12 Inch Wonders Of the World/Vol. 19

We Are Stars [Dio/Halford/Dokken and more]—-Delivered as a charity single by the Metal Community, this featured most of the heavyweights in the movement at the timne…mid to late 80’s. This is aggressive, empowering and features a remarkable blend of vocals…most apparent is from Ronnie…who orchestrated the entire thing. This is nice to hear and remember….RIP Ronnie…..we as a community love you and miss you!!!

Filthy War [DJ Earworm]—-This is a huge electro romp that includes snips from The Pet Shop Boys, The Scissor Sisters and many other unidentifiable sources…all coming together in a decadent swirl that drives you to the dance floor and makes you want to stay there for hours at a time…this is magical and huge…magically mixed and including older synth sounds with the newer Electro sounds of the new millenium, this is an orgasmic dance floor experience. Brilliant!!!

Bite The Hand [Fear Factory]—-Beginning rather sedate, this song sneaks up on you and smacks you so hard in the back of the head that you will be seeing stars for days. this has all of the classic Factory sounds…aggressive and heavy bass laden guitars, wonderful clean vocals and a snarl that will rip the lip off of your face. I love this band…they have never, ever, ever let me down. This is no exception.

Back The Fuck Up [Fear Factory]—-Filled with aggressive guitar chords and a vocal that scalps you better than the Indians did, this is a true taste of the early mentality of Fear Factory. This is brilliant…so aggressive and driven…all the while keeping a remarkable sense of melody that actually gives the song a firm foundation and structure. This is heavy yet accessible….such is the beauty of this band.

Handing Out Bullets [Halford]—-Halford assembled a band to accompany his vocal in a masterful way…the bursts of guitars and the monstrous drums only add to the vocal histrionics that this man is capable of producing. This is aggressive and delivered with a speed that Priest never came close to producing. This is a huge anthem that will have you jumping from your chair and looking for the nearest wimp to pummel…this is aggressive and driving…showing the true vocal power of rob and the mastery of the musicians that were Halford.

Heretic [Halford]—-Again, displaying the mastery and muscular quality of the band that Halford assembled to back him, this song is both brutal and melodic. this is one of those songs that once you hear it you turn back to time and time again for inspiration and energy. This is fantastic…this is beyond Fight, beyond Two, Beyond Priest…..this IS Heavy Metal!

All Ablaze/Remix [Ian Brown]—-Former Stone Roses frontman proves that there is life after superstardom. Brown is very comfortable with the drum heavy and psychedelic driven guitars that formed his former band though. this is an ecstasy driven track that allows you to lose yourself in the masterful grooves and the heavy bass sounds of the remix. this is magnificent. Brown has improved his vocal over the years and he sounds much more comfortable behind the mike.

Beat It/Moby Remix [Michael Jackson]—-Moby takes this played out iconic song and turns it into a huge acid house mix that allows it to sound fresh new and full of new millenium invigoration. the breaks and speed differentials on this track are incredible…Moby shows how talented he is as he takes this song from 120 BPMs to almost 180 in a moments notice…all the while allowing the track to be accessible and available to those on the floor. This is perhaps…GENIUS!

Mistake/Remix [Moby]—-Bass heavy and allowing lots of room for the mundane but affectionate vocal of Moby, you are magically wrapped in this song. moby delivers a remarkable melodic line that sticks in your brain and eats at your very soul…making you wonder why this man is not considered a God in the realm of music in this day and age. Moby has a way of making you dance, lose yourself in swirls of music but kicking your brain into an overdrive that forces you to look at you and your life in naked terms. This is incredible. I love this little man!!!

We Are All Made Of Stars/Remix [Moby]—-This is fantastic….to me, this is one of the greatest songs that Moby has produced. The synths are energizing and electric…the vocal is full of the laid back delivery from the master. the lyrics are a reminder that we can all be stars…n matter what you do….if you have a passion and drive and you do it well….you will shine…as bright as you want to…..empowering and seductive…I love this!

Pet Shop Boys and Duran Duran Megamix—-This is brilliant….I wish I had the capabilities to create something that was this huge. Slowly and masterfully flipping between hit single from both bands, this is a wonderful schizophrenic delivery of the best of the 80’s synth pop scene that will live with me forever. Thanks Frostwire…I love this stuff!!!!

The Return To Innocence [Enigma]—-Always and forever my favorite song from this band, I included this track on this compilation just so it would be easy for mixing accessibility. This song lifts me…makes me feel more powerful and allows me to lose myself in the wonderful sounds that Creatu has spent a lifetime creating.

Pantera/Rob Halford [Live]—-Thuis is remarkable and i still find it hard to believe that I actually have a copy of this. This is a track that allows Halford to really show his vocal to a preminum…he goes from growl to scream at a moments notice…the band delivers, in the meantime, a nice mix of classic 80’s hair metal…none the less…the screams on this song are orth every guitar note…even if I don’t know what the hell this song is……sorry.

Skid Row/Halford [Live]—-This is fucking blistering brutality. Halford delivers a vocal that is almost overpowering…threatening to drown out the band all together. this is a pretty rough delivery of Delivering The Goods…only the blistering vocal of Halford saves this from being a complete mess. This is rare and nice to have…in the live setting, this energy is even more electric. Awesome!!!

Made Of Stone/Remix [Stone Roses]—-This is not a new remix, but rather one that I have already,,,none the less, this is nice to have at a moments notice. Brown delivers a vocal that just still…even after all of these years gives me goosebumps and makes me smile….reminding me that if I choose to live my life as I am…I am made of stone….upsetting, refreshing and uplifting….because MUSIC MATTERS!

****1/2 out of 5


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