New Order/Technique [Collector’s Edition]

Technique [Collector's Edition]

Technique is the fifth original album by New Order, released in 1989. Partly recorded on the island of Ibiza, it incorporates Balearic beat and acid house influences into the group’s electro/rock sound.

Technique was the first New Order album to reach number one in the UK charts. “Fine Time”, the first single lifted from it, reached number 11. Remixed versions of “Round & Round” and “Run” were also released as singles. John Denver‘s publishing company filed a lawsuit, alleging that the guitar break in “Run” too closely resembled Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane“.[1] The case was settled out of court. “Vanishing Point” was used on the BBC series Making Out.

Music videos were produced for the three singles.

In 2008 the album was re-released in a Collector’s Edition with a bonus disc.

Fine Time—-When you put in this disc and it begins, the most obvious thing that you realize from the onset is the glaring absence of the overt Hook bass. although it appears throughout this disc, this song was much more dance oriented than anything the band had produced up to this point. Bernard sounded magnificent…his vocal more aggressive than ever before and the heavy bass beats of electronica all over the track. this was for me….HEAVEN. The Hook bass does appear. as does his voice but it is minimal and obscure. This is masterful Ibiza styled Acid House…a triumph.

All The Way—-From the onset, this track has a much more familiar new Order sound…the gentle strumming guitar and the pleasant vocal of Bernard fits the mood of the song. the chorus is a huge fantastic feel good romp that still raises goosebumps all over my body today. the remarkable and subtle bass is there…the synth line is intact and the mastery of a well practised band is in full effect. This is brilliant!!!

Love Less—-Again, this delivers a solid, familiar sound that any fan of the band would immediately embrace. The bass of Hook is all over the song and the gentle vocal of Summer is literally magnificent. there is a sadness that runs through the underbelly of the song that permeates every pore despite the back beat that is pretty damn pleasant. This is marvelous Britpop that pleased fans and gained newcomers as well. This is fabulous!!!

Round & Round—-Delving back into the synth heavy Ibiza styled dance music that gave this release so much lauding, the trademark sounds peek through the bass heavy synths here and there, but overall this is a fantastic version of  classic mid 80’s New Order. The inescapable catchiness of this song shines strong even all of these years later. This is a track that will land in your brain and comfortably live there for quite some time. Remarkable…truly fantastic!!

Guilty Partner—-Beginning with a gentleness that is in sharp contrast to the hype of the previous track, Bernard enters with a breathy and almost sexy vocal that sticks to your ribs and makes you smile even though the track is not particularly happy. The chorus is pretty damn huge…with a melody that plays in your brain for hours and allows Peter to show how good he has become on the bass in the last 30 years. This is really grand.

Run—-Again, the band visits a more mellow feel that fits the vibe of this release very well. I really understand the whole lawsuit thing after listening to this track more closely…there are some pretty remarkable similarities. Bernard again delivers a vocal that reeks of a sexy quality that I had never experienced with him before…the gentle female backdrop singing on the chorus is a really nice touch. This is a piece of musical mastery…I never tire of this song.

Mr. Disco—-As you would expect from the title, this is pretty dance floor ready. The surprising thing to me is the gentleness of the vocal. It really does not live up to the title of the song, allowing the music instead to be the true voice for the song. This is sublime, subtle and at times surprisingly the opposite…overt and in your face. Fantastic!!!

Vanishing Attack—-Delving back into the dancier side of things, this sounds remarkably like many other New Order songs…with just a bit more synth and the bass guitar pushed to the back. I love the chorus of this song…many times I have felt like this song was written for me….”My life ain’t no holiday…….”….Brilliant. There is nice synth swirl and atmosphere on the refrain adding to the whole Acid House feel of the entire release…this is wonderful.

Dream Attack—-With a really nice tempo from the first note, the synth and sound effects line seem to be in high gear…the familiar sounds of the band lie underneath all of the pomp and circumstance. The vocal is pretty mainstream and as you expect. This is nice…no real standout points, but it remains consistent as hell…delivering just what we needed from the band…pop perfection.

Don’t Do It/12″ Mix—-Beginning rather quiet and only clocking in at a little over 4 1/2 minutes, this is nice but as you would expect. The bass that hits on the song is pretty intense…the synth line a happy yet somehow melancholy line that matches up to the Hook bass line perfectly. There are some really nice soundbites running through the song and a voice that urges you not to put your finger on the button. Really nice!!

Fine Line/12″ Mix—-As a remix, this offers little new in the realm of remixes as a whole. Generally you get some better breaks and a bit more vocal to work with…this is an extended version of the song that really offers nothing new to me…this is more for DJ’s looking to extend the original with some added beats.

Round & Round/12″ Mix—-Now…..this is nice….the track has some really powerful dance bass but still keeps the magic elements of the original in tact…..think of the original on steroids and you have a perfect definition of this track. I love the way Hooky’s bass comes in and out..never sounding obnoxious but always sounding necessary. this is pure magic…I love this reworking. Classic dance floor fare!!!

Best & Marsh/12″ Mix—-Well…..this almost borders on brilliant for me. This is magical synth pop that stands the test of time very well. this really allows the band to showcase how well synth and instrumentation can work together to produce something really huge and moving. Classic and marvelous!!!

Run 2/Extended—-Wow…talk about a radical re-working. This becomes huge with bass heavy synths and a shuffling beat that just screams for the darker dance floor…this throown in the middle of a nice goth Dance set would play really well. Bernard sounds empty at times when he delivers his other times a double track makes him almost larger than life. Incredible!!!

MTO—-Fantastic….the bass on the synth line is so heavy that at times it will rattle your brain. This has some really wonderful classic Disco sounds and some marvelous classic New Order sounds that are unmistakable. This is truly a joy to have…I had never heard this before….I’m very glad to have this in my collection.

Fine Time/Silk Mix—-Having heard this on my vinyl version of this single, this is nothing new to me and really…to be honest…does not offer much in the way of new or innovative. This is a nice reworking of the original with some added synth swirls and staggered vocals, but all in all…it is pretty standard.

Vanishing Time/Instrumental Making Out Mix—-One of my favorite songs from the original release, I miss the fact that the most important part of the song is missing…the lyrics. The synth speaks very well for the voice if you are familiar with the original, but for me this is a let down…I love the original too much for this to stand next to it as a new or added surprise.

World In Motion/Carabarneiri Mix—- Written and recorded for the World Cup back in the 90’s, it is appropriate that this shows up now..right? This is a nice reworking of the original, although it was never a favorite New Order song of mine…to me it lacked basic elements of the band. This remix adds some of that back in although it still seems out-of-place in my mind on this release.

****1/2 out of 5


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