Kingdom Of Sorrow/Kingdom Of Sorrow

Kingdom of SorrowKingdom of Sorrow, sometimes abbreviated to KoS, is an American sludge metal[1] band formed in February 2005[1] as a side project. It features Kirk Windstein of Crowbar and Down and Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed.

Hear This Prayer For Her—-This is remarkably aggressive from the very first note…the beginning of the track finds Jasta a bit calm…but as the track continues, the trademark aggressive yelling of Jasta surfaces. The lyrics are again full of phrases of empowerment and positivity. This is wonderful…although not as aggressive as Hatebreed, there is little difference in the feel of the track. This is brilliant!

Grieve A Lifetime—-With a nice dirge and sludge filled bass line, the song still carries a remarkable sense of brutality. Jasta, at times does not even sound like himself…at other times it is like you stepped right into a Hatebreed session. This is aggressive but masterfully contained…you wonder how Jamey manages to juggle the two different sounds…you would think he would be tempted at times to just go crazy. This is brilliant.

Piece It All Together—-This is worthy of Black Sabbath…the slow and muddy bass line is incredible. The drums on this track are masterful and Jasta breaks lose in a Hatebreed style rant that will leave you gasping for your breath. This song is so thick and heavy,,,the sound in the backdrop is pure mud…I mean this in only the best way. This is incredible…I think I like this even better than the 2nd release [which I bought first]!

Lead Into Demise—-Now….is this them or them….you know what i mean. This is fast. clear and pummeling. You will be left in a puddle of sweat when this is all over….the drums again, leave me gasping for breath…the vocal makes me just a bit more crazy for Jamey than I already am. This is a masterpiece of aggressive muddy Metal.

Demon Eyes [Demonized]—-At times, this song is so aggressive you really wonder where the disconnect from Jasta’s two bands come into play. the chorus is pretty damn catchy and you find yourself following along rather quickly. Jasta delivers his vocal with an intensity and rawness that just makes you shake your head…this guy lives metal all day every day….incredible!!!

With Unspoken Words—-This is incredibly dark and allows you the first glimpses to the fact that Jamey can actually sing rather than yell all of the time. The deep vocal in the backdrop that delivers unheard ministrations gives the song an even heavier and more intense feel than imaginable. This is delicious…I really like this much better than the follow-up. Great!!!

Free The Fallen—-Although this is still really bass heavy, there are some lead guitar sounds that surprise me. The give and take in the vocal is pure Thrash. The vocal is incredible…if only for the fact that Jamey begins with his trademark yell and ends the sentence with a remarkable singing that just slays me. This is fantastic…perhaps my favorite thing on this release…I will turn to this again and again…I love this man!!!

Screaming Into The Sky—-Slowly building from an almost deafening silence, the slow dirge and deep bass takes over the song and dictates the direction of the song. the amazing thing about this is the vocal…this is not Jasta singing…I’m thinking that this has to be Kirk….the voice is masterful and yes, Jasta comes out of the serenity to turn everything upside down with an emotional rant that leaves you gasping for air. This is literally genius. This is so great!!!

Lead The Ghosts Astray—-With little time to regroup after the previous emotional track, this blasts you in the face like an AK-47. Jasta sounds even more manic than usual…the deep sound of the bass is all over the song and the drums…the drums are literally amazing. This goes at such a rapid pace, I find it impossible to type fast enough to keep up with the thoughts that this song conjures up. This is amazing.

Begging For The Truth—-Delivering even more blistering Metal, every song is like a magic bonus for a fan as diehard as I am. This is so Hatebreed that it may very well become my favorite release…regardless of the age or the name of the band. This would fit in so well on Supremacy!!!! This is positive and embracing…backed by an aggression and intensity that seems to make it all possible….I could never ask for more!!!

Buried In Black—-Coming out slowly from the fog, the vocal is foremost in the mix and seems to set the tone for the next release that would come years later. This is deep, dense and filled with layers of dirge. The vocal is classic Jasta…I love this band…I love this man…I love the message and I love the intensity!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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