Malevolant Creation/Retrospective

RetrospectiveMalevolent Creation is a death metal band originally hailing from Buffalo, New York. Moving to Florida in 1988, they became a part of the emergent local death metal scene, landing a deal with Roadrunner Records. Their debut album, The Ten Commandments, became something of a landmark in the death metal underground, expanding on the early work of Slayer and fellow Floridians Death.

Blood Brothers—-Beginning with huge drums and searing guitars, you brace yourself for the onslaught that you are about to endure. The vocal enters and I shake my head…duly impressed with the dirge and the intensity. The nice and important thing about this band is that you can actually catch some of the lyrics without repeated listens and the band loses none of the intensity in the process. At times this is a literal wall of sound…this is great!

Living In Fear—-With a really nice lead at the onset of the song, this is pretty typical fare in this genre. The drums at times sound a bit hollow, but the guitar is delivered with mastery. The vocal is pure mania…the deep tones are all Death but the remarkable ability to actual be able to understand is awesome. The bass line is full of a nice rhythm that makes this pretty damn listenable…I love this. A nice change while losing none of the intensity.

Alliance Of War—-With some really great soundbites to begin the song, the guitars enter with blistering speed. The drums are much more practised and are delivered with superhuman speed. How can someone play like that? The vocal enters and is more distorted and brutal than previous tracks…the down shift of the music really reminds me of modern-day CC. This is excellent…one of my favorites!!!

In Cold Blood—-The vocals on this track will give George a run for his money. the song is remarkably deep in tone…the bass is this huge wall that propels the song and almost drowns out the drum track al together. This is the most brutal track thus far and remains a favorite….really awesome!!!

Vision Of Malice—-Wow….this is incredibly fast …..and it comes right out of the gate at that breakneck speed. The vocal seems a little uninspired, but the barrage of speedy noise more than makes up for any negative you could find with this song. This has every necessary element for brilliant Death Metal. This rocks!!!

Preyed Upon—-With nice deep crunching bass, the song also allows for a soaring lead guitar that really surprises me. The deep tone of the song matches the hell that the voice has crawled out of and the huge doom bell that clanks in the backdrop adds a lot of atmosphere. This is brilliant…a nice chunk of history.

To Die Is At Hand—-Obviously from the bands formative years, the production on this track is so bad, so hollow and so empty I’m not even sure why it is on this compilation. There are much better versions around. This reminds me of early Deicide….but the poor quality is really a disappointment.

Manic Demise—-This is another early track that was not touched or remastered…bringing some disappointment as i really like this song. The sound is so muted and removed, it sounds as if it were recorded in a tunnel. None the less, the tempo changes and the speedy bass in the backdrop still play well. This could have been better delivered is all.

The Fine Art Of Murder—-Delivered with a bit better production, this is still not up to the standards of the music that the band is producing today. This is slow and full of drudge, reminding me of an obscure Rammstein track.,….seriously!!! The vocal is great, and the leads play really well…just the production values sucks is all. I still love this band!!!

Homicidal Rant—-Imagine Slayer on good speed and you have a good definition of this song. The production value still suffers, but you can hear the sound clearing up as the songs on this collection progress. The voice is demonic and driven by the drum track…which is masterful. The chorus of voices on the refrain is awesome…this still plays really well.

Kill Zone—-Still with the old and distorted material? Enough already…this band has done so much better so much better. The drums again are the star of the show although the fuzzy and deep bass gives the song a nice manic feel. The vocal is raw and real…no games in the studio here…this is pure Death Metal from the early years…Nice!!

Halved—-This is awesome….the musical delivery is layered and allows for imput from all parts of the band. The voice is full of dementia and madness…we are treated to a huge drum track once again…this drumming is just incredible. This is nice, although the sound is still a bit hollow.

Confirmed Kill—-Clocking in at just under 2 minutes, the song is full of huge and deep bass…masterful drums and a speedy vocal that is left untouched by the ear…it is simply to fast. This is intense as F&#k!!!

The Will To Kill—-Finally a return to clear production, the band delivers a wall of sound that is only broken by the oral vomit that assaults you from every side. This is full of intensity and lyrics that you are best not to pay attention to. This is fantastic…allowing for some nice lead guitar that soars above the dirge…this is fantastic.

All That Remains—-Wow, the bass drum on this track is absolutely brilliant….it literally jars your bones. The vocal enters and tells us to prepare to die…indeed. There are some nice shrieks that are refreshing and the barrage of music that leads the song is so huge your ears will clean themselves. This is incredible!!!

Rebirth Of Terror—-With some really nice play between headphones, this is spectacular and brutal. The band has a new sense of energy on this track and the sound is HUGE. The drums are incredible, and the bass is so low that it will rattle the teeth in the very back of your mouth. This is brutally brilliant!

Divide And Conquer—-Ending this collection with another bass heavy and huge track, the guitars play a bit before the brutality really ensues with a growl that last a good 20 seconds. This is nice, but much slower and with a slight florida Blues that I did not expect. When the song finally does speed up, it is intense and worth the wait. Fantastic!!!

**** out of 5


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