David Bowie/Let’s Dance

Let's Dance [ECD]Let’s Dance is an album by David Bowie, released in 1983. It is a post-disco album with co-production by Chic‘s Nile Rodgers. The title track of the album became one of Bowie’s biggest hit singles, reaching number 1 in the UK, the US and various other countries. Further singles included “Modern Love” and “China Girl“, which both reached number 2 in the UK. “China Girl” was actually a new version of a song which Bowie had co-written with Iggy Pop for the latter’s album The Idiot. The album also contains a rerecorded version of the song “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)” which had been a minor hit for Bowie a year earlier. Let’s Dance is also notable as a stepping stone for the career of the late Texas blues guitar virtuoso Stevie Ray Vaughan, who played on the album. The album was also released as a limited edition Picture Disc in 1983. {Wikipedia]

This was the release that started my Bowie obsession…since buying this vinyl release, i have collected an amazing 77 Bowie release. This remains a voice of my generation and I miss his experimentation and voice in my life. David…..I truly love you!!!

Modern Love—-Perhaps an even larger hit that the title track, this solidified the presence of bowie in the US and helped to make him a household name. The vocal remains sexually charged and delivered with an urgency that fans had never encountered before. The huge horns fir right in with the 80’s decade of excess and seemed to drive the album to even bigger sales. This is remartkable…bowie sounding all suave and  sophisticated while his band explored the emerging SKA sound of the decade….masterful.

China Girl—-Sexually charged and full of soul inspired grooves that will last forever, this was a huge radio and video hit for Bowie. The gentle oriental guitar sounds that lead the song are incredible…hard to believe Stevie Ray was a part of all of this. Bowie delivers his most sexy and sophisticated vocal ever…you literally melt with the heavy drip of sexy that is coming from him. This is the sound of a man who for 20 years had worked for this pivotal moment…finally, the pay off.

Let’s Dance—-Perhaps the largest single in the career of this aged master of pop/rock, he rarely performs it these days…relying on other classic rock singles to excite the crowd. I never thought this was something to be embarrassed about…this was a masterful, classic pop song that combined every element of the 80’s into a three-minute song and accompanying ideo that collected millions of fans in the process. I remember so many things when I hear this song…you can not deny the mastery and the hook…this was a moment caught in time. Wonderful…and still a song that i dearly love…even after a million listens.

Without You—-Even tough this ‘side’ of the record had no acclaimed singles, it is perhaps some of the best material that Bowie has ever recorded. This song finds David at his most falsetto best…the instrumentation matching incredible well. The blues line that pervades the song harkens back to the days of Diamond Dogs and you just fall in love with the man all over again. this is freakin’ wonderful…making me wonder why i have not listened to this in such a long time…literally a masterpiece.

Ricochet—-By far the best song on this release, this song was only heard by the few million people who bought this release. Iwish this had hit radio…I think that the outcome would have been magnificent. Bowie sounds so empty and hollow that it causes a stir in my groin…this is passion that is so subdued and full of mastery that you wonder what the execs must have been thinking by allowing this to go by the wayside. This is a masterpiece!!!!

Criminal Mind—-Another classic track that is steeped in the Stevie Ray blues sound …..the progressive blues sound propels the song and Bowie delivers a vocal that is clear and new. the sedutiveness of the vocal allows the song to be sexy and fun….the shiny guitar brings to the public the rock sensibilities that bowie always harbored…this is wonderful…a moment caught in time as musical minds collided in a wonderful explosion.

Cat People—-Perhaps my favorite track on this release, Bowie brings to the front of the mix all the knowledge that he had gained through his extensive recording career. The seductive croon is there…the adaptability is there and the overall force of the emotion is undenaible…this is just great classic stuff…if you have not heard this, you are missing out on the best theat the Duke has to offer….check it out…NOW!!!!

Shake It—-Piano/Keyboard based, this is a sexy romp through the blues understanding of bowie….the vocal is so sexy and seductiveness that you will eel goosebumps in places you should not. The groove of the bass is masterful…Carlos alomar was instrumental in the bowie movement at this point and you cannot ignore his sound. the gentle vocal falsetto could have fir in almost perfectly with Station to Station….this is just literally, magically wonderful!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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