Meatloaf/Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell

Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell

Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell… is a 1993 studio album by Meat Loaf and was written and produced by Jim Steinman. It was released sixteen years after Meat Loaf’s first solo album Bat Out of Hell. It reached the number one positions in the USA, the UK, and Australia. Three tracks were released as singles, including “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)“, which reached number one in 28 countries.

Some of the songs were intended for Meat Loaf’s second solo album. But due to problems with the singer’s voice, and other disagreements, Meat Loaf’s voice did not end up on that album. Those songs were first released on the Jim Steinman album Bad for Good. Some of the songs had been first released on Pandora’s Box‘s 1989 album, Original Sin.

I’d Do Anything For Love [But I Won’t Do That]—-Beginning in a rather familiar strain, with motorcycles of course, the familiar Steinman piano soon follows. The overt orchestration is even larger than you would imagine…new technology brings new abilities. The intro is prolonged and kind of unnecessary, but we allow Steinman to excercise his eccentricities. Meatloaf enters with his vocal…sounding more real and pained than I have ever heard him sound. The emotion seeps from every crevice on this record and we are the grand recipients. This was a huge single for Meat…hitting number one in too many countries to mention. The song still stands tall today…this is masterful!!!

Life Is A Lemon And I Want My Money Back—-With little time for interludes, this song begins with a nice bass drum right out of the gate. The huge chorus is just built for huge arenas. The updated guitar sound is refreshing and the overt orchestration is missing from the mix…we have straight forward rock that works really well with Meat;s voice. This is fantastic…I have not listened to this often enough and have forgotten how much I liked some of this stuff. This is really great!!!

Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through—-This managed to be a pretty nice hit off of this release as well…further solidifying the legend of the Steinman/Meatloaf relationship. this is fresh and new, but remarkably familiar and comfortable. The gentle guitar and the pared down vocal from Meat does nothing to alleviate the power of the song. This is perfectly constructed pop/rock that will live on just as the first release has. Fantastic…expecially the Queen overtones on the chorus…wonderful!!!

It Just Won’t Quit—-Again, the familiar strains of the Steinman piano begins the song…the tone of the track is sedate and Meatloaf is in full operatic form as he complains about the state of his life and the inability to cope. This is fantastic…the song becomes this huge opus that allows everyone to sing along and relive the old days with new songs that sound remarkably familiar. Wonderful.

Out Of The Frying Pan [And Into The Fire]—-Beginning a bit more aggressive, the piano is not far behind…but it matches the power chords in a well constructed way. The song is huge…you would expect nothing less. This is nice, but is almost smothered under the sameness of the sound. I don’t hate this, but it becomes wearing after a time. This is pretty much textbook Steinman.

Objects In The Rearview Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are—-I fail to understand the real meaning of this song…perhaps I am missing the point…this is again, textbook Steinman/Meatloaf…the ballad that grows into a large rock opus. I love the vocal…the energy and the emotion is almost overflowing…but the chorus is silly and I can’t quite seem to grasp all of the lyrical innuendos…maybe it is just because I don’t drive…LMAO!!!

Wasted Youth—-This is awesome!!!! I love the beginning of this song…the vocal intro from Steinman and the revist back to the first record. This is magnificent. I love this…I love this…I love this…..I love this!!!!

Everything Louder Than Everything Else—-Wow……this is a HUGE freakin’ sound….building off the previous interlude, the song turns into a huge opus to the grand state of classic Rock N’ Roll….full of huge guitar chords, fantastic drums…frantic piano from Steinman and backdrop singers that allows the song to become even larger. This is fantastic.

Good Girls Go To Heaven [Bad Girls Go Everywhere]—-Not sure how the whole bagpipe thing fits in with this whole thing, but the song becomes this funky. bluesy thing that really misses the mark for me. i really never found a place for this in my soundbite of a brain…this is nice, but sounds to familiar and overworked.

Back Into Hell—- With huge orchestrated overtones and frantic piano, the song begins like a huge theatrical production. This is so full of atmosphere you wonder what movie you are about to watch. This is fabulous…joing all of this avant-garde music with the anticipation of the vocal is a wonderous thing. This is masterful….this combination [Steinman & Meatloaf] is a rare delicacy….continue with it.

Lost Boys And Golden Girls—-With the typical fanfare you would expect from a Steinman/Meatloaf collaboration, this is a wonderous ballad that you just know is going to be special. Indeed, the chords kick in and you are treated to the rare excursion of two men that work in perfect tandem with each other to create epic masterpieces…this is wonderful and a perfect way to close this release. Wonderful!!!!

**** out of 5


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