The Stone Roses/The Remixes


The Stone Roses were an English Alternative rock[2] band formed in Manchester in 1984. They were one of the pioneering groups of the Madchester movement that was active during the late 1980s and early 1990s. The band’s most notable lineup consisted of vocalist Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Gary “Mani” Mounfield, and drummer Alan “Reni” Wren.

The band released their début album, The Stone Roses, in 1989. The album was a breakthrough success for the band. At this time the Stone Roses decided to capitalise on their success by signing to a major label; however, their current record label Silvertone would not let them out of their contract, which led to a long legal battle that culminated with the band signing with Geffen Records in 1991, and then finally releasing their second album Second Coming in 1994. The group soon disbanded after several lineup changes throughout the supporting tour, which began with Reni first departing, followed by Squire.

The Remixes is a 2000 release compilation album featuring 12 tracks by The Stone Roses remixed by various artists such as Utah Saints and Paul Oakenfold.

Shoot You Down [The Soul Hooligans Mix]—-With a huge shiny sound, and a lazy trip hop beat playing in the backdrop, the vocal from Ian is moved way to the front of the mix and delivered in perfect pitch…this is bright, sunny and relaxed…building on the psychedelic feel of the original…to be honest, I could not ask for more…this takes a stellar track and only makes it more classic. When the bass hits in the song, your hair moves from the power of it…magnificent.

Fools Gold [Top Won Mix]—-This is MARVELOUS!!!! The heavy but unobtrusive bass beat keeps true to the original version of the song. The vocal is a bit softer but still sounds a brilliant as ever. The beats continue to develop as the song continues…adding more sounds and a more erratic beat that never looses the basic melody line of the original. This is so pleasant, it has replaced the original on the I-pod. Brilliant.

Elephant Stone [808 State Remix]—-With a sound that reminds me of those little play pianos at the onset of the song, the track continues to grow and grow as it progresses. the bass beats become heavier and faster and you are just smiling from ear to ear as the vocal enters the scene reminding you of how FREAKIN” FANTASTIC and important this band was. This is magical…the remix keeps all of the basic elements of the original and only builds on the sounds to make it even more modern and important. the bass hits on this song are monstrous…genius!!!

Waterfall [12″ Remix]—-This is WONDERFUL!!!! Keeping much of the original sound intact. This remix only takes the most sonic parts of the song and evolves them into modern day sound…and in the process loses nothing of the original charm. Brown sounds so good on this track and it only makes me mourn the passing of this band even more. This is a moment caught in time…the movement that started the whole Shoe Gaze movement of the 80’s and 90’s and made us loudly beg for more. Brilliant!!!

One Love [Utah Saints Remix]—-In typical Utah Saints fashion, this song is given an almost Acid house treatment that keeps the general melody, but layers the back drop with manic beats and sound effects. Brown is pushed to the very rear of the mix and the musical interludes take the long ambling approach before the song returns to its original beat. This is nice, but to be honest…it is a bit to hyper driven for me.

I Wanna Be Adored [Rabbit In The Moon Mix]—-This is deep in bass and ambience from the onset….from the very back of the song the familiar sounds of Squires guitar slowly emerges and allows this song to take on some of its original form. The bass heavy beats run on top of everything else and then in comes Brown…sounding disembodied and even more dis-interested than ever. I have to be honest…I much prefer the original.

Fool’s Gold [Grooverider Mix]—-This is full of moody synths and really hard to grasp movements…from the onset the Industrial sounding noises are almost foreign to me. The familiar sounds of brown come forward and allows the song to take some form and fashion of the original, but overall the remix misses the grandeur and mastery of the original. not bad, but not a favorite by any means…give me the original please.

I Am The Resurrection [Jon Carter Remix]—-Now, this is and has always been my favorite roses song ever…I waited with bated breath the first time i heard this…wondering if someone was going to butcher the wonderful memory I had. From the onset, this seems to miss the mark…the sound is full of tin and too much treble and goes on forever…as the remix continues, there is a nice gradual introduction of bass that brings the track back to some of its original splendor. The vocal is way removed and sounds distorted and the synth line is a bit too happy for my taste…this was more intense than joyful for me. This really misses the mark by removing the all important chorus….sad!!!

Waterfall [Justin Robertson’s Mix]—-With a nice Jungle Beat, this kicks off in fine form and refreshes my belief in remixes. keeping the guitar line intact through a comfortable synth line, the song is nice lazy journey through the original that makes me smile from ear to ear. the real guitar lines surfaces and allows the song to progress before another jungle excursions explores the bass line of the song. When Ian begins his vocal you feel a warmth and wonderment at the innovation and brilliance of the band in its original form. My…how I miss the sound of this groundbreaking band. This is a nice reminder of why I loved them so much. Masterful!!!

She Bangs The Drum [Elephant Remix]—-From the onset, this song robs the listener of the grandeur of the original…turning this into an even more psychedelic hyper mis of the original…slowly the elements of the song begin to surface but in the end this leaves me cold and reaching for the original release to satisfy the thirst that it has awakened.

Elizabeth My Dear [Instrumental]—-Another of my favorite tracks, this short little interlude always has brought a smile to me face….this almost 5 minute version is literally brilliant……although listed as an instrumental, there are a few snippets of the vocal. This is full of atmosphere…swirls and magical moments. This is brilliant…in both its original version and the remixed version. I never, ever tire of this masterpiece of a song.

Elephant Stone [Mint Royale Mix]—-With huge synth swirls, the vocal enters right away and the clarity is perhaps better than any i have heard…allowing you to hear every word and revel in the true beauty of the lyrics. This is a nice orchestrated remix with strings and atmosphere that make you really yearn for the true Alternative sounds of the late 80’s and early 90’s when it was all ours and not belonging to the masses. This is brilliant.

****3/4 out of 5


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