Oasis/Time Flies….1994-2009

Time Flies...1994-2009 (2 CD)

Time Flies… 1994–2009 is a compilation album released by English rock band Oasis. The album was released on 14 June 2010, the album contains all 27 UK singles released by the band between 1994 and 2009. The record features the songs “Whatever” and “Lord Don’t Slow Me Down” which had previously never appeared on an Oasis album. “Sunday Morning Call” is not listed anywhere on the artwork but appears as a hidden track on Disc 2.

Five different versions of the album was released, the 2CD version, DVD, the Deluxe Box Set, 5LP Box Set and the iTunes Deluxe Edition.

Disc One:

Supersonic—-Catching the band at their bombastic best, the slow and nasty british drawl of the brothers was remarkable at the time. the layers of sound on this song allows it to still sound fresh and relevant. The Beatles influences are all over the song…the huge build-up to the chorus and the snotty delivery is classic. this is a band at their very best.

Roll With It—-What is remarkable to me, is that this song has such a deep sound..I never really remember the production being that poor on this track. the instruments are swimming in a murky delivery while the vocal is all shiny and at the very front of the mix. This is nice, but I always remembered this being much more crisp and clear. Still…this is a piece of my history…you can not deny the genius of it all.

Live Forever—-From the huge bombastic drum that introduces the song to the snotty McCartney style vocal, this song was destined to be huge and prophetic at the same time. Indeed, at this point in the band’s career, the belief was that they would live forever….but history wrote a different story. Regardless, we have these gems that are just remarkable. The soaring guitars and the percussion on this track take me to another place…this is stellar.

Wonderwall—-Perhaps one of the biggest songs of the band’s career, this track never, ever gets old for me. The sentiment and the delivery come together in a huge classic way that changed a whole summer for me and became a permanent part of my mental wallpaper.The acoustic delivery was a new thing for the band and the public literally ate this stuff up. The lyrics are much more introspective than you would expect from these snotty kids and the result was a huge successful streak for the band…..what the hell happened?

Stop Crying Your Heart Out—-Although I am not really familiar with this track, it fits in perfectly with the Oasis catalog. This is very Lennon influenced and you notice this right from the very first notes of the track. The vocal is achingly beautiful…the build-up is slow and worth the wait as the song becomes this huge masterpiece of a song that has me pressing the repeat button for another quick listen…how did I miss this?

Cigarettes & Alcohol—-I was never a big fan of the first Oasis release…to me it was a bit to raw and unrefined. I bought into the whole hype thing though and still listen to it on occasion these days. This track, from that release, features a much more blues/punky sound that the band never really revisited again after this release..instead going for the shinier pop sound of Wonderwall. none the less, this is a piece of Music history…you have to digest this to get to anything else.

Songbird—-Delving back into the Beatle-esque sound that the band had mastered at this point, I could easily hear McCartney delivering this track with ease. The piano is incredible and the low hum of sadness that runs through the backdrop of the song is fantastic. Really nice!

Don’t Look Back In Anger—-One of my favorite tracks from Oasis, I even bought this CD single  though it offered nothing new along with it. I love the huge sweeping piano, the aching vocal that begs for attention and the drums that match your heartbeat almost beat for beat. This is a masterful example of pop music that never, ever has gotten old for me. This is a band at the very peak of its creativity and we remain the beneficiaries. Wonderful!!!

The Hindu Times—-Another of those songs that somehow slipped by me once i had given up on the fact the band could past their differences and make meaningful music. This is nice, but the noise that the band creates almost drowns out the vocal. Seemingly going on a Harrison style excursion into some other realm of belief, the band missed the mark here…I really do not care for this.

Stand By Me—-This is another of those singles that i am not really familiar with…all in all, this is classic huge Oasis…who could ask for more than this…the guitars are huge, the melody is a jingle that sings Oasis for days and the vocal is a slow and mellow sneer that reeks of snot and attitude….do you need anything else?

Lord Don’t Slow Me Down—-Not included on a proper Oasis release, this on off single is guitar based and steeped in the blues. The whole attitude of the song goes back to the early sound of the band…British Blues…this really irritates me. I must tell you…I do not like this…it is not what appeals to me and please remember…this is just an opinion.

Shakermaker—-With a very large sound, the band almost threatens to drown out the remarkably melodious vocal. This is fantastic…the psychedellic leanings of the song really resonate with me and I listen to this over and over again…even if it is just for the vocal attitude. This is wonderful.

