Wild Nothing/Gemini

GeminiWell, believe it or not, it has been practically impossible to find any relevant information about or regarding this band. All I know is that I love them….if you have info, PLEASE pass it on!!!

Live In Dreams—-From the very onset, I am amazed by the shimmering and glossy mastery of this band. This is like stepping back into the summer of 1993. The beats and vocal delivery are displayed with a laziness that reeks of summer days with huge sunbeams falling from the sky and making your entire body feel comfortable and hazy. This is so relaxed and easy to digest I may very well fall in love right this minute.

Summer Holiday—-Playing like a remarkable never heard New Order track, the female vocal comes in and moves the song to a whole new level…this is brilliant. Shiny and full of pop leanings, I could not think of a better title for the song. This is shoegaze at its very finest…this is halcyon induced trance dancing that makes me yearn for my younger days when not a damn thing mattered. BRILLIANT!!!

Drifter—-With a gentle and introspective intro piano line, the song becomes bigger while still allowing you to be lost in the gentle melody. The vocal is so ghostly and airy that you swear to god this release is ten years old. This is pure magic….I really love this band!!

Pessimist—-WOW….this is more snaky than early Verve, more atmospheric than The Roses and full of more flavor than the Lemon Drops. This is everything I loved about the 90’s and more all wrapped up in a nice package and delivered in 2010. I could not ask for more on this day….this will be stuck in my player for quite some time.

O Lilac—-With a really nice guitar setting the pace for the song and very far in the front of the mix, it still manages to contain a nice swirling feel that is full of summer yearnings and the joy that sunshine brings. This is remarkable…the handclaps going on in the backdrop are an instrumental part of the song and the ghostly vocal is full of beauty and layers. Man…..this is awesome!!!

Bored Games—-With a much more electric sound and a guitar that again makes you think of New Order, the combination of female/male vocals come together to create a landscape on top of yet another landscape….all combining to create a huge mural of sound that brings a gentle smile to your face and a satisfied filling of empty spaces in your soul. Magnificent.

Confirmation—-Bright and shimmering from the very onset, this does manage to have a bit of a darker feel in the backdrop for me. The vocal is so removed and haunting that you just shake your head and wonder how exactly the band manages to produce such a beautiful and magnificent sound. This is exquisite…makes me want to reach for the Cocteau Twins right away.

My Lonely Angel—-With a really heavy bass sound and a slight oriental feel to the music, the vocal enters and seems to be overlayed on top of overlay. This results in a deep plush sound that is just a wonder to behold. I could not ask for more enjoyment from one CD…this is remarkable….you MUST hear this!!!

The Witching Hour—-With some nice guitar at the onset of the song, the low hum of the bass rings through the backdrop and the ghostly removed vocal is by now so comfortable it wraps around you like a warm blanket. The swirls of atmosphere are remarkable…..the feelings you get from this CD range from euphoric to deep sadness…and that is just this song!!! This is a masterpiece of a CD that I wish everyone could hear.

Chinatown—-The musical landscape of this song is rather fun…reminging me of Technique era New Order….the vocal is happier and more forward allowing you to really hear some of the words and to grab a hold of the song a bit. This is fantastic!!! One of my favorites from this release.

Our Composition Book—-This track comes out of the fog at you with a jangly guitar lead that again brings an automatic smile to my face. The vocal is bright yet remarkably lazy…giving you that easy, breezy feel of summer nights when it is still 80 degrees at midnight and the friends around you are abundant. This is wonderous and damn near magical.

Gemini—-Again, this reminds me of some of the classic songs of NO…only the remarkable swirling vocal sets this apart from everything else. This is so comfortable and magical that as soon as I type my last word…I’m going for another listen.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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  1. marky7235.wordpress.com’s done it once more. Great read.

  2. You’ve done it again. Amazing writing!

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