Danzig/Deth Red Sabaoth

Deth Red SabaothDanzig is an American heavy metal band, formed in 1987 in Lodi, New Jersey. The band serves as a musical outlet for the singer/songwriter Glenn Danzig. Danzig can be seen as the third stage in Glenn Danzig’s musical career, preceded by the horror punk bands The Misfits and Samhain. They primarily play in a heavy metal style that is largely influenced by the early sound of Black Sabbath.

Danzig released Deth Red Sabaoth, their ninth studio album, on June 22, 2010.[8] It is the band’s first proper studio album in six years, since 2004’s Circle of Snakes. Both Tommy Victor and Johnny Kelly appeared on the record as well as former Samhain and current Danzig member Steve Zing.

Hammer Of the Gods—-Beginning with classic Metal riffs, the entrance of Danzig causes you to pause and soak in the familiar and almost warm vocal style that he is known for. This is a nice return to form, hearkening back to the days of Danzig II era music. The slow drawl that I often joke is a mash-up of Elvis meets Morrison is excellent. This is nice, comfortable and very accessible!

The Revengeful—-This is just classic…it is nice to hear Glenn get back to the basics that the hardcore fans loved. this is a slight Blues romp that allows Danzig to almost croon his way through a rather masterful song that is full of nice musical breaks and shifts and dark lyrics. The chorus is catchy as hell, and I can tell…upon first listen, that this will be a release I return to often.

Rebel Spirits—-This release, overall, has a pretty deep sound to it…it lacks the crisp delivery of modern-day recording…whether this was done on purpose or is intentional, it is the one thing that irks me. Danzig enters with a deep croon that is almost talk until the track really gets going and then he displays that remarkable vocal delivery of his. The drum track is in the very front of the mix…while the vocal seems to be laid underneath all of the dirge and dank qualities of the music. This is nice, but I wish for something a bit crisper!

Black Candy—-Melding directly from the previous track, this begins rather noisy but settles within seconds allowing for a slow and dirty blues sound that is only bolstered by the lazy vocal delivery of Glenn. This is nice, but is still covered in a dense sound that is hard to pick up on when all of the instruments are playing. Again, the drums are the star of the show and control the pace of the song. This is remarkable…very nice.

On A Wicked Night—-Beginning remarkably acoustic, this song resonates with me from the very first notes. Danzig delivers a down and dirty bluesy style vocal that sounds incredible. This is a really nice tablet for which Danzig writes a catchy and contagious track…this is one of the best tracks he has conjured up in quite a few years. there are nice swirls of atmosphere and when the song really kicks in, there is an aggressive guitar that sets the pace and steers the song a a much faster pace. This is fantastic…definetly a favorite!!!

Deth Red Moon—-This is aggressive with a chorus that reminds you of the best of the days gone by. this is a joint effort, seeming like the whole band joins in on the chorus…this will play really well live. I love this guys voice and it really has never sounded better than it does on this release. The guitars are much crisper on this track and more in the front of the mix…another really favorite track. This is a pretty exceptional release!!!

Ju Ju Bone—-Again, the guitars seem much clearer on this track…Danzig delivers a spoken word intro and his speaking voice is sexy as hell. This is blues Metal that plays so well with his vocal style…the song is down and dirty and you draw your own references from the lyrics…this is black sexuality at it’s finest. This is incredible….the middle of this release is stellar!!!

Night Star Hel—-This is another very nice bluesy metal track that allows Danzig to go off on vocal tangents that please me a great deal. the tone of the song is rather dark and a bit predictable, but that is what we require, is it not? The guitars shine…the bass line os magnificent…the drums are much more crisp and settled a bit more in the back of the mix. this is classic Danzig…he sounds better than ever and his backing band only compliments him in the best way. This is huge!!!

Pyre Of Souls—-From the onset, this is different for me. The production is louder and crispier…the sounds of the instruments much more in your face. The intro goes on and on and you wonder if there is a vocal at all. the song has an almost India influence to it…slow chanting and lots of percission…this is stellar. This three-minute track seems to only be a build up to the further rendition of….

Pyre Of Souls—-This second version sounds nothing like the first and at first i though the track might be mislabbled…then you hear some familiar sounds and you realize this is just Glenn playing with you. This is much more Metal guitar based and there is an actual vocal on this rewndition….and the vocal is stellar…this is aggressive both musically and vocally…the production much crisper and the end result yet another classic Danzig track that will provide years of entertainment for me…awesome!!!

Left Hand Rise Above—-Ending the release with a return to the deeper, less produced sound of the earlier sounds of the CD, the band builds and builds on the intro and then suddenly slows to allow for the slow drawl of bluesy guitar and the predictable and warm vocal of Danzig. This is Texas style Metal…the slow and dirty sound reminds me of the early days of the band and put another smile on my face…this is fantastic. Welcome back Glenn!!!

**** out of 5


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