album of indie rock band Band of Horses, released on May 18, 2010, on Brown Records, Fat Possum Records and Columbia.

The first single off this album is “Compliments” and the official music video was presented on the band’s official page on April 2010. Several of the tracks were written by Ben Bridwell whilst staying in a cabin in Minnesota on the Canadian border. [10] The entire album is available for streaming on their website at [Wikipedia]

Factory—-With a quaint, lush instrumentation the song is ushered in by a vocal that is so accessible and pleasant it still surprises me that this band is not huge. The melodies are magic…the swelling strings and the gentle guitar/drum combo round out the song to produce a lush and beautiful canvas. Masterful.

Compliments—-This lead off single from the CD features a much more electric feel than the previous song. The guitars are more aggressive and the drums are really big. The tone of the song makes you think back to the glory days of late 60’s pop when there were clear harmonies and melodies. This would have fit perfectly on the Monsters Of Folk release. This is fantastic.

Laredo—-This is brilliant from the first note…the sound of the band remains lush and full of Alt-Country influences that seem to really please me a great deal these days. This is so nice you will hit repeat again and again…while the voice is not as shrill as Jim James, the similarities are remarkable…the band is in full effect with nice electric guitar…gentle strumming in the backdrop and a drum sound that seems to steer the song…really great!

Blue Beard—-This is…for lack of a better phrase….beautiful pop music that is lush and rich, textured and loaded with emotion. This is fantastic…the lyrical imagery is incredible…the cymbals that run through the backdrop of the song are essential and important to the rich feel of the completed song. This is my new obsession. This really reminds me of CSN.

On My Way Back Home—-Now this track is very My Morning Jacket inspired. If you were to hear this track in a random way, you would be sure that this is Jim singing. Again, the song is lush with arrangements while still maintaining an alternative Rock element. This is fabulous…watch out….on the search for the rest of the catalog.

Infinite Arms—-Wow….I love this…lush and full of green summer pastures, bright sunshine and wheat bending under the weight of the harvest…gentle hills and rolling landscapes while two people experience the love of a lifetime…all of these thoughts come to my mind as I listen to this…this is FANTASTIC!!!

Dilly—-Mixing things up nicely, this track has a bit more of an electric edge to it that propels the song along at a fairly good pace. The vocal is overlayed and overlayed, creating a nice canvas of sound that compliments the pace of the song perfectly…this is remarkable. I can’t believe that I am just now discovering this band.

Evening Kitchen—-Living up to the title of the song..literally, this conjures up thoughts and visions of the slow setting sun that peeks through the window as the day begins to close. The guitar is a gentle and relaxed acoustic affair. The track seems to be absent of drums altogether as this is too lush and intricate for any loud crashing sounds. The voice is masterful…perhaps the goosebumps I have will never go away. This is incredible.

Older—-This track from the onset…is loaded with that wonderful Alt-Country sound that makes me feel warm and comfortable inside. Wow…this is joyous and depressing all at the same time…the talent of this band is incredible…the different moods and textures on this release are the CD of a career….this is out of the park. Exquisite.

For Annabelle—-Continuing with the gentle acoustic guitar sounds, the voice really does remind me of Jim here. This is lush and the lyrics will stop you in your tracks and cause you extended pondering of your life and life in general. This is a piece of magic that sets it spell from the very first note…incredible.

NW Apt.—-Coming off from the onset with a much more aggressive tone, this band really knows how to place songs in order on a release. This reminds me of some of the more rocking songs that Simon & Garfunkel produced back in the day. This is remarkable…it is hard to know if two people are singing or if this is just overdubbed mastery…none the less, the end result is pure magic…I love this band….did I tell you that already?

Neighbor—-Closing out the release with a nice return to the Alternative/Alternative Country sound that permeates this release, this song is wonderfully arranged with little sounds occurring here and there at a moments notice. At times you hear birds…at other times you hear utter desolation and lonliness…other times you hear beauty and lush sounds…but through it all the overlayed vocal paints a picture that you wish you could peer in to every single day!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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