The Fixx/Greatest Hits: One Thing Leads To Another

The Fixx - One Thing Leads to Another: Greatest HitsThe Fixx are an English New Wave band. They are one of the few such bands to have enjoyed significant success outside their country of origin (in their case, notably in the United States and Canada) while remaining almost unknown in their home land. The band is best known for their song “One Thing Leads to Another“, from their most successful album Reach the Beach in 1983. Their other hits include “Red Skies”, “Stand or Fall”, “Saved by Zero“, “Sign of Fire”, “Are We Ourselves?”, “Secret Separation”, “Driven Out”, “How Much Is Enough?” and “Deeper and Deeper”, which was featured on the soundtrack of Streets of Fire. “A Letter to Both Sides” appears on the Fletch soundtrack. [Wikipedia]

One Thing Leads To Another—-Ok….let me come clean about this….I love The Fixx….I adore Cy’s voice…but I have always hated this song. The simplicity of the lyrics and the basic sounds of the bass never clicked with me. Although, this is an anomaly with me alone, as this song was brilliantly huge in the US and abroad and started the band’s career. This just remains one of those songs I could live with never hearing agin. Still, you have to love the bass line and the puedo-synth line.

Red Skies—-Now, this is much more to my liking. The guitar lines are incredible, the vocal carries every sound that made the 80’s huge and the political message was very timely…released while still in midst of the cold War. Cy utters emotion with every single phrase that he utters and the bass line in the song creates an eerie sound that brings the message home…this remains brilliant!!!!

Less Cities…More Moving People—-Another track that for me, is politically charged and delivered with a clear message in mind. The simple fact of the matter is ….we are a huge world that is running out of room and resources…the message of the song resonates even today. The vocal delivery of Cy is remarkable…the band…while still evolving and delivery instrumentally relevant material was deep in the synth movement as well…this is a successful mixture of the two coming together in a perfect marriage…while still being socially relevant. This is fantastic!!!

Secret Separation—-Featuring one of the most cohesive and brilliant songs the band ever produced, this is just wonderful. Curnin sounds so clear and real…..the band plays in a magical lazy way that just makes your heart melt and the bass line of the song is defining. The remarkable clarity of the recording is a thing of historic and magical proportions…..this is just wonderful!!!

Deeper and Deeper—-With a classic and recognizable bass line that could only come from this band, Curnin enters with a vocal that is almost driven by the sheer passion. this is politically charged and delivered as a message for me. The synth lines are almost hidden by the drums and the bass…but that is just fine…the clarity and the sheer rock sensibility of the song remains magical. This is fantastic!!

Saved By Zero—-One of the most remarkable and treasured songs recorded by the band, this remains my favorite song by this band…without a doubt. the clear and concise vocal and the hypnotic bass line creates a wonderful landscape full of messages and meaning. This band has never let me down…this is why.

Stand Or Fall/Live—-Even live, the band had a way of delivering the message that needed to be heard. The Fixx were the pre-U2 socially aware band for those of us who really gave a damn. This is classic…the hurt, pain and concern in the vocal is real…there is no denying the message, This is wonderful in every sense of the word.

Are We Ourselves?—-This is another of those songs that I have never really been crazy about…simply because it seemed the band was caving and falling into the mass of synth pop bands that were around at the time. The lead guitar sound is really nice….the drums are real, but the synth that runs throughout the song is a bit cheesy and under-whelming…none the less, it plays much better today that it used to for me.

The Sign Of Fire—-Coming together in a most fantastic way, the bass line interacts with the pained vocal to create a literal masterpiece of social awareness. This band made the mark…not just for the addictive quality o the songs, but also for the message that was always shimmering underneath. This is fantastic!!!

Built For The Future—-Solid and built on the ever present bass line of the band, Cy uns with the vocal and claims the song for his own despite the synth line that seems to control the song. This is a piece of mastery that conjures up memories and reminiscent moments of the good days when life was foot loose and fancy free.  Wonderful!!!!

**** out of 5


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