Melissa Etheridge/Fearless Love

Fearless LoveFearless Love is the 10th studio album by American rock/pop musician Melissa Etheridge. The album was released on April 27, 2010 by Island/Def Jam Music Group, produced by John Shanks. Melissa said in an interview the album is “about being fearless. It’s about choosing love over fear. It’s a way, a philosophy of living life that suits me well.”[1] The album was recorded at The Document Room in Malibu, and Hensons Studios in Hollywood, CA.

Fearless Love—-The title track and lead off single to the CD finds Etheridge in familiar territory. She always manages to do her best work with minimal instrumentation and her vocal as the main driving force. This is nice….the build-up to the chorus almost drives you to madness…you know a big chorus is coming and it is worth the wait. this will get into your head and lay there for awhile…rearing it’s head when you ned it the most. The power of music…..because music matters!!

The Wanting Of You—-Creeping up on you, the song begins in a rather sedate and gentle way…the vocal enters and you think about everything that has been going on in Melissa’s life and you recognize some stuff….like you are eavesdropping!!! Melissa sounds fantasic…even when the rasp is not evident, her voice is pure and real… are her lyrics.

Company—-This has some really familiar guitar leads…I’m just sayin’……Etheridge begins in a classic and wonderful Alt-Country delivery that really has you slowly rocking back and forth. The instrumentation is pretty consistent and I sit here thinking that Melissa is the Springsteen for ‘The Community’…..truly. The Who……

Miss California—-This begins in a rather odd and unnecessary way….ethridge enters pretty soon afterwards and delivers a Janis style soul, southern dirty song. This has never been my style of music…I really never got the meaning of the Blues movement…none of that stuff made me blue…it made me irritated. Add in that slow sleazy guitar and I am gone. This song is just that…the vocal is nice, but I really do not like this.

Drag Me Away—-Now, this stuff I really get into. This is a nice Alt-Country feel good song that makes me think of Etheridge playing the guitar in a huge wheat field with the sun shining…this is fantastic….really makes up for the previous song. This gets so big….this will be a single….trust me and I think it will do really well.

Indiana—-Wow….beginning like a ‘Church Song’, Etheridge enters with a vocal that is pure and beautiful. This is wonderful!!!! You wait to see how the song is going to develop…..the band comes alive after the first refrain and chorus….Etheridge plays story-teller and paints great pictures with her words. This is fantatic…this may be my favorite track on this release. It is a nice combination of Alt-Country and grass-roots Rock. Nice!!!

Nervous—-I like the nice jaunty bass that leads off the song. This is almost bordering on pop music!! The vocal is seductive and full of sex…the groove is dirty and bluesy but accessible and mainstream at the same time. This is nice….different for her.

Heaven On Earth—-Wow….this is really nice….Etheridge delivers a vocal that is so clean and pure, you would think this was a 20 yr. old. At the same time there is an air of experience that allows the song to be real. This is pretty freaking fantastic!!

We Are The Ones—-OK….all of the weird soundbite business at the onset was odd….the song is a bit to gentle…the placement of songs are so important and we needed something harder at this point…this will be ignored because it is cemented in between two other rather sedate songs. Regardless,I hope people pay attention to this…the message is clear and the chorus is pretty damn catchy. This really does develop into a very nice track…..great!!!!

Only Love—-Wow….really great intro line…banjo or mandolin or something…damn pleasant. Melissa again seems rather sedate and introspective…but you know how her songs are…you have to wait to get the reward. The twang in the voice is awesome…..the gentle guitar is relaxing and allows you to soak in the words. This is nice. no big surprises, but consistent greatness.

To Be Loved—-Again…..WOW….this is really nice….what a great vocal delivery…it is rare today to catch every single word…this song is perfect. You wonder and wonder about the meaning of the song and the recent things and you feel sad because the pain is really real!!! Fantastic….Etheridge is more intense than Alanis ever tried to be. This song is a lesson.

Gently We Row—-Nice…..gentle acoustic guitar really does show the true voice. This is so stripped down and raw…you hear every word and you fall into the story…the nominal instrumental distraction is almost a distraction. But the electricity is not here…this is Indigo Girls inspired folk rock.

**** out of 5


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