Oceano/Depths [Bonus Tracks]

Depths (Bonus Dvd)Oceano is an American deathcore band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 2006. The band signed to Earache Records in 2008 and subsequently released their debut album, Depths on April 7, 2009. Their upcoming second album, Contagion is set to be released sometime in 2010.

Descent—-This 58 second intro is the only time you will be able to breathe during this disc…enjoy it and breathe deep!!!

Inhuman Affliction—-From the moments the drums hit and you get that first growl, you are off on a journey that is more intense than anything I have heard in a very long time. The speed and accuracy that this bands plays at in incredible…makiong it hard to believe that this is a debut release. The songs have magical shift changes that allow for melody despite the intensity and gives the songs remarkable structure. This is stellar!

A Mandatory Sacrifice—-With no time for respite, right out of the gate you are brutalized and pummeled. This is even more brutal than Cannibal…although the song content is not near as grotesque! The remarkable brutality while still allowing for a sense of melody and tempo changes is just amazing to me. I refuse to see how this guy can sing like this…at times he sounds like he is a bit on the crazy side. The production quality on this release is the best I have heard in a long, long time.

Samael The Destroyer—-Opening with another really great drum intro, the vocal comes out of nowhere with a depth and intensity that will have you pounding your head on the floor. This is maddening, crazy and erratic as hell…all while being one of the best Deathcore releases I have heard in a long time. Excellent!

Fractured Frames, Scattered Flesh—-Right out of the gate….damn! Like I said earlier, you really have no time to catch your breath. The vocal overlays and the crisp sound of the instruments are amazing. There is some really nice plodding, marching bass that is evident despite the very upfront and loud vocal…production is everything and it is pretty damn good on this release. This is an almost superhuman band.

Disgust For Your Kind—-Actually allowing a bit of a respite, the track is a bit more accessible than most of the things on this release. the vocal never lets up…I wonder how long this guy will be able to sing like this before he blows out his vocal chords altogether…lets hope…for the sake of the genre that it is a very long time. This is exceptional…noisy and brutal without ever becoming alienating. Masterful!!!

Depths—-The longest song on this release, at just over six minutes, this title track is a nice mix of atmosphere and brutality. The guitar leads are really nice…soaring above the deep sound of the song and giving it a nice structure. The drums, much slower are crystal clear and rises above the bass line, complimenting the entire song. This is fantastic…the melody line that the guitar supplies makes this a damn pleasant listen. This is a really great instrumental that shows this band has remarkable musical talent as well. You will be surprised!!!

District Of Misery—-This track has been called  a ‘single’, although I’m not sure where it would be played? The drums are delivered with such finesse and precision…the vocal comes in with a controlled brutality that blows me away. The onslaught that occurs when the entire band joins in on the merry-making is huge. This is damn fantastic…Whitechapel…..look out-there is a new king of the castle!!!

With Legions—-Although the drums on this track are huge, monstrous and maniacal….the instrumentation of the track really takes a bit to get started. The lead guitars are delivered with a nice machine gun manner that marks the words of the song almost perfectly. The chaos grows larger and larger, but the song never loses the sense of melody they strive so hard to deliver. This is damn near perfect.

Slaughtered Like Swine—-Although this track lacks a bit of the magical crunch of Cannibal, this is not far off from the sound that the masters have taken 20 years to perfect. This is deep, but the vocal switches back and forth so quickly between tones i wonder if there are two vocalists? This is manic, a bit crazy and damn wonderful!!!

Empathy For Leviathan—-Sometimes, too much of a good thing is simply too much of a good thing…by this time, the release does tend to all blend together in one huge mass of intensity. The saving grace are the shifting tempos and the reliance of all instruments rather than just the voice or the bass etc….This comes off as sounding a bit like everything else, but I’m not hating. I love this release.

Plague Campaign—-This is what I’m talking about…this sounds just different and varied enough to allow you some respite from the 100% brutality that the disc has given thus far. The music is more subtle for the first few bars, giving you some room to breathe. The vocal enters and sets the entire damn thing on fire, but it is only in the best way. This guy has such control over his voice…the way he delivers his lines and delivers long drawn out growls is amazing. This is not for the weak of heart..or ears!!!

Abysm—-With a crisper sound, the lead guitars form the opening strains of the song and literally soar above the din…but are soon lost behind the bass and heavy drums…none the less, all sense of melody comes from the buried leads and supplies the song a nice sense of structure. This track, again really shows the magnificent musicality of the band…these guys are pros at what they do…this is a nice break from the blistering assault and prepares you for….

Bonus Tracks:

Involuntary Demoralization—-Returning with the full frontal assault, the band seems even more driven and maniacal than ever. The voice comes at you so quickly and with such brutality I wonder what this guy must be like after a show…wiped out!!! This is nice….the band delivers a Hatebreed like tempo that almost borders on Thrash for a few moments before falling back into the more bass driven sound that you have become familiar with by now…this is exceptional!

Orificial Execution—-Ending the release with just as much intensity and mania that it began, I know that this will be on heavy rotation for me for some time to come. this is layered with intense bass lines and the most manic vocal you can imagine. It is nice to have a lyric sheet…I will be studying it for a bit of time to come. This band freakin; rocks your balls off…waiting for release #2 with bated breath.

****1/2 out of 5


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