Dimmu Borgir/The Invaluable Darkness Live CD

The Invaluable DarknessThis three disc collection is 2 DVD’s of live and video performances. The quality is incredible and the energy of the live show transmits to film very well. The third disc is reviewed here…this is P-3 Session at NRK Studio 19 in Oslo, Norway. Recorded on September 18, 2007, this captures nice energy and a truly great live performance.

Introduction—-Setting the ‘scene’ with huge symphonic sounds and atmosphere, the build-up to the entrance of the band is typical and almost maddening. The swirls of darkness are everywhere and the crowd is literally crazy as they wait for the opening strains to….

Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse—-Perhaps my favorite Dimmu song of all time, this live version plays very well although it seems to lack a little of the energy that has been transmitted before during live versions of this song. Shagrath delivers a vocal that is spot on…you would think this was studio recordings…the clean vocal is magnificent…the energy of the band is exquisite and the crowd reaction alone excites me. The keyboard accents on the song are incredible…it is amazing the technology we have today. To me, live Dimmu is better than recorded Dimmu. This is awesome!!!

Vredesbyrd—-Another classic Dimmu track, Shagrath, singing in his native language inspires the crowd. The rapid fire drumming combined with the much faster live guitar comes across far better than the recorded version. Shagrath sounds even more manic and possessed than ever…his growls echoing off of your eardrums…this is a band that has practiced and perfected the live preferomance…freakin’ stellar!!!

Sorgens Kammer Del II—-The between song banter is almost all in Norwegian, and it is fascinating to listen to! This is another classic Dimmu track that is delivered in foreign tongues, but loses none of the intensity in the process. The drums are incredible..combined with the swirling keyboards, the song has atmosphere all over it. Shagrath sounds as if he is puking through most of the song…who the hell could ask for more?

Indoctrination—-This begins in the typical way…lots of fanfare and keyboard intrumentation….but when Shagrath lets loose that deep growl of his you shake your head with amazement and feel the goosebumps rise. This is so much better live…the speed of the song is amazing…the huge keyboard overtures are so instrumental to the tone of the song….and the drums make my head reel. This is incredibly well delivered and executed…how the band will recover from the loss of two members is beyond me…my hopes are high!!!

A Succubus In Rapture—-From Enthrone Darkness Triumphant, this begins with the expected fanfare. Shagrath delivers a vocal that is a nice mix of vomit and possession….the swirling keyboards are instrumental to the mood of the song and the drums are standout. The guitars take a back seat at the onset to the symphonic sounds of the track, but the amazing thing remains the vocal and the energy of the music…this is stellar…this is a band that knows what they are doing. In-freakn’-credible!!!!

The Serpentine Offering—-My favorite track from In Sorte Diaboli, I love the vocal enough to have listened to this track perhaps 1,000 times since the release of this CD. Live, this takes on an even larger sound. The keyboards transmit the orchestration like you would not imagine…the build-up is almost maddening for me. When the drums and the guitars hit, your speakers will almost blow. Shagrath enters and sounds literally possessed by the very words he is puking. This is a magnificent prefornmance….this is a band that you HAVE to see live to appreciate.

The Chosen Legacy—-The problem I had with In Sorte Diaboli, is that it all came across as one very long song…..this is a clear example. Only the intermittent clean vocal distinguishes the song from song. What saves this for me on this release is the incredible energy that the band transmits. This is incredible and I am still awed bu the precision of the drums and the sudden downshift of the guitars. the vocal is as you would expect, Shagrath rarely lets you down…his life is this band and it shows in his performance. This is remarkable.

The Insight And The Catharsis—-This is delivered with a sense of speed and brutality that you will not find on studio recordings from this band. This is energetic, evil and dark…all accumulatong to provide me with a smile that lasts for days and days after I hear this. the band s sharp, the clean vocal that are featured add so much to the general feel of the song..I can only hope the band can find someone adequate to replace and duplicate this guy. This is stellar, awesome. huge and pleasure inducing!!!

Spellbound [By The Devil]—-My second favorite Dimmu song, this live version is all that you hoped for and more. This is enough to make ou mad…the energy is all-encompassing!!! When that vocal introduction hits with the keyboard symphonic, you feel this rush that is literally full of ecstasy. this is brilliant…shagrath sounds literally driven by some unseen force that you could not rein n even if you wanted to. The musicianship is stellar,…that is what makes a band a and.,…this is incredible…a huge spotlight in the evolution of the band…forever rcorded…the band can not possibly get better than this…can they?

Mourning Palace—-With the expected fanfare, Shagrath again delivers a vocal growl that rattles your bones. I still wonder how this guy can sing like this for hours at a time, city after city. the keyboards tat add the life to the song play magically with the drums, creating a huge sound that will leave your ears bleeding. Thisis magnificent…I could never ak for more. Brilliant!

The Fallen Arises—-Ending the show with this ambient and atmospheric interlude, the band gives the crowd a nice cool down before the depart into the very cold night…this has been a stellar and I’m sure exhausting performance that i literally love and listen to time after time agin without fail.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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