Yan Sequet/NYC Meat Packing District 1


For once, in quite some time, I am at a total loss as to where this came from or who/what Yan Sequet is. All I can really tell you is that this is a brilliant, exquisite compilation of new and old material…some really brilliantly mixed. This is a fun summer mixtape….if you need a copy…e-mail me!!!

I Gotta Feeling [Black Eyed Peas]—-I am not, not have I ever been a Black Eyed Peas fan….but for unknown reasons, this song really got under my skin and stayed in my head for DAYS after I heard this. This has great synths, a remarkable vocal and when it finally happens a pretty great bass line. Fergie sounds as good as ever…but the vocal form Will.I.Am makes this song a pure triumph.

Empire State Of Mind [Jay-Z/Alicia Keys]—-I still say that this song contains one of the cockiest and masterful harmony lines ever produced. This has a pop hook that is so masterful, I woke up many nights with this playing so loud in my brain I was urged to get out of bed at 2 AM and play the damn thing. These are two powerhouse writers…together you could expect nothing less than perfection…exactlly what you have here.

Love The Way You Lie [Eminem/Rihanna]—-Despite the fact that this is a proper Eminem track, I feel this is the most real and naked you have ever heard Rihanna. She exposes her feelings to the entire world…of course, you can read into the song as you will…for me this is autobiographical and painful. I have never heard lines more honest or true. Em delivers his classic raps, but Rihanna remains the star of the show.

Billionaire [Travie McCoy/B.O.B.]—-I love the melody line that leads off this song, but I must admit that I have never been crazy about Gym Class Heroes or Travis McCoy. The song has a nice reggae flavor that firs nicely with the feel of the song, but to me this is a bit of a waste…aimed at 14-year-old boys left with a summer of nothingness. It amazes me sometimes what actually blows up in the Industry.

Cooler Than Me [Mike Posner]—-This is another of those songs that has a really nice melodic line running through it with some really nice synth that comes together in a clash to create something catchy whether you like it or not. I am not crazy about this…this is quasi-pop that is once again designed for a different age group. It would be interesting to hear this entire release, but this single..currently on HUGE MTV rotation misses the mark with me.

California Girls [Katy Perry/Snoop Dogg]—-Snoop has spent the last 10 years trying to align himself with pop stars in order to maintain his relevance. It really does not work for me on this track. I do not care for this…you have to admit that the chorus is brilliant and HUGE…but the content is non-sensical and a wasted listen. Give me a bit of substance please….jeez…am I getting old or what?

Airplanes [B.O.B./Haley Williams]—-Beginning with a really great piano interlude, Williams comes in and delivers a vocal that is real and emotive. B.O.B, the latest in the rap game delivers a dark story line that makes you sit back and think about what you are actually hearing. The pop hook is pretty damn masterful…you can not escape the nice melody line and the piano that runs through the bottom of the song is fantastic…really nice!

Alejandro [Lady GaGa]—-What more can I possibly say about this genius of a woman that  has not already been said? Any person who can go on Larry King to build the anticipation for her latest video has got to be a huge marketing mastermind. Yes, this reminds me of Ace Of Base…yes the video is shocking the first time around…GaGa just makes me sit back and wonder….Madonna who? Brilliant!!!

Dynamite [Taio Cruz]—-This is huge! The synth line that runs through this track is almost overwhelmed by the powerful bass line that comes in and out of the song. the voice is damn nice…full of Island swagger and a party atmosphere. This is perfect for those patio parties…appealing to people from all age groups and genres…just add a six-pack and you have a bona fide party.

OMG [Usher/Will.I.AM]—-I really fell in love with this track from the very first time I heard it. This updates the classic Usher sound with some nice electronics and vocoder that really comes together to create a monster of a song. the synth lines are not you classic R n’ B…this is dance floor ready and will be played for many years after it falls off the charts. This has bass, energy and a great catchy chorus that sticks in your brain. Awesome!!!

Makes Me Wonder [Maroon 5]—-Delivering, from the onset, a Motown R n’ B line, the song continues on and delivers a classic sound that takes you back to 1979. Amazing to think that this band really started out as an Alternative band. This is pure motown…full of get down and boogie synths that makes me wonder what the rest of the band is doing right now. This is great!

Party in The U.S.A. [Miley Cyrus]—-Hard to believe that the Meat Packing crowds would be grooving to some of the stuff on this compilation, but none the less…this fits right in with the cohesive and irresistable bubble gum pop on most of this disc. This is full of energy…Cyrus actually sings in a voice that is not all nasally and sounding like a dejected Britney. Kudos to Miley…this is a nice dance/Country flair that really works.

Somebody To Love [Justin Bieber]—-the world seems to be afflicted with Bieber fever….this is a pretty good example of why. The kid can sing and has a powerful harem of songwriters cranking out songs for him. The voice is so pure and unadulterated….you just hope the best for the kid..hoping that he beats the streak of Britney’s and Lindseys…say strong kid! Nice song.

