New Order/Retro [Box Set] Disc Three Club Compiled By Mike Pickering



Confusion [Koma And Bones Vocal Mix]—-This is a pretty masterful remix, building on the already magnified bass line and the more prominent synths that changed the direction of the band. this remix is for Club DJ’s looking for the nice breaks that allow you to take a 4 minute song and build a 10 minute creation from the original. This is nice…although at times repetitive and monotonous, the breaks are brilliant!

Paradise [Robert Racic Mix]—-The pace of this song is literally exhaustive…..the synth lines that construct the track are huge Ibiza styled grooves that lead the people on the floor to almost an ecstatic frenzy that reminds us how great this band truly is. Taking the best parts of the song and amplifying them beyond imagination, this only proves that with the right mastering, any New Order song can be a dance floor masterpiece.

Regret [Sabre’s Slow N’ Low Mix]—-Building on the simple bass line and making it the focal point of the song, this remix takes the vocal…adds a bit of reverb and transports it right to the center of you cerbellum…allowing it to simmer, live and grow until the track becomes a focal point of yours for days to come. The ambient style bass delivery is remarkable…allowing the original melody of the song to stand firm but including this lazy extended bass beat that swallows you up. this is masterful…why have i not heard this before??

Bizarre Love Triangle [Shep Pettibone Remix]—-One of the premier remixers of late 80’s and early 90’s dance floor tracks, Pettibone takes this classic and well-known New Order track and transforms it into the classic version that most of us are familiar with by this point. this has become more played than the original…Pettibone amps up the song, takes the minute points, amplifies them and created a classic 12″ single that will live easily for the next 50 years. This is classic, familiar and still fresh!!!

Shellshock [John Robie Mix]—-One of the premier tracks from the Substance release, if you have good speakers this song will really mess with your ears. This is magnificent…the remix takes nothing away from the magical play that the song has between your ears. It only beefs up the sound and makes the entire thing more pronounced. This was New Order at one of the creative highs…this song did it for me…after I heard this, there was never a release that did not become part of my collection. the track has a remarkable line that just makes you feel empowered and embolden to go out and find that which makes you happy. Shellshock is a state of mind and a presence of being…if you do not like a situation change it…this inspires me. Brilliant!!!

Fine Time [Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley Remix]—-Taking this already remarkable Ibiza style track and adding backing bass and amplified synths to it only serves to make this an even larger midnight dance floor filler. This is wonderfully energetic…allowing ghreat liberties with the vocal and tweaking the heavy synth lines with added effects that produce those magnificent 20 minute dance floor fillers that allow you to totally lose yourself in the joy of a band at one of the creative highs of their career.

1963 [’95 Arthur Baker Remix]—-Baker, one of the innovators of Dance Floor remixers, takes this rather sedate track and turns it into something that is pretty remarkable. This has never really been one of my favorite NO tracks, but this lush and magnificent remix allows me to listen to the lyrics a bit closer and really examine the devastating inferences. this is wonderful…sedate, emotional and at times remarkably energetic. Classic!!!

Touched By The Hand Of God [Original Mix]—-One of the great ignored or unknown releases by the band, it is still difficult for me to fathom that this was released as a B-side. This is brilliant and classic New Order. This has all of the landmark early 90’s synth sounds. The delivery is magnificent and the original version leaves little room for tweaking. when Bernard delivers his lines, there is a remarkable enunciation that conveys layers and layers of emotions that dig into your brain and have you humming and thinking about the words for days. This is really a genius track…sadly ingored, please seek it out and listen…you may very well thank me later.

Everything’s Gone Green [Original Mix]—-Delving back into the time period of transition and my favorite volume of material from the band, this track is full of the Hook bass lines and the stammering synth lines that were still seeking out a place to fit comfortably in. This is brilliant…masterful and classic…still one of my favorite tracks, there leaves very little left to be said. Wonderful!!!

Blue Monday [Jam & Spoon Manuel Remix]—-Is there anything to right about this song that has not already been attempted by people much more qualified than myself? This is remarkably extended, keeping the basic elements intact and giving you huge bonus minutes to dance and dance and dance…nuff said I guess!

World In Motion [Subbuteo Mix]—-This is loaded with that C+C Music Factory/Black Box sound that prevailed during the early 90’s. This is nice….allowing for a band sing a long that leaves you with a huge feel good emotion. the uplifting and organic synths only add to the wonderous and remarkable euphoric feel of the song. this is brilloiant…Summer delivers a vocal that is damn near perfect and the Hook bass line seems to be missing entirely but not leaving the song without a spine…perfect!

Here To Stay [Extended Instrumental]—-Just as the title would assume, this is a huge instrumental track that is heavy on synth rhythms, light on bass and vocals and a lot of fun to add to other tracks to extend things out even further…beyond that, this is unremarkable.

Crystal [Lee Coombs Remix]—-One of the really last great singles from the band, this remix adds a lot of spatial remixing to the original. Allowing the synth swirls to literally wrap around your head, the pace and constant deep bass hit of the song leads you into an almost euphoric state. This allows you to listen to early remixes from the band and to realize how far the art of remixing has really come…this is brilliant. The original of this track is huge…remixed, it adds even more layers and intricacies. Nice!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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