Scissor Sisters/Night Work

Night Work

The Scissor Sisters are an American band that formed in 2001. Their style draws from disco, glam rock, pop and the club scene of New York City.

The group consists of vocalists Jake Shears and Ana Matronic, multi-instrumentalist Babydaddy, lead guitar/bassist, Del Marquis, and drummer Randy Real (who joined in replacement of Paddy Boom) and their name is taken from a sexual position between women called tribadism.[1] While experiencing only limited mainstream success in their homeland of the United States, the band has been hugely successful in Europe, Canada, Australia, and particularly the United Kingdom, where they have achieved a number of chart hits, with their debut album becoming best-selling album of 2004 in the UK. Their single “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’” was the fourth best-selling single in the UK in 2006 and stayed in the UK top 40 for 27 weeks.

Night Work is the third studio album by American band Scissor Sisters, it was released on June 28, 2010. The album was preceded by the release of lead single, “Fire With Fire” on June 20. [Wikipedia]

Night Work—-As you would expect, this release begins in the pure Disco style that this band is known for. The synths are incredibly energetic and the lyrics are sexually charged in the direction of the Club underground. Jake sounds better than ever and there are some remarkable harmonies on this track. The chorus is a huge, floor stomping affair that has me sweating all over. This is a FINE return to form.

Whole New Way—-From the onset, this track has a remarkable three beat that is as close to straight Reggae as you can get in the dance world. Jake has dropped the ultra high falsetto for a more accessible tone that plays much better than some of the earlier tracks. This has 1984 written all over it…classic dance floor…classic homo rock…..classic Scissor Sisters!!!

Fire With Fire—-This lead off single begins rather sedate, coming off like a classic Billy Joel or Elton John track…who would have thunk it? This is magnificent…this ballad still has a remarkable energy and really shows off the more introspective side of the band that is in complete contrast to other material on this and earlier releases. This is fantastic…really a favorite!

Any Which Way—-Returning to full on Disco mode, this sounds like a classic updated Moroder sound that is accompanied by the more familiar strains of Jake’s ultra high falsetto. The beats are classic 1970’s mirror ball synths. the energy is pure sex…the song drips with lust and the lyrics only help the vision. Wonderful!

Harder You Get—-This is more updated with a sound I often refer to as New Millenium Disco….the synth beats are delicious and deep in sound..reeking of Back Room sex and disturbia. The vocal is almost unrecognizable…you would never get this was the Sisters! This is huge fun, a bit sleazy and something you can groove your ass off to.

Running Out—-Melding in from the previous song seamlessly, this has a nice rhythm that fits the backdrop synths perfectly. This borders on 80’s New Wave….and I mean that in only the best way. The vocal is deeper, but the lyrics are catchy as hell and the beat of the song is constantly progressing without really changing the tempo…remarkable!

Something Like This—-This is nice, but you find yourself missing that high falsetto a bit as the songs all begin to sound to similar after a bit. This has a nice robotic delivery that saves it from obscurity. This is a big song only because of the nice mechanical beats that drive the tempo and energy of the song. The falsetto is here and there and that is when the song is at it’s best.

Skin This Cat—-Wow…this is nice….the 80’s overtone reminds you that Jake has been hanging out in Berlin…this has that sound all over it. The vocal is almost all female…with a few others in the backdrop…this comes together with the help of the synth line to become a really great, poppy track that would make a really great video. Nice!!!

Skin Tight—-This is rather odd…..two Dance Ballads on one release is rather interesting. The song manages to pick up some speed and becomes much larger than it began. The track grows and grows on you as it progresses and the remarkable fact is that when Jake sings in a lower register he at times sounds incredibly like Elton. This is fantastic…one of my favorite tracks on this release, played on the right radio this could become huge!

Sex And Violence—-This is much deeper and ambient than most of the things on this release. The synths manage to be upbeat and poppy….the vocal is again a deeper version of the Jake we have known in the past. The result is a lot more conveyed emotion and expression. This is really fun…the backdrop beats propel the song at a remarkable pace…this is another favorite!!!  Top Notch!!!

Night Life—-Beginning rather sedate with some atmosphere, the beat builds slowly and finds the vocals again delivered in a fun higher tone that at times is like the old days and when lowered sounds like many of the generic synth pop bands of the 80’s. This is fun, energetic and at times rather frenetic! I love this CD!!!

Invisible Light—-This again, begins with lots of swirls and musical emotions…the main synth line slowly approaches from the background until it takes on the pace and level of the track. Jake again sings in a deeper tone that reminds me of Ultravox or one of those British bands circa 1985. This is really nice….the chorus enters and makes this song a literal masterpiece. I could not ask for more..I like that the overt sex has been turned down a bit and emotion seems to control the direction of the song. Really stellar!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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