Nada Surf/If I Had A Hi-Fi

if I had a hi-fi

If I Had a Hi-Fi is the sixth studio album by American alternative rock band Nada Surf. It was released on June 8, 2010 and consists only of covers.

Electrocution [Bill Fox]—-This magical song, which I never really heard before, just solidifies all the reasons why I love this band. The fuzzy guitar lays way in the backdrop of the mix while a more jangly sound is more in the forefront of the song. The vocal is so sedate and relaxed, you find yourself almost daydreaming throughout the whole damn thing. For me, this is perfect!

Enjoy The Silence [Depeche Mode]—-Abandoning almost all recognizable aspects of the song, Nada surf takes this electronic track and turns it into a masterful 60’s pop sounding masterpiece that I like even more than the original. This is freakin; brilliant….if you were expecting a replication, look elsewhere. This is new and fresh and gives a whole different lean to the track. This is a fantastic interpretation of a classic 90’s song. Love this!!!

Love Goes On [The Go-Betweens]—-Gosh….is this 2010 or 1968? This is brilliant laid back pop that brings the summers of love back into pure focus. The gentle vocal harmonies add so much magical texture to the songs. This is classic and wonderful…..where are these guys from…..the US…WHAT??? This is brilliant!!!

Janine [Arthur Russell]—-This reminds me of Paul Simon so much that I actually look at the CD cover to make sure i am not mistaken. The vocal is so pure and crisp and clean…you just don;t find stuff around like this anymore…for the minute or so that it lasts, you are in pure heaven!!!

You Were So Warm [Dwight Twilley]—-Again, the gentle sounds swirl around your head as the song begins…once the guitar really moves to the front of the mix, you are wonderfully lost in the produced mood. This is magnificent…the emotion all over this song will bring tears to your eyes….if the band meant to make a statement…then the achieved their goal…this is a BRILLIANT band.

Love And Anger [Kate Bush]—-Granted, some of the original sounds of the original are in this track, but overall the band manages to create a landscape that feels fresh and brand new. The vocal again makes me think of Paul Simon…the vocal nuances are exactly the same…this is wonderfully familiar and wonderfully fresh.

The Agony Of Lafitte [Spoon]—-Taking on Indie darlings Spoon, Nada again reworks the song so that it is almost unrecognizable except to a Nada fan. This is brilliant pop…the layers of vocals on the chorus give the song a nice lazy and breezy feel that was missing before all the while creating an almost brand new song. This is wonderful.

Bye Bye Beaute’ [Coralie Clement]—-By no means familiar with this song, I can only take it as it appears to me here and now…this is a classic Nada track that could and will stand up magnificently well with any other track you might play it against from the band’s catalogue, The jangly guitar is masterful…the layered vocal screams of the late 60’s and the atmosphere that is produced just makes you feel good. Great!

Question [Moody Blues]—-Taking on a much more Alt-rock feel, this track has the magic that the Moody Blues aimed for. This is remarkable…the music is much more the star than the vocal, which seems much more pushed to the back of the mix. This is just pure fun…no other description needed. When the quiet vocal interlude enters you are literally transported to heaven. Wonderful!

Bright Side [Soft Pack]—-Again, from the onset, this is much more guitar based and aggressive…the Simon comparisons again come to my mind as the clarity and purity of the vocal is all over the song. This is nice…poppy and almost punk with a nice drum track that seems to steer the whole pace of the song. This is fantastic…this band should do this stuff more often…this is fantastic!!!

Evolution [Mecromina]—-Layered with lots of orchestration at the beginning of the song, this falls away to allow for a simple guitar chord and then picks back up again sounding like a Bollywood track that was misplaced on this release. Even the vocals are almost incomprehensible and foreign…giving the track a nice mystical feel that reminds me of early Kula Shaker…this is brilliant.

I Remembered What I Was Going To Say [The Silly Pillows]—-This short little ditty is again another brilliant re-interpretation. Piano based, the song has an almost circus feel to it….I could not ask for more from this band…they have been a favorite and remain so!!!

****3/4 out of 5


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