Priestess/Hello Master

Hello MasterPriestess is a Canadian hard rock band formed, in Montreal, Quebec in 2003 by Mikey Heppner (vocals/guitar), Mike Dyball (bass), Vince Nudo (vocals/drums), and Dan Watchorn (vocals/guitar).

Hello Master is the debut album by Canadian hard rock band Priestess. Originally released in Canada on November 15, 2005, the album was re-released in the United States on June 13, 2006 (with all new album artwork).

In an interview, Mikey Heppner described the album as being only “recorded versions of twelve of our songs,” as the band prefer being on stage than in the studio. Heppner went on to say the album title really means nothing.

I Am The Night, Colour Me Black—-Wow, the opening drum riff on this track is literally monstrous!! The guitar enters and produces classic sounds circa 1977 Metal. This is dirty and full of sludge, The vocal has some really great moments…the range is nice. This is just plain, balls to the walls retro Hard Rock…..great.

Lay Down—-With a nice blues twist to the guitar delivery, this song is again layered and monstrously large. The vocal is classic Motorcycle Metal….that dirty and greasy bars Metal that was so hot in the 1970’s. The chorus is really nice, the rest of the song is wasted on my limited tastes.

Run Home—-This is basically more of the same…the bass runs the song and the chorus comes together in a huge sing a long affair that remains the high point of the track. I could do without the real short blasts of guitars…this is not bad, but really not my forte’.

Two Kids—-This is excellent…with strong Sabbath overtones, the bass is magnificent on this track and the drums shine. The vocal is a mid pitched affair that seems the most comfortable for the singer. Although this is really not my style of music, you have to love the energy and fact that they are doing something most other bands are not. No wonder they opened for Mastodon.

Talk To Her—-This begins with a bit of blues, but opens up into a really great song. Despite the lazy bass blues, the song has a monstrous and contagious chorus that manages to stick with you. This is great!!

Time Will Cut You Down—-With nice bass heavy, blues inspired crunchiness, the song comes out sounding like a perfect 70’s jam in every sense of the word. The vocal is pretty damn plesant…the chorus opens up the song with a huge contagious hook that you will think about for awhile…this is exceptional. Really Nice.

Everything That You Are—-With an almost punk rock angle, the double vocal style is reminiscent of many of the ‘kiddy bands’ that are popular today. the most impressive thing for me is the huge rhythmic guitar that almost seems stuck in one place it goes on and on for so long. This is really nice…one of the best cuts on this release.

The Shakes—-Again, this has some really exceptional drums and bass guitar. The vocal is steeped in the 70’s style…making you think this guy stepped right out of Thin Lizzy or some other band in that genre. The chorus on this song, like most of them, is big and muscular. This is fantastic!!!

Performance—-Beginning with a huge guitar sound, the drums crash around your ears and the vocal comes out of the gate in an almost scream mode. One of the outstanding qualities about this band remains the attitude…and it is in full force on this track. This is classic rock with a nice new millenium twist.

Living Like A Dog—-With a nice one-sided speaker sound to kick off the song, once everything comes together, you are once again treated to some really great stoner rock that makes itself hard to be ignored. The drums on this entire CD are just incredible…the bass is heavy and the leads are just fuzzy enough to be relevant.

No Real Pain—-The vocal on this track is stellar…perhaps the best out of everything on the CD. The guitar riffs are heavy and the bass is dirty with a nice dirty sound. The drums lead and pace the sound of the band…this is great!

 Blood—-This begins heavy on the rhythm and drums…the bass guitar delivers sharp and sexy blasts and the vocal is sedate and dripping with a sexy sound. this is a nice closer to an extraordinary release. Nice!!!

*** out of 5


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