Whitechapel/Somantic Defilement

Somatic DefilementThe Somatic Defilement is the debut album by American deathcore band Whitechapel. The album was released July 31, 2007 through Candlelight Records.

The Somatic Defilement is a concept album based on Jack the Ripper, in which all of the songs are first-person narratives of the slaughter and rape of prostitutes.

The album is the only one to include Brandon Cagle as guitarist. He would later leave the band, because the injuries he received from a motorcycle accident left him unable to play his instrument. He was later replaced by Zach Householder.[1] The intro track, “Necrotizing” contains excerpts from a Stone Phillips interview with Jeffrey Dahmer.[2]

Necrotizing—-This 30 second intro with the afore mentioned Dahmer soundbites masterfully sets the tone for the brutal onslaught that is about to occur…this leads masterfully into…

The Somatic Defilement—-The roar that comes out of Phil’s throat is almost mightier than anything you have heard from any american Death Metal vocalist EVER. The three guitar attack gives this band so large of balls that they smack you in the face when they swing. This is brutal, but delivered with a masterful precision and an actual sense of melody. If death Core is the new scene, these guys are already the champions. Hard to believe this was a debut release…holds up well against any of the bands material.

Devirgination Studies—-This is incredible!!! The amazing vocals continue and the amazing fact that you can hear the drums so well against three guitars speaks really well of the production quality of this release. The vocal is too intense for words and I have to wonder how the hell these guys can sing songs like this release after release without tremendous damage. The midpoint of the song offers up a growl that even George from Cannibal would be lucky to muster. This is a talented bunch of guys. Tremendous!!!

Prostatic Fluid Asphyxiation—-With no rest inbetween songs, or time for interludes or build up, this band delivers brutal track after brutal track. The bass on this track is immaculate…the aggression from every member speaks of 100% commitment. You can never accuse these guys of being poseurs!!! This is brutal, this is real and this is the future of Grind/Death Core.

Fairy Fay—-The beginning of this track is like 100 chainsaws all going off at one time. This is immaculkate Death core. The vocal is so intense that I actually had to take the phones away from my ears for a moment. This …to me, is very Cannibal Corpse…it has that chug-a-chug sound that the band is known for. The vocal is nicely overlayed and the assault does not let up even for a milli-second. I could not possibly ask for more. This is masterful!!!

Ear To Ear—-The relentless assault continues without fail on this track. the vocal acually clears up a bit on this song and comes across in an understandable fashion which is a great surprise. Granted, this loses none of it’s intensity, it just appears a bit clearer than before. This is fantastic…standout track for me.

Alone In The Morgue—-With little rest for the ears, the noise that this band manages to generate is remarkable. this is perhaps one of the best cuts from this release. I love the deep quality of the vocal…it comes across as even more demented than ever. There are some great guitar squeals on the song that fir right in with the Death genre….there is little negative to say about this release as a whole…again, I am in love!!!

Festering Fiesta—-The vocal begins at the very seconfd that the music does…again, we are treated to some great CC style guitar squeals and the voice goes so low sometimes I think it might fall off of the db scale. The surprise is the higher pitched guitar leads that you actually hear and the amazing moments of vocal clarity. This band continues to amaze and surprise. Brilliant!!!

Vicer Exciserer—-Christ….this CD is just relentless….there is no room for wimps ar limp wristed  enthusiasts…this is real and this is brutal. I could never expect this from a debut release…shit, we are lucky to get this quality 3 or 4 releases out. this is so intense, I will probably have nightmares. This is remarkable…classic and still standing the test of time.

Articulo Mortis—-This is pretty noisy from the onset…at times there is some remarkable vocal clarity and at other times, it is a mash of pure vomit. This just kicks my ass…this is only bolstered by the huge guitar sound and the superhuman drums that set the pace for the song. this has been a remarkable journey…sorry i waited three Cd’s in to get this debut. This is fantastic!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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