All Around The World—-This is so nice…the vocal has the spotlight on this track…it is way up in the front of the mix…the guitars, laying in the backdrop still manage to have a huge sound. The overall feel of the song is one of empowerment and a positive outlook for the future…this is Oasis at some of their very best. Remarkable!!!

Disc Two:

Champagne Supernova—-I’m sure, I’m not the only person that marks this as my favorite Oasis release EVER. This is serene, majestic.pschedelic and infinitely spectacular. i could not ask for more from any one single in my lifetime. This is beautiful pop music that has a brilliant druggy influence to it that you will never be able to erase from your mind. This is just brilliant…a band at the very peak of its mastery!!!!

Some Might Say—-Another one that seems new to me…how did this band manage to slip these singles by me? Guess I was too caught up in my Death Metal obsession to pay attention or something. This is remarkable….full of the blues that you found so prevalent in the 80’s, the squeal from the guitars help to create a nice fuzzy sound to the song. now that it is going full tilt and i have taken the time to look…I have a copy of this, but it never resonated with me until now….must be the beer!!!

The Importance Of Being Idle—-I really love the vocal on this track….I really dislike the musical back drop that accompanies it. All in all, you can take one and forget the other. I just really do not like the blues lean that the band tried out for three releases or so…you are not the Rolling Stones…all of this pretentious piano in unecessary…ugh!!!

D’You Know What I Mean—-The beginning of the song makes me wonder if this is long-lost Pink Floyd!!! As the track begins to take shape, the music enters and allows you to see the true form of the song. This is a nice mish mash of early and later Oasis coming together to produce one of the best songs of the bands later career ever. This is nice…the heavy bass sounds, the inclusion of some electronic noises and the ever-present snotty vocal all come together to create a huge masterpiece of a song.

Lyla—-Electrically acoustic based, this is a nice combination of all the things that made this band great. There are extreme Beatle-esque leanings that you can not deny….the huge drums add to the bombastic quality of the song and the delivery is classic English Snobbery. This is fantastic!!!

Let There Be Love—-This is nicely acoustic and full of  introspective lyrics that you would not expect from these blokes. This is almost bordering on beautiful and inspirational…you cannot deny the layers of the song that show the Brothers have more to offer than they are willing to admit. There is a nice trade-off of vocals that gives the song an even deeper level. This is wonderful…standout…a favorite!!!

Go Let It Out—-At the onset, you wonder where this is all going. The end result is a single that allows you to realize how much talent and how much material these siblings had inside of them. This is subtle…the guitars never become really obnoxious and the lyrics never become to sappy…none the less, the end result is a masterful combination of all the above together. This remains wonderful!!!

Who Feels Love?—-OK…..I missed out on this song….WOW…this is wonderfully psychedelic and gentle. This is Stone Roses meets Suede Meets Happy Mondays…the smile on my face is permanent. This is brilliant….the harmonica, the downshift guitar, the chorus of voices that add to the song….this is exquisite…..FANTASTIC!!!

Little By Little—-WOW….AGAIN…..this is remarkably sedate, with one of the Gallagher’s not even sounding like themselves. Theis is poignant and introspective…this is intense and wonderful. This is huge and orchestrated…this is large with fantastic guitars…this is wonderful….

The Shock Of The Lightning—-This is much more bombastic and full of the rock groove that the band originally built its foundation upon. the snotty vocal is full on intact and the delivery is like stepping back into 1994 upon the first release. I’m not crazy about this, but it is pretty damn catchy!!!

She Is Love—-This is nice and folky, allowing the listener to realize the true scope of the band and perhaps some of the dissension that causes the Brothers to have so many problems…one like the softer side, one like the more raucous side of things…perhaps it is time for solo careers guys…think of all of that great music…make a decision…….

Whatever—-This is BRILLIANT!!!! This is classic Oasis, combining all of the elements of the band that made them so fantastic…the snotty vocal has been replaced by a remarkable and accessible vocal that allows you to actually feel the lyrics…the music is huge and uplifting and not all guitar based. This is exquisite!!!

I’m Outta Time—-Again, this is just classic…exploring the more introspective elements of the band you could not ask for a more evolving band than this. truly, you can listen to the change that has occurred from the beginning of the snotty Brits to the grown up Morrissey influenced introspection that has occurred. This has been a remarkable journey…really a great collective!!!

Falling Down—-Combing the best elements of the band…the swirling psychedelic guitar, the gentle vocal and the ever-present really great drums all come together to create this huge painting that is literally mural sized. This is brilliant. A huge and fantastic way to end this collective, it reminds me how much I loved this band, hated this band and then fell in love over and over again. Awesome!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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