The Gaslight Anthem/American Slang

American SlangAmerican Slang is the third studio album by New Jersey based rock group The Gaslight Anthem. It is set to be released on June 14, 2010 on SideOneDummy Records, which released their previous album, The ’59 Sound. The album was produced by ‘The ’59 Sound producer Ted Hutt.

American Slang—-Beginning with huge Americana drums, the band kicks things into high gear with a decidedly Americana sounding guitar track. The vocal enters at almost at once I feel myself falling in love with this band all over again. This is the CD that The Killers set out to make with Sam’s Town but never actually pulled off…..this is American, this is Springsteen, this is American…..this is The Gaslight Anthem….a pure triumph!!!

Stay Lucky—-Wow!!!  This is amazing……the musical landscape borders on a punk delivery of americana, making me think of everything that was great about the home-grown american music that is so ignored on these shores. This is a slight watered down version of Social Distortion mixed with Springsteen that takes on a whole new and unique sound all of its own. This is masterful Folk-Pop that is huge in delivery and sound…..already on my list of best albums of the year.

Bring It On—-This is a wonderful dirty Jersey sounding track that combines a little Petty and a lot of Springsteen, combined with an almost bluesy guitar that gives the band a sound all of their own. This is a nice commentary of life in a northern town full of love and despair, loneliness and yearning. This is a classic piece of American pie. Remarkable!!!

The Diamond Church Street Choir—-With a slight jazz feel, you wonder where this is going to go. The song kicks in a bit more and reminds me of classic Jackson Browne…this is wonderful. The chorus is huge and the musical landscape is a layered and full affair that leaves you wanting more and more…it is with disdain that you note the release is only 10 tracks long…..give me another 10 please!!!!!!!

The Queen Of Lower Chelsea—-This is nice, but from the onset it seems to lack a bit of life for me. A tale of the street hustle of Jersey, you are able to relate to the tales of grimmer living because in this recession, we are all a part of it. The music has a resounding guitar chord that repeats over and over again, making you almost beg for a little differential throughout the whole think. Although this misses the mark a bit, this is better than almost anything on the CD market today.

Orphans—-This is AWESOME!!! The guitar energy again makes me think of classic Social distortion and for once the music does not ebb to allow for the vocal…the intensity of the song surrounds you from all sides and the delivery is urgent and ferocious. This is fantastic American tales of dirty living and the struggle to survive…the drum track smacks you in the face and the driving guitar strikes a permanent home in your brain. Brilliant!!!

Boxer—-Well, this begins a bit different but only a few seconds happen before the familiar guitar enters the fray. The vocal is heartfelt, serious and delivered with a sense of urgency. This is more relevant than anything you can buy on the market these days. This band is real, true and masters at creating elements of american life where the opportunities are hard to find and the struggle to live happens everyday….this IS MY BAND!!!!

Old Haunts—-With a nice electric feel that again conjures up later day SD and more modern Springsteen, this is Jersey excellence laid to a perfect soundtrack of electricity and drums. The emotion is layered all over the song…the regrets are in every line and the hope swims underneath the entire depressing thing…REMARKABLE!!!

The Speed Of Jazz—-With less than a second to breath from one song to the next, this track has no gentle interludes or atmoshere…this is straight up Jersey Rock that makes Springsteen wonder if he can ever be relevant after this band burst from his hometown. the guitar on this song is literally magnificent…the high chords give off an energy that is so damn contagious…this is by far, my favorite track from this release. This is huge, fresh, familiar and damn comfortable.

We Did It When We Were Young—-Rather sedate and filled with haunting sounds of life’s decay and difficulties, the closing track of this magnificent release reminds us that life is not full of huge guitar chords and romps in the back seats of cars. This has a remarkable U2 guitar chord that plays so well with the desperate vocal…combined it creates a huge mural of living in the times of uncertainty and wonderment at what tomorrow may bring. Remarkable…classic and wonderful!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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