Watain/Lawless Darkness

Lawless DarknessWatain is a Swedish black metal band from Uppsala, formed in 1998. Lawless Darkness, will be released on June 7th. They are releasing a single for the new song Reaping Death in two formats, picture disc vinyl with a cover of the song Chains of Death by Death SS, and digisleeve CD with a cover of the song The Return of Darkness and Evil by Bathory.

Death’s Cold Cave—-With a nice atmospheric introduction, the calm does not last for long…as you would expect. When the shit hits the fan, you know that you are in the land of Watain. The music has a remarkable melodic quality to it, despite the aggression and the venom that is spewed through the vocals. This is Black Metal that pays homage to the masters, but takes the genre to the next level as well.I really love the energy and purity of this band.

Malfeitor—-One thing I will say about this band…the guitars are clear and played with finesse and quality. The drums are huge and the melodies are pretty damn catchy. This band might even be better than my personal favorite Dimmu….this is pure, full and true to the genre. the vocal is pure vomit…you cannot ask for more from one band. The shift changes in the music are incredible and played with expertise…this is fantastic!!! Love this CD!!!

Reaping Death—-From the very first note of the song, you are smacked in the face with aggression, speed and brutality. The vocal is a little garbled, but the intent is clear.The drums are superhuman ad the breaks from the leads are delivered with precision and mastery. This is a band in it’s prime…darkness and mystery prevail…you have to love this shit!!!

Four Thrones—-Again, one of the first things you notice about this band is the incredible sense of melody that shines through the aggressive delivery. The leads are really awesome…the drums are the star of the show as they are delivered with the simple purpose of causing your brains to leak from your ears. The vocal is a little difficult to catch, but the anger and ire is everywhere in the delivery. This is fantastic!

Wolves Curse—-Beginning with some nice atmospheric sounds and an almost acoustic guitar, the song is given a very eerie feel that MAKES you think of wolves and scary pitch black nights…when the vocal comes out of nowhere, it startles you because it is so sudden and unexpected. The guitars literally soar above the drums and the vocal is delivered in a deeper and more menacing tone. This is 100% true to form.. could not ask for a better release from this band, Exceptional!!!

Lawless Darkness—-This is NICE!!! Delivering an almost Metal guitar sound, the song slowly picks up speed thanks to the increasingly powerful drum track and the slowly aggressing guitar. This is nice and melodic but never loses the dark tones that the band delivers so well. The sometimes gentle guitar is a surprise….this is a fantastic instrumental that truly shows the depth, talent and range of the band. Awesome!!

Total Funeral—-Aggressive and speedy, the drums seem to once again set the pace for the tempo of the song. The vocal enters and sounds more driven, insane and possessed than ever. This is fantastic…the guitars are melodic without losing the aggressive quality…the remarkable thing is that even though you are listening to Black Metal, it all seems to have a direction and purpose rather than attempting to create a huge barrage of noise. This is grade A!

Hymn To Qayin—-Bludgening you from the first note, the guitars and drums come together n a huge orgasmic dance that drives the oncoming vocal t evn higher levels. this is so choice!!! The melodic line from the lead guitar forms the entire song and you are capture by the addictive line that is present throughout the entire song. This might even be better than Dimmu….damn…did I really say that?

Kiss Of Death—-Beginning with a low bass hum and a masterful bass line, tvocal enters with a huge wretch and sets the tone for the ensuing madness. This is delivered with finesse and practise…..this band has talent and knows how to meet the demands of their community. I am impressed over and over again by the underlying melody that never takes away from the aggression and brutality. This is simply one of the best releases I have heard this year!!!

Wolves Of Ain—-Well, this is interesting as it begins with a very gentle guitar that slowly grows into a more aggressive lead line and drum delivery. The barrage that comes out of the silence is literally magnificent…this is incredible well delivered and performed. The vocal is maddening and the level and speed of the drums are startling. I still have no idea how someone can play drums at his speed and intensity for such a long period of time…this is remarkable!

Chains Of Death—-This bonus track is a cover version of  the classic by Death SS….and it is glaringly apparent that this is not an original. I love this, but it lacks the originality and the aggressive nature that the band is capable of. This is a nice end to a magnificent release…you could not ask for more from this band…except another release..SOON!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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