Circle Of Dead Children/Psalm Of The Grand Destroyer

Psalm of the Grand DestroyerCircle of Dead Children is a deathgrind band formed on October 24, 1998, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The title of the band was inspired by a member’s vision of a circle of flags from various countries, each with a mutilated child of that nationality. The band generally follows the traditional grindcore and deathgrind format in writing very short songs: six seconds, for instance, for the track “White Trash Headache.” After a self-titled demo, Circle of Dead Children signed on with Willowtip Records to release their first full-length album, Starving the Vultures, which comprised the demo tracks as well as several new ones. Since then, Circle of Dead Children has been signed to Robodog Records, Necropolis Records, Deathvomit Records, Martyr Music Group, and Displeased Records. They are currently signed with Willowtip once again, having passed on deals from larger labels. Since its debut, the band has undergone numerous lineup changes; only two of the original members, Joe Horvath and Jason Andrews, still remain.

Avatar Of Innocence—-Beginning with a low hum that evolves into a monstrous deep bass sound, the lead comes slowly into the mix and the song has this masterful; grind squeal that sets the tone for the entire thing that is about to occur…….when the vocal finally does enter and all hell breaks loose, you just know that you are in for a treat…..switching between Macabre vocal highs and Cannibal lows….you just can’t wait for…

Ursa Major [1998 Revisited]—-At only 50 some seconds, this is a head scratcher…..It is just seconds of blessed and chaotic noise that brings a huge grin to my face…remarkable!

When Human Compost Stains All Earth And Repels The Messengers Of Love—-You can’t decipher this, and there is no use trying… probably do not want to know what they are saying anyways!!! The energy is remarkable…the bass guitar is at an all time high and there are some nice guitar squeals that really set me off. The voice is from the depths of hell and the dirge quality of the song fits right in with everything I have been in the mood for today. Nice!!! Not for everybody….aces for me!!!

Chaos Crawls Back—-Giving you very little time to catch your breath, this song rides in on the previous tracks back…..the vocal is literally maniacal and you wonder how this guy can bark like this. The music is layered and layered with deepness and becomes a literal wall of sound. this is fantastic…deep, manic, vil with a sense of melody…who could ask for more.

We Who Move With The Graven Worms—-The vocal on this track is so deep and demonic, you can’t even possibly keep up even with the lyric sheet…..with oils spills, child murders. a crashing economy and poverty…this is a welcome distraction that is harmless and entertaining. The guitars on this track are literally a wall…this is magnificent.

Bury The Ill Flock—-With barely a second to catch your breath, the deep bass voice enters and rips your forehead from the rest of your brain. At a little more than a minute in length, this puts you through the wash and rinse cycle before you can catch your breath. The guitar squeals are AWESOME!!!!

Refuse To Kill The Same Way Twice—-At only a minute and a half, you again wonder how the band conjures up this intensity to deliver assault after assault with little time between the tw. The only complaint…the songs suffer from the sameness factor from time to time…only the Dani highs and the George lows keep this from sheer boredom…or madness.

Obsidian Flakes—-Beginning with a rather sedate bass line, the song actually has a nice melody line happening and you wonder what the fuck in going on….this is only a passing fancy as you know this band will not let you down…indeed, they do not. the onslaught rips you face off and leaves it on the kitchen floor as it looks for other instruments to finish the job…this is immaculate, clean and wonderfully brutal!!!

Last Words And Warning Signs—-At only a minute and a half, there is little room for interludes…instead you are faced with a musical onslaught that threatens to rip you hair out and leave you with a bleeding skull. this is brutality delivered in a beautifully aggressive form…..WOW!!!

Jaracaca—-This is 30 seconds of pure brilliant noise and brutality….do you need anything more?

Torches—-At just a bit over a minute long, I keep wondering what a live show from this band must be like. Perhaps the entire thing is over in about 15 minutes right ? This is as you would expect…immediate brutality with zero room for catching your breath. This is pure maddening pleasure!!!

Night Of Morbid Psycho—-At 11 seconds, what would you expect…….bang thy head… out thy heart!!!!

Germinate The Reaper Seed—-This is nice….the song has some good structure and the bass is something to really sink your teeth into. The drums are right next to the bass mix and together they set the dark overtone of the song even before the vocal takes over the entire thing. The screams of the higher vocal give the track that desired ghostly feel and the marching and plodding bass beat puts you square in the middle of the funeral. When the leads come in, it is through one speaker and the result gives the song a multi dimensional horror. This is great experimental grindcore….who would have imagined. This is stellar!!!

Starve, Beg & Die aka Fuck You Kill Me—-Again, really heavy on the bass delivery. the vocal enters the song and seem to be way more in the front of the mix than on any other track on this release. This guy can give George from Cannibal Corpse a real run for his money. The repetive guitar chords and the relentless drums are enough to make you bust your forehead seams…this is fantastic…just what i needed today…a real release from everything real and pertinent.

****1/2 out of 5


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