12 Inch Wonders Of The World/Vol. 17

Short Circuit  [Daft Punk]—-Daft Punk has a way with landscaping music that appeals to everyone in the Dance scene. this is a nice blend of trance and electro that energizes and makes you feel hyper driven. The beats are modern, while the synths remind you of millions of great songs from the past. combining new with old, the band has created a special experimental niche that is timeless. I love this track!

Lady Marmalade [LaBelle]—-Clawing back in time into the decadent 70’s, LaBelle created a timeless track that even though was masterfully remade years later cannot  even come close to the brilliance of the original. This has a remarkable funk that was only apparent in the 70’s dance/disco scene. this is pure energy and abandon delivered to the dance floor…allowing you to lose yourself in the energy of 70’s club life where Blacks and Whites commingle with no problem…where Gays and Straights danced with abandon and the world found a new life in free love music. This is a true piece of history.

If You Don’t Know Me By Now/Live [Patti LaBelle]—-Patti delivers a soul-stirring rendition of this timeless classic….allowing the saxophone to lead the pace of the song…the audience..eating up every little vocal ministration that LaBelle so masterfully delivers. this is intense, emotional and only bolstered by the bevy of backdrop singers bolstering the emotional aspects of the song. This is freakin’ grand….you feel drained by the end of the track…the emotions will come right out of your pores. Wonderful!

If Only You Knew [Patti LaBelle]—-Perhaps my personal favorite track from Patti, this is also a drag Queen standby that you are bound to hear in any given club on any given saturday evening in Drag Land. This is full of emotion, the tears always pop out in my eyes every time I hear this. this is masterful human emotion that is laid open and bare…exposing all of your feelings for the world to see. This is wonderful!

Dance [Disco Heat] [Sylvester]—-The original Disco Diva delivers a soul-stirring, booty shaking classic that contains every 70’s sound all wrapped up in one huge masterful dance floor romp. It rarely got better than this…Sylvester never shied away from who or what he was…he instead delivered great music and allowed it to speak for him…this is timeless….this will be played forever in select clubs…keeping it alive long after we are all gone. We miss you Sylvester!

Do You Wanna Funk/Remix [Sylvester]—-My favorite Sylvester track of all time, this combined all of the classic synths of the disco movement with the Urban sounds that were quickly emerging at the time. although i never really heard this until around 1983, from the first listen, i knew that this was the one for me. The synth lines are masterful…Patrick had a way with song construction that was incredible..combined with the vocal of sylvester…how could this not be huge?

On My Own [Patti LaBelle with Michael McDonald]—-A huge song for both of these artists, this only served as a wonderful outlet that allowed LaBelle to emerge from the Urban scene into top 40 and allowed McDonald to further his career with his soulful vocal that appealed to all cross sections of music listeners. The arrangement is lush and full…full of emotional synths and light guitars that spelled top 40 heaven. This is wonderful!

Studio 54 Funk [Sylvester]—-Really, this differs from the countless other remixes that i have of this song…but as I collector, i try to gather as much stuff as I can. There does remain a fresh energy to the synth line that brings out an even larger euphoric feeling while listening to this. The track makes you yearn for the masterful days of spinning strobe lights, packed dance floors full of sweaty bodies, the gentle waft of poppers and the decadence. This remains my way of gently reliving the glory days of a youth past. I miss the good old days…when the faces never wore the tell-tale signs of AIDS…when friends didn’t disappear every week to cemeteries…when every one was free and liberated. What the hell happened?

You Are My Friend [Sylvester]—-This is a wonderful cover of a LaBelle tune that Sylvester did live and created a show stopping crescendo of emotion and joy. This has been reviewed before…there is little I can say except that if you get a chance to experience this recording, grab it and hang on to it. This is Sylvester and Co. in their element…the fans eat it up and you will be drained by the end. This is incredible!

**** out of 5



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