Hatebreed/Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire

Satisfaction Is The Death Of DesireHatebreed is an American hardcore/metalcore band from Bridgeport and New Haven, Connecticut. The band was founded in November 1994.

Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire is the first full-length album by the American hardcore band Hatebreed. It was released on November 11, 1997 through Victory Records. This was the band’s breakthrough album, with the majority of critics praising it,[1][2][3] even calling it a “hardcore classic”.[4][5] It lifted them out from the underground scene and thanks to this rise in fame they got a record deal with Universal Records.

It has taken me quite sometime to find this debut release from one of my favorite bands…I could not be more thrilled than I am at this moment.

Empty Promises—-No time for atmosphere or introductions, the music jumps off this CD and literally smacks you upside the side of your head. The vocal is less refined, but the playing was tight as hell and the lyrics were though provoking and intense. this is classic Hatebreed with a bit more of a raw feel. Fantastic!!!

Burn The Lies—-Brutal from the first second, Jamey sounds literally maniacal. This is deeper in sound and more dense than a lot of later material. this is classic hardcore…you can not escape the energy and the brutality. The songs even then still carried a powerful and positive message.

Before Dishonor—-Again, this has a nice deep sound, but the vocal and the leads are clearer and hearken to the current recording sound of the band. This is fast, layered with shout a long vocals that belie the Hardcore label and contain lyrics of empowerment and superiority through self!!! Fantastic!!!

Puritan—-This is classic Hardcore…the short and furious guitar blasts, the maniac drums and the vocal that pushes the cords to the limit are just classic in every way. This is freakin’ brilliance in less than 2 minutes. Who could ask for more?

Conceived Through An Act Of Violence—-Again, the short blast of metallic guitars, the huge drums and the underlying melody makes this band accessible to many people with varying musical tastes. This is brutal, mosh inducing and though provoking. The content is intense and delivery just as much so as well. Fantastic!!!

Afflicted Past—-This track has the wonderful sound of possession and brutality. The blast after blasts leave your temples bleeding and you mind racing with all of the words and ideas presented in a minute and a half. Jamey was born to do this kind of music…he was brilliant from the beginning and has now become a hardcore genius!!!

Prepare For War—-This actually has a nice musical introduction before the vocal slaps you in the face and rips your hair out. The rhythm section is just brilliant giving this song that sound that makes you want to hurt the person standing next to you…the bass line interlude is huge and gives the song a nice full-bodied feel. Great!!!

Not One Truth—-Beginning with a sharp drum sound, the deepness of the recording is not far behind. Jasta continues to vomit lyrics of empowerment and though provoking ideas. this is masterfully delivered with a nice sense of melody and overall brutality. The best of both words.

Betrayed By Life—-When you feel as if life has let you down, you can always turn to this band for a positive outlook on the failure of others. This has such a deep bass sound and the drums continue to propel the sound at hyper speed. This is just genius!!!

Mark My Words—-When the first note hits the speaker so does the first word…this is pretty magnificent precision for a band releasing their debut release. This really reminds me of some of the better Suicidal Tendencies songs. Fantastic….and the bass line is huge and holds the whole damn thing up in a magnificent way!!!

Last Breath—-This comes out of the dark straight for your jugular. Jasta enters with a vocal that sounds demented and driven by mania with messages of standing on your own and triumphing over all that distorts your life’s success. This is brutal, meaningful and classic hardcore. Once again, the drums are just magnificent!!!

Burial For The Living—-This song moves so fast, it is almost impossible to catch a word that is being hollered across your speakers. The energy is undeniable and the remarkable bass line propels the song…the drums are huge and superhuman. This is freakin’ genius!!! Oh….did I tell you that already?

Worlds Apart—-This has a bit of an opening atmosphere, but it takes nothing away from the ensuing madness and energy that smacks you in the face. Jasta is sounding remarkable hoarse which is rather endearing. this is layered, with bigger sounding guitar and a more clear and pronounced drum. Most excellent, this is classic Hatebreed….a true testament to sticking with what you believe in.

Driven by Suffering—-Sounding a bit more under produced than the previous song, it takes nothing away from the sound of the band. Again, Jasta delivers lyrics that are empowering and meant to make you think and re-evaluate the life you are living and how you can makes it better and more meaningful. This is just a fantastic release!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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