Right Round [Flo-Rida]—-We all knew that it would only be a matter of time before someone sampled this 80’s monster hit. Flo comes off and creates a huge club banger out of a tiny sample…keeping the feel and the integrity of the song in place despite the cross over creation. To me, an 80’s die hard…this was as close to a masterpiece as you could get. This is one for the ages.

Break Your Heart [Taio Cruz/Ludacriss Remix]—-Luda…..15 years in the game and still pertinent. Cruz…meeting up with one of the masters creates a song that is right at place on the dance floor today, tomorrow and 5 years from now. The synth lines are pure ecstatic beats that makes you want to jump up and down and act a fool. Lud gives the song just the right amount of street cred and the synths swirl so fast you can barely catch your breath. This is Snap! 2010.

American Boy [Estelle/Kanye West]—-Not really even sure why this is on here….is Kanye really relevant anymore? Estelle delivers a vocal that is nerve-racking and really grates on my ears. The beats are some quasi-jazz that does not work at all…was this a hit? To me…a waste!!!

Fuck You [Lily Allen]—-Lily delivers a quaint sort of music that makes you think of Feist or Norah…this really does not play well for me. You should be surprised that this song even became close to a hit…considering the lyrics…to me this is just obnoxious and annoying!!!

Your Love Is My Drug [Ke$ha]—-With nice aggressive synth lines and a damn pleasant vocal, this girl seems to have captured the heart of the world. Her videos and songs are everywhere…she has a magnificent attitude and it plays across her songs really well. This has magnificent synth lines and a pounding bass that really fits into the current realm of Dance Music 2010.

My Humps/You Shook Me All Night Long Mash-Up [Black Eyed Peas vs. AC/DC]—-Combining these two beats sounds remarkable like Wild Thing from Tone-Loc!!! When the guitar lines from AC/DC are allowed to play under the vocal of Fergie the result is phenomenal. This is pretty damn good. I have not heard a mash-up that plays this well in quite some time…especially when they let in Brian’s vocals….this is brilliant!!!

Bulletproof [Le Roux]—-Perhaps one of the most addictive songs of 2010, Le Roux delivers a vocal that is masterful. The video is brilliant and this androgynous vocalist delivers lines that are left in the air to be taken as you will. This is classic…synth with a huge bass line and a vocal that lives up to all of the hype. Can you say 1984!!!

Kids [MGMT]—-I guess that I’m the only person that did not go crazy about this song from MGMT’s debut release. This never did a whole lot for me, but it is still really damn danceable and features a vocal that despite the music has a nice element of sadness and introspection. This is nice, but has never really been a favorite song of mine.

That’s Not My Name [The Ting-Ting’s]—-Ugh…….

Hey, Soul Sister [Train]—-Train has changed direction a bit in the last few years…this is a pretty good example of that. The angst and the real lyrics seem to be forgotten for bass heavy synth lines that would guarantee the band sales and chart success. I much prefer the band when the lyrics were real and meaningful. i won’t be collecting this newest release.

Boom Boom Pow [Black Eyed Peas]—-This song really never did so much for me…although the chart success was pretty huge for the band. I still think of Snap when I hear this…the sound is almost manufactured and the band tries to produce the sounds that will create the most sales. To me this song is nonesense…shit I could write something like this…really a huge miss for me.

Day N’ Nite [Kid Kudi Vs. The Crookers]—-I love this….the beats are simplified and the vocal is anything but dynamic..somehow though, the result is masterful. I really love the laid back style and the cool delivery. The synths are super huge at points…disappering just as fast…leaving you thirsty for more. This is fantastic!!!

My First Kiss [3OH!3/Ke$ha]—-Silly…..inane….juvenile….wasteful…..idiotic……nonesense!

Bad Romance [Lady GaGa/ Fu Chew Remix]—-This is FUCKING BRILLIANT!!!! Using the best lines from the original, injecting them with even larger dance synths, this far surpasses the original by a thousand miles. There is NOTHING wrong with this remix….I am totally in LOVE!!!! When the extra bass kicks in one the chorus…oh jesus!!!

Singles Ladies [Put A Ring On It] [Remix]—-Despite the back lash, I have always had a fond spot for this song. Beyoncé has a way of creating hits that will stick in your head and this song is one of those that will live for years to come together. This remix is super charged…full of effects and synths that drags out the song well into the twilight. say what you will….this is a masterpiece of R n’ B that resulted in a huge smash for this Diva…beautiful….exquisite, masterful and danceable into the wee hours!!!

Don’t Stop The Music [Rihanna/Waterboys Remix]—-This remix is done in classic Gay Bar/Diva style that is built for the Saturday midnite crowds that just want to drink and dance their ass off. this takes a damn masterful song…injects it with even more bass and synths, vocal effects and breaks that will leave a crowd reaching for a fresh beer and a new partner…who could ask for more.

Not Myself Tonight [Christina Aquilera/Explicit]—-This is nice…I HAVE NEVER been a Christina fan….what kind of Gay Guy am I? This is nice though…the synths are fantastic…the breaks are wonderful and the whole vibe of the song is built around those late night dance crowds that need something to dirty dance to. This is fantastic…I’m pretty surprised!

****1/2 out of 5


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