The Cure/Mixed Up!

Mixed Up

Mixed Up is The Cure‘s experiment of remixes from some of their greatest hits.

Most of the songs are extended mixes. Several had been previously released on 12″ singles, but some are completely remade, with Smith recutting vocals due to the original tapes not being available. The record closes with the extended version of a new single, “Never Enough“. The remix of “Pictures of You” was originally released under the title “(Strange Mix)”. The remix album has been described by Robert Smith as being something “fun after the doom and gloom of Disintegration” on the Trilogy DVD. [Wikipedia]

Lullaby—-Personally, I could listen to this song over and over all day…this has such great memories for me…this was the beginning of the whole ‘shoegaze’ movement for me…I could stand for hours slowly moving on the dance floor with my hands in my pockets and totally removed from everything going on around me with little problem. This is majestic….fun and morose all at the same time…a masterpiece.

Close To Me—-Another of those remarkably addictive songs that I wish people would pay more attention to. This remix…which has appeared elsewhere has an odd way of taking the synth lines and pushing them so far to the back that there seems to be a haze playing in the forground…incredible. The little piano sounds and the melody of the song are so damn addictive that this will probably wake me up in the middle of the night playing in my head. Robert sounds so coy and fey on the vocal…adding to the overall charm of the song…this is fantastic!!! The horns are pretty damn great as well!!!

Fascination Street—-Again….that beginning synth line sets the tone for the whole song…even after the track takes a qusi-Industrial edge to it, the synth line remains intact way underneath all of the other sounds…you never lose it if you really pay attention. I love the remix of this song, it allows the band to be a bit noisier and sloppy…something they perfected in albums 9-13!!! Regardless, this is fantastic…a great song to cut and mix with the studio version…turning it into a dance floor mania moment. Nice!!!

The Walk—-Digging a bit into the past, the band produces this remix that is just fantastic. Carrying a lot of the sounds of New Order, this has a remarkable and recognizable bass line that cues you into the song almost upon the first notes. The track has a really nice pace as well, rare for this band which at the time preferred a much slower and lazier pace. Smith actually sounds a bit sunny on this track….in the end, surprisingly enough, this is a lot of fun!!!

Lovesong—-This remix adds some really nice drum high hats and a shimmer sound that makes the song step out of its original place and sound even brighter than I could ever imagine. The synth line is so 80’s inspired that you just knew I was going to love this. The violin sounds literally take the song up one more notch and creates a lush landscape that is luxurious and ripe for trance, staring at the floor dancing. It makes me miss the old days!!!

A Forest—-This has never been a favorite track of mine….I remember being excited at the thought of a new mix and the song only made me more satisfied than I thought possible. The synth line carries the song, although there is a bass line present that would rival Peter Hook…this is shimmering and light…despite the darker underlay. The leads are great…Smith and Tolhurst were almost unstoppable together.

Pictures Of You—-This remains the peak of a band that was caught on record for all to enjoy for many years to come…I do not think that the band ever recovered from the success of songs like this…it was far more than they expected and Smith was not prepared for the media exposure that hit him in the face with classic songs like this being released. The synth lines of this are unforgettable…it plants a seed in your head and the tree will grow forever. The bass line on the guitar is much more progressed and helps maintain the Goth identity in a warm way. This is beautiful…..I have missed hearing this…a nice re-visit!!!

Hot Hot Hot!!!!—-I have to admit again, out loud that this band did produce songs that I really never cared for…this is one of those songs…it just seems like a waste. i guess people though it broke ground as Smith admitted a sexual yearning  and outlook instead of delving further into the emotional. This to me just strayed to far from the familiar and overt sounds I had become accustomed to.

The Caterpillar—-Returning to a deeper and more comfortable sound, the vocal on this mix is really nice….pushed way to the front and almost bare as the music is minimal and pushed to the back. This is really pleasant pop, with some nice rays of sun shining in over the bass lead and the loud kick drum. this is exquisite…I really miss the glory days of this band.

In Between Days—-Back in the day…during the early days of The Cure, Echo & The Bunnymen and bands of that sort, I was all about The Smiths and only The Smiths….so I was a late comer to The Cure and this was the song that broke the band wide open for me. I simply adore this song….there is not a bad millisecond and the emotion still wrings my heart today. The pace of the remix is really nice…pushing the urgency of the song even more to the listener. This has appeared in numerous forms on numerous collections, but this remix remains my favorite…fantastic!!!

Never Enough—-A ‘new song’ that eventually appeared on the 12″ of Friday, I’m In Love, this is another of those songs that I’m really not crazy about. This is when the band really seemed to begin moving away from the shimmering pop that it had trademarked into a more brash and loud experimental phase that has lasted the past 10 years. This is ok, but not something I would reach for on a regular basis.

****out of 5


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  1. have you heard of a misspressing of this cd where the disc plays elton johns greatest hits ????

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