Dio/Evil Or Divine-Live In NYC 2005

Evil Or DivineRonnie James Dio (July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010) was an American heavy metal vocalist and songwriter. He performed with, amongst others, Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell, and his own band Dio. Other musical projects include the collective fundraiser Hear ‘n Aid. He was widely hailed as one of the most powerful singers in heavy metal,[1] renowned for his consistently powerful voice and for popularizing the “devil horns” hand gesture in metal culture. Prior to his death, he was collaborating on a project with former Black Sabbath band mates Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Vinny Appice, under the moniker Heaven & Hell, whose first studio album, The Devil You Know, was released on April 28, 2009.[2] Dio died of stomach cancer on May 16, 2010.[3][4] One of the last songs he recorded was titled “Metal Will Never Die”. Evil or Divine – Live in New York City is a 2005 live album by the heavy metal band Dio, recorded in New York City in 2002. It was also released as a live in-concert DVD.

Killing The Dragon—-For me, one of the best things about a live performance is the anticipation and the build up before that first appearance. This intro is no exception…the crowd is excited and awaiting the entrance from the Metal Maniac and they are not disappointed. The voice sounds exceptional…Dio was a little guy…his ability to make himself huge onstage was incredible. This was in part to the voice, the presence and the lyrics…combining the three this guy was about 7 feet tall. This is an exceptional track…allowing you to realize that Ronnie never lost his fascination with the mysterious and the joy of writing about this fascination. The sound is a bit off, but I hear there is a remastered version in the pipe line…this is awesome!

Egypt [Breaking The Chains]/Children Of The Sea—-The bass sound of this song is incredible…the drums are masterful. Ronnie sings of everything that is familiar to him and it plays on stage in a way that is unimaginable. This begins with that remarkable dark dirge of Sabbath…..melding these two songs together was a masterful idea that worked in a wondrous way. Ronnie sounds so clear and huge…this is packed with energy and the crowd response is incredible. The band plays well…sloowing at a moments notice and then erupting with little effort…this is incredible….can’t wait for the clarity of the remastered version.

Push—-This is simply put…..high energy Metal that plays live like you would not believe. You can feel the energy through you speakers. The enthusiasm the band plays with and the way that Dio presents the entire thing is nothing less than magnificent. This is exactly what you have come to expect from this man…I have seen Dio in one carnation or another 8 times and he has never delivered less than 1000%. This is no exception. The energy is contagious and the entire arena feels electric to me. This is fantastic and plays on CD really well.

Stand Up And Shout—-With the signature sound that a Dio band has always had, this song is delivered with magnificence and energy. This is a stand out track from Ronnie’s catalog and I have never tired of the sentiment. this is a battle cry to the Metal community and this song, in a live setting, allows you to go wonderfully crazy with Metalmania. Never gets old….EVER!!!!

Rock And Roll—-It is always amazing to me the magical way that Ronnie’s voice seems to raise high above all of the onstage and crowd noise that is going on. This song is remarkable just because of that. The clarity and energy despite everything that is happening is AMAZING. Ronnie delivers a vocal that is meant to be forever solidified on CD…this is remarkable. The entire crowd seems to join in on the song…the result is recorded history.

Don’t Talk To Strangers—-Slowing down a bit for a tad and allowing everyone to catch their breath, it is amazing to me how well this set list is put together. Dio sounds better than ever…his voice so crystal clear and without the slightest bit of fatigue. I really do not know how singers do this, but they should all take a message and lesson from this guy. When the song really opens up, the band plays at a ferocious pace and Ronnie never looses his place or pace…the song leaves you exhausted and ready for a beer. This is remarkable!!!

Man On The Silver Mountain—-The crowd, to say the least, goes crazy when this is introduced. This is like sitting in an arena and listening to a CD…the entire band performs that well. This is crystal clear and you could never ask for more from any performer than you get on this release. This is remarkable…the entire band works with Ronnie perfectly. This is magnificent.

[Guitar Solo]—-9:09

Long Live Rock And Roll—-Coming straight out of the solo with this Blues based barn burner, Dio returns and delivers a vocal like it was the first song of the set. The energy is remarkable and the song is tons of fun in a live setting. Again, this set list is pretty damn incredible. The band is tight, the crowd is electric and Ronnie is pure Ronnie!!!! Long Live Rock And Roll Indeed!!!!

Fever Dreams—-This relatively new song plays so well live, it seems almost like it was written for this setting. Dio delivers more lines of mysticism and intrique…you are caught up in the whole tale that he is telling…regardless of the fact this song really rocks as well. This is magnificent, electric and wonderfully delivered. This is an incredible live show…so glad that it was captured live!!!!

Holy Diver—-This is magnificent…the build up is fantastic and when the band delivers the first familiar strains of the song, you can feel the energy through your headphones. Ronnie delivers the song as if it is the first time he has ever performed it live. The band is tight as hell and makes the entire job for Dio a joy…the crowd eats this shit up…you can feel the huge sound through your speakers….Ronnie manages to be crystal clear…even 11 songs into his set. WOW!!!

Heaven And Hell—-This band that is backing Ronnie James is pretty damn good…they reproduce that masterful Sabbath dirge in a fantastic way. The song is slow to build….Dio sounds as if he really enjoys singing this track and it is always fun when he allows the audience to complete sentences for him. The enthusiasm is incredible and you just go with the flow…this is a fantastic rendition…I can almost see Ronnie at the front of the stage with his grand arm movements drawing the crowd closer to him and sending the energy back out…this is pretty phenomenal.

Last In Line—-This is phenomenal as well….the band is masterful in reproduction and Dio delivers some vocals that are for the history books. You can not get better than this consummate performer. When he delivers that first ‘HOOOOMMMEEE’, you are so caught up in the energy. This is a complete and total rendition…you could never ask for a better preformance…to me…this is better than the studio version.

Rainbow In The Dark—-Returning for his encore, Dio delivers a classic that I’m sure the crowd was clamoring and dying for. The synth line is delivered with such clarity and vision that I am amazed sitting here listening to it. Despite the exceptional vocal from Dio, I listen for that Keyboard line and I keep thinking about this fantastic video that was released for the song. This is great…I wait for the remastered version of this…hoping that it is not quite so hollow…I really can not complain though…this is pretty awesome!!!

We Rock—-Ending the show with one of the best Meatl anthems ever, the band delivers a blistering fast version of this already fast song to the crowd. this is incredible and it still amazes me that Ronnie still sounds so clear and without fatigue. T really do not know how Metal singers do this stuff night after night. This is great….a great show and a great memory of an incredible preformer….we love you Ronnie….you are missed already and for ever!!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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