Demon Hunter/The World Is A Thorn

World Is a ThornDemon Hunter is an American Christian metalcore band from Seattle, Washington, started by brothers Don Clark and Ryan Clark. Demon Hunter’s members are Christian and express their faith in many of their songs. Although the brothers created the band, only one remains, Don Clark having left the band to take care of his family.[4] As of Early 2010 the band has sold over half a million albums.

The World Is a Thorn (also stylized The World Is Λ Thorn) is Demon Hunter‘s fifth studio album, which was released March 9, 2010.[1] The album is described by the band as their “heaviest but most melodic” album yet.[2] The first single, “Collapsing,” which features Björn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork,[3] was approved for sales on Rock Band‘s Rock Band Network. [Wikipedia]

Descending Upon Us—-Beghinning with just the right amount of build up and atmosphere, the sound is deep and intense. It is funny that this is described as Metal-core, but the listing reads ‘religious music’ on the insert!!! This is brutal and relentless…the deep sound of the band is undeniable and you take this in as you would any other aggressive band that falls into this category. This can be really aggressive and remarkably melodic at the same time. I love the drums and the squeals from the leads are fantastic!

Lifewar—-With razor-sharp guitar delivery, the segue into this song from the last is seamless and amazing. The vocal is full of a bitter and powerful edge…the melodic qualities of the song suck you in and you like this whether you want to or not. This is quality Metal-Core…the musicianship is top-notch and the lyrics apply to you me and the guy down the street. This is great!!

Collapsing—-Beginning with an almost electronic sound, the entire band enters the fray and the song is developed into a magical track that has a remarkable clean vocal that is more accessible than anything this band has done in the past. This has such a strong sense of melody, the simple chorus will stick in your brain for days. this is fantastic…remarkable and classic in the genre.

This Is The Line—- This is really nice, the vocal enters with a venom and attitude that is just remarkable…making you wonder who this all came about in the beginning. None the less, the guitars are so aggressive…the drums are huge and when the clean vocal comes in you shake your head at the remarkable melody of it all. This is fantastic…oops, did I say that already?

Driving Nails—-Less aggressive and more melodic, the beginning vocal is clean and delivered with a remarkable dose of talent. This is really nice…the lyrics are imaginative and display the bands faith without being overt and over powering…after all, we have to sell records..right? This is fantastic…there are nice swells that hint as strings, there is a remarkable drum tracks and some of the best vocals i have heard from this band.

World Is A Thorn—-Returning to full on blistering Metal, this is by far the most aggressive track on the release thus far. There is noise from every single corner of the song and the vocal sounds maniacal. This is brilliant….rather than sounding like straight out noise, there is a formation to the music that makes this even more melodic than you could imagine. The vocalist is damaged, as he delivers blistering line after blistering line….filled with pseudo hate and violence delivered in a positive manner. This is fantastic!

Tie This Around Your Neck—-Filled with layer upon layer of aggression, this is remarkable delivered…reminding me of classic bands like Testament. The clean vocal saves the track from being a straight forward thrash out….the melody remains intact. The vocal on this track would give Jasta a run for his money…it is that aggressive and energy fueled. Fantastic!!!

Just Breathe—-With a rather odd intro, it only last for seconds before the onslaught occurs and drives you to your head banging limit. This is fantastically layered with sound and aggression. i could only imagine the Mosh Pit that this song could inspire. There is the nice intermittent clean vocal that allows for the Metal Core melodic quality, but overall…this is pure energy. Great!!!

Shallow Water—-With a huge drum intro, the vocal follows with these huge guitar squeals and energetic delivery that almost makes it difficult to stay in my seat. this is fantastic…the clean vocal is almost a shock layered up next to the aggressive screamo delivery of the refrain. This is remarkable…a really nice listen on a hot summer day!!!

Feel As Though You Could—-Again, this is aggressive and beefed up by a remarkable drum track. This drummer beats the skin to the very last bit of its ability. The clean vocal messes up the song for me…it messes with the integrity of the song and causes it to lose some of the punch that is needed. None the less, this is a practised and well-directed band.

Blood In the Tears—-This is nicely layered with a melody that is accentuated by a remarkable clean vocal that makes you pause and wonder if this is the same band you were listening to earlier. this is acceptable and at times pretty damn pleasant, but is this what you leave with after the center brutality of this disc…whatever…just an opinion.

**** out of 5


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