12 Inch Wonders Of the World/Vol. 15

Continuing in my series of random Mixtapes, please find a nice potpourri of classic and current hits on Vol. 15!

They Don’t Really Care About Us/Remix [Michael Jackson]—-Perhaps one of my favorite Jackson hits, this is full of heavy bass and magnificent dance rhythms…all the while including lush orchestration and extended periods of repetive lines that are perfect for mixing. The song has a remarkable mood…the quick and aggressive delivery of Jackson is different and the feeling is almost euphoric…I find this song very empowering.

It Doesn’t Often Snow At Christmas [Pet Shop Boys]—-Released in 2009 as a one-off Christmas season single, this really never resonated with me, but as a fan you take the lackluster with the magnificent. Combining yule sounds with the classic synth sounds of the duo, this never inspired me to be crazy about christmas…perhaps that was the purpose. I really do not like the vocal…Tennant sings in a range that is unnatural and uncomfortable for me. None the less, this is The Boys and I will add it to the huge and ever-growing collection.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun/2005 Club Mix [Cyndi Lauper]—-Even though I have about 20 remixes of this song, I am always looking for something new….this offers little differential from the magnificent original version. This has some nice breaks and interludes that allow for extended mixing, but other than that not much is new.

The Promise/Long Version [When In Rome]—-Perhaps one of my very favorite songs from the 80’s genre, this never grows old for me. The vocal on this song is breathtaking…the emotion seeps through every single pore of my body with the presentation. I love the voice, the subtle synths and the moody backdrop music…this is stellar!!!! The ‘Long Version’ title comes from added synths at the onset of the song….none the less, this is magnificent.

Into The Nightlife/Club Mega Mix [Cyndi Lauper]—-The title track from this magnificent release finds Lauper back in her element…the bass on this track smacks you so hard upside the head that you cannot help but dance. Lauper…as quirky as ever delivers a vocal that sucks you in and allows you to be lost in the 80’s via the 00’s. this is spectacular, magnificent and unforgettable. I love this freakin’ song!!!……..did I mention that?

Vienna [Ultravox]—-another of those timeless classics from the 80’s, Ultravox delivered a masterful sound that reminds me of Numan mixed with The Cure and classic synthpop. The music is emotional, dark and wonderfully emotinal….I never get tired of listening to this song or many of the others that the band produced. One of the great underappreciated bands on the American shores, this is a moment frozen in history. Magnificent…chilling and goose bump inspiring!!!!

Lazy Eye/Vodka Remix [Silversun Pickups]—-Who would ever think of remixing this magnificent song…..thank god someone did. this remix is a huge psychedelic reverb experiment that finds a magical space in my brain that I turn to over and over again. This is stellar…Brian and his vocal plays so well over the heavier bass sound that I prefer it now over the original…can you dance to this…well kind of…this is more of a trance dance experiment that works incredibly well. I freakin’ love this…thanks Frostwire!!!

No Air/Remix [Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown]—-One of the most emotional songs from sparks release, this remix loses none of the intensity of the original despite the bass heavy delivery and added backdrop vocals. This is an emotional trip that brings tears to my eyes regardless of my mood or status…this is magnificent!

Disappoint/Funker Voght Mix [Assemblage 23]—-My favorite band of all time takes up this latter half of the remix collection with assorted releases from assorted career points…this track is reminiscent and stellar…allowing for a magnificent mix of ecstasy and alienation. this pleases me so much, I listen to it over and over again…it speaks to me of the dichotomy of humankind…dependant but always disappointing. This is real! I find myself so intertwined in this music that I sometimes find myself thinking of tom shear as a friend…or at least a kindred spirit!!!

Awake/Imperative Reaction Mix [Assemblage 23]—-This has the greatest synth line known to man…the sounds combine the best Nine Inch Nails machines with the experimental sounds of Kraftwerk…all coming together to provoke though and emotion while you lose yourself on the dance floor…could you ever ask for more. the synths swirl around your head and you lose yourself in the words that remind you of the constant failings of human beings,,,this is huge, magnificent and beautiful. I love this man.

Awake/Grip Mix [Assemblage 23]—-A bit more erratic and abrasive version of the same song, this is much more Industrialized and will not find a comfortable home with every casual listener. this still carries a nice emotional layer…despite the huge machine generated noises and cold delivery, this is literally magnificent!!!

Naked/Tricky Tick Mix [Assemblage 23]—-Full of swirling synths and rhythms that speak for your emotions, the song is accented by more erratic vocal manipulations that don’t always settle well with me. I say allow Tom to sing…because he delivers a vocal that is even more powerful than the music itself…this guy is filling himself up with the music that is in him….extra beats and breaks are not necessary….let the guy sing…he has more emotion in his voice than I have in my little finger…let’s do lunch Tom!!!!

**** out of 5


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