School Of Seven Bells/Disconnect From Desire

Disconnect From DesireSchool of Seven Bells (often just SVIIB) is a three-piece band formed by Benjamin Curtis of Secret Machines, together with identical twins Alejandra and Claudia Deheza, formerly of On! Air! Library!. The band is named after the School of the Seven Bells, a mythical South American pickpocket training academy.

Windstorm—-This is pretty remarkable from the very first notes of the track…to say that this is shoe gaze or dreamy would be a huge understatement. This is wonderfully layered and fuzzy…the drums are magically pronounced and the vocal is so dreamy and breezy you will believe you have been magically transported to a huge sunny field in the middle of nowhere. Exceptional!

Heart Is Strange—-With huge keyboards and really upfront drums, this is a nice mix of British Dance and Dream Pop. The vocals rise above everything and soar around the room like while covered angels dropping bits of relaxation. This is magical for me…the vocals from these two sisters in perfect in every way. They compliment each other so well…this is beautiful, fun, relaxing and sadly being missed by a whole world caught up in rap, pop or emo. Exceptional.

Dust Devil—-Coming out of the fog, the track is begun with a heavy bass synth line that is slowly accented by perfect Dance floor synths that further develop…soon you are wrapped in a huge fun ambient dance track that is accented by beautiful and unforgettable vocals. This is so throwback…making me think of My Bloody Valentine on Ambien. This is invigorating and surprisingly relaxing. Just wonderful!

I L U—-From the very onset, there almost seems to be a choir of voices singing. The song settles and allows for the sisters to further compliment each other with their magical voices. The music is very sedate to begin with, slowly coming more to life as the track continues and seemingly including a bit of a male vocal as well. this is wonderful…there is a remarkable air of sadness on this song…complimented by a beat that keeps you from sinking to far. Truly amazing.

Babelonia—-This track delivers a bit more fuzz, reminiscent of the great 90’s output from the UK. This is remarkably noisy without ever crossing the border to nerve-wracking. The subtle and serene vocal, the really upfront tambourine and the swirling synths all come together to create a really magical moment. Brilliant!

Joviann—-The vocals on this track are so upfront and important that the music behind the entire thing really becomes secondary. This is littered with wonderful harmonies, breathy one liners and a remarkable peaceful delivery. The synth line that grows a bit louder as the song progresses is damn addictive…the overlays on the vocals creates a sound that you could land on safely from six stories high. Magical!

Camarilla—-With a low hum running through the backdrop, the song open immediately with a serene and ghost like vocal…Enya has nothing on the beauty of these voices. As the track progresses, the music becomes much more evident and driving in the feeling of the song. Although the voices are ever-present, on this track the blips, bleeps and 80’s style synth lines almost steal the show. This is huge fun…would love to hear a remix for this track.

Dial—-A bit of a darker sound at the onset of this track surprises me…but slowly, the lightness returns as the song continues. The two voices come together to create a lush harmony that will bring you close to tears. This is remarkably beautiful pop that slowly becomes more bombastic and bass driven. This is wonderful…the low hum that runs through the backdrop of the song masterfully compliments the serenity of the vocals perfectly. This is fabulous!!!

Bye Bye Bye—-With a slight bit of air at the beginning of the song, the bass enters with a remarkable synth line that just seems to take over the song from the girls. Although the vocal…underlayed with a nice male vocal as well, are masterful….again, the star of this song is the irresistable music that conjures up images of everything that ever made you happy as a child. this is magnificent, brilliant pop beauty that should be heard all over the world. Perhaps we would all settle a bit then!!!

The Wait—-Ending the release with just as much beauty as it started, the vocal work so well together that you just know these girls have been singing together their entire lives. This is remarkably beautiful…there is magnificent musical texture to the song…a wonderful slow hum that compliments the entire thing and the angelic voices that bring a smile even if you do not want it. Masterful!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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