Beach House/Teen Dream

Teen Dream [CD + DVD]Beach House is an American dream pop and indie rock duo formed in 2004 in Baltimore, Maryland, consisting of French-born Victoria Legrand and Baltimore native Alex Scally. Their self-titled debut, Beach House, was named the 16th best album of 2006 by Pitchfork Media.[1]

Teen Dream is the third full-length record by Baltimore dream pop duo Beach House. The album leaked to the Internet on 19 November 2009,[1] and was officially released on 26 January 2010.[2] The album was produced by Chris Coady who has also produced albums by TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Blonde Redhead.[3] It is also the duo’s Sub Pop debut. The album was released in the UK by Bella Union and in Mexico by Arts & Crafts. [Wikipedia]

Zebra—-From the onset, this is beautifully delivered summer pop that conjures up thoughts od sunshine, low humidity and the beautiful things that the sunshine brings. the vocal is so sedate and pleasant, you easily envision yourself lost in a ripe wheat field with the rays of sun shining through and warming away all the dark thoughts that your life has harboured. This is remarkably beautiful!!!

Silver Soul—-This is layered and full of the dreamy style of music that reminds me of The Verve in the early days of that band. This is magnificent…the vocal is clear but dreamy and you will need the lyric sheet to catch every single word. This is just wonderful shiny pop that has taken the place of bands like The Cure that made those layered kind of songs you could get lost in. This is the best of the 60’s. melded with the 70’s shimmer and the 80’s alternative coming together to create a new Millenium sound that will cling to your heart!

Norway—-Kind of humorous that such a band would record a song called Norway, considering my obsession for Norwegian Death metal bands….trust me, this is much different. The vocal is so pleasant and mesmerizing, you will lose yourself in the gentle strains of the shiny pop that is produced heare. The swirling and shiny pop sounds remind me of the warmest summer days spent at the local pond with friends, beer and fun…forgetting all of the mundane things that we call life….this is a nice 4 minute vaction….sitting at your laptop! Magical.

Walk In the Park—-This is exactly what I have come to expect from this band since my first ‘discovery’ of them a few years ago. this is shiny, glimmering pop music that is layered with huge sunbeams and warmth. the vocal lures you into the place that you had when you were a child…when there was no stress or worries or pressures or bullshit. This is what I needed on this day…I am just sorry I waited all of these months to buy this. This is simply magical.

Used To Be—-The trade-off of male/female vocals from song to song is literally genius…the band gives you little time to become bored with the bright and shimmering sound. This is remarkable…I find such solace on the revisiting of the better parts of my childhood on this release…I can remember, remarkably only the best times as a child that i had growing up in rural areas where the entertainment was the outdoors and the sunshine…thank you Beach house…you remind me it was not all so bad. Smiles!!!!

Lover Of Mine—-With a nice 80’s synth beat at the beginning of the song, the keyboards supply the main rhythm line for the song. This is brilliantly shiny and bright, despite the level of the vocal that sometimes reminds me of Siouxsie Sioux, at her less abrasive nature. The song makes me feel happy, alive and contented…looking forward to the future!

Better Times—-The simple Linus style piano that begins this song could not be more appropriate…the vocal enters in a dreamy style that reminds me of the huge hot days of early Lollapalooza when you were catching up and coming bands for the very first time in the bright sunshine and merciless heat. This is powerful….any band that can help conjure up such powerful memories have a real talent to tap into the human psyche…hoping that this band NEVER changes!!!

10 Miles Stereo—-With the addition of another shiny and warm song, my sensory elements seem to be on overload as I travel down roads that are long forgotten. this is magical pop music…filled with vocal emotions and musical styles that take you places you have not visited in many years. This makes me actually miss the more pleasant aspects of my childhood and curse the onset of adulthood. Why are we so anxious to grow up!

Real Love—-This is subtle, enchanting and filled with rays of light that shine through the rather subtle lines of joy that run magically through the track. I literally LOVE THIS BAND!!! This is magical stuff…you experience different elated feelings everytime you hear this recording…every listen in a new discovery in your soul that you thought you could not reach….wonderful!!!

Take Care—-Wow…..just from the intro, I think to myself….what a wonderful and bright, shiny way to end this release…I HATE TO HEAR THIS END!!! I almost feel the need to beg for this mastery to continue…this is beautiful. this is a tale of love and affection….the way it was meant to be…when people actually cared and took care of those that they loved with all of their beings and the entwining of souls happened magically. Am I asking to much? I need this!

***** out of 5 [BRILLIANT]


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