Diabulus In Musica/Secrets

SecretsDiabulus in Musica hails from Spain and began their musical journey in 2006. Diabulus can be defined as symphonic with gothic elements, although their influences are diverse. The members of DIM are experienced and dedicated young musicians who left their other projects and commited themselves to this new band. During their first year of work and with the first songs recorded independently, DIM managed to be finalists in some prestigious contests. This success encouraged the band to write a great amount of songs. Eleven of these songs were selected to be included in their first studio album entitled, Secrets.

Renaissance—-Short and brief…..merging into…

Come To Paradise—- From the onset, you immediately think…ahhh another band trying to replace the majesty of Nightwish…..the symphonic overtones are even more pronounced than most Nightwish….but when the majesty of the band hits…with aggreessive guitars, towering drums and a wonderful female vocal, you know that this band has a remarkable cohesiveness that has been missing from the last few Nightwish releases. The vocal is even more operatic, the gutteral male backdrop voice is even more driven and the interludes takes you on a literal journey. This is exquisite.

Nocturnal Flowers—-This begins with the catchiest damn keyboard lead that you wonder with anticipation where this is going to end up…the vocal enters and the music almost settles to whisper…the disappointment is seething around the edges, but the build up is back and the mis of aggressive guitars and keyboards are nicely done. This is nothing new..unfortunate because I like this band, but it has all been done before. Only the aggressive male vocal keeps the song from melting into nothingness…the play between these two is like hot and cold thrown in a puddle together…resulting in a nice pleasant fog.

Evolution’s Whim—-From the onset, this is a huge disappointment…by the 45 second mark, the song opens up and gives me some nice riffs to sink my teeth into. The vocal is just a little bit too over the top and reminds me WAY to much of Tarja with an even more operatic flair. The melodies are magnificent and the intent is really admirable, but the contrast between the two vocals are not showcased enough and by this..the third song, I am already bored.

New Era—-This begins much more aggressive and the grand sweeping orchestration of the song is magnificent. The vocal is much as it is on every other track although the music and the varied tempo of it rescues this from obscurity. The nice soundbites that are mired throughout the song give it a unique feeling and the Obama bites are a really big surprise….this is stellar…I like this a lot!!!

Lies In Your Eyes—-Beginning with huge drums and aggressive guitars, the song really moves at a nice pace and you hope that everything is not going to fall silent to allow the entrance of the vocal…although the vocal is a clear contrast to the aggressive quality of the song it seem to fir in nicely with the song. The chorus is this huge masterfully delivered romp that just gives me chills. Now this…this is better than anything Nightwish ever managed to pull off…this is huge, aggressive and beautiful…..am I going left or right? I’m so wonderfully confused!!!

Lonely Soul—-From the onset, there is a frown on my face as the pretty piano begins the song accompanied by a voice that sounds like it stepped right into a Broadway play…this is whatever!!! This is a waste of CD space.

The Seventh Gate—-With some huge, gentle cello sounds, I begin to lose my patience at this point wondering what I just spent my 10 bucks on. As the song progresses, I keep waiting for some real Metal flair to enter the scene…still, just the cello and the huge drum..

Ishtar—-Finally, we are allowed to revel in the symphonic metal that is heavily accented by keyboards. The vocal is all male and it is a REALLY welcome surprise…the female lead comes in, but the aggression is already in the front of your brain…as the male vocal returns, it is delivered with a mania that makes you hope and pray there is more stuff like this in the upcoming material. This is a real hit out of the park. GREAT!!!

Under The Shadow [Of A Butterfly]—-This is nice and aggressively melodic from the very onset. The vocal is still just a bit too pretty for the genre, that is what I like about the new nightwish vocalist…she is much more Butch…LMAO!!!! The guitars literally soar on this track and the drums almost seem to reach out to smack you in the face. This is nice, but there is little that really sets it apart.

Beyond Infinity—-Beginning really pretty for about 20 seconds, the drums come in and are driven by a madman…the male vocal enters and you feel seated right in hell. The operatic female vocal lifts you a bit from the depths, but the male vocal re-enters to pull you back and keep you firmly seated. To me…this kind of contrasting vocal exchange is genius…give me a whole CD of that any day….brilliant!!!

The Forest Of Ashes—-With a maddening King Diamond kiddy piano intro, the music slowly creeps up on you and you feel the burn around the edges. This slowly develops, but as it does, it becomes this huge magna opus that really makes me smile for some reason. The aggression with the gentle voice in like eating cold mashed potatoes topped with steaming hot gravy….it is different but still great!!! I like this but give me some more variety of vocal styles please.

St. Michael’s Nightmare—- Ending the release with a huge orchestrated fanfare, the overlays are magnificent….the chorus of voices are like a nunnery gone wrong!!! The leads come in and take the song on a nice aggressive bender that you hope will not quiet to allow for the vocal…shit…it does!!! The end of the release should be as powerful as the onset and the band misses the mark with this one. I will listen to this on occassion, but I can’t quite imagine it on a regular basis…the guy that supplies vocals for this band should consider doing something…he has a lot of talent and the necessary prescence to pull of the whole Black Metal thing…I’m just sayin’

***1/2 out of 5


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