12 Inch Wonders Of The World/Vol. 20

Warm Leatherette/ Remix  [Grace Jones]—-One of the greatest Bohemian Avant-Garde recording artist of the past two decades, jones delivers a masterful post Disco romp that is full of S&M references and nods to every underground community known to man. This remix bolsters the more prominent parts of the song, but seem to skimp on the best parts of the song…the cold and unassuming vocal of Jones. None the less, this is huge…a late comer to the genius of Jones, I have as of late snatched up everything of hers I can find.

Pet Shop Boys/Information Society/Duran Duran [Megamix]—-Beginning with the masterful Opportunities and interjecting all kinds of snippets from songs you can imagine, this 9 minute mix shoves a mass of sounds and songs into one simple composition. This is wonderful…allowing you to tease the dance floor just enough to keep people moving…I could not ask for more. Fantastic!

Waterfall/Remix [The Stone Roses]—-A sheer piece of brilliance, this composition is bolstered by a few synth lines and a more pronounced psychedelic guitar line. The vocal in kept intact…as it should be. Brown sounds at his most lonely on this song and the result with the beefed up instrumentation leaves you longing for the magical days of classic shoe gaze…this is so full of memories, my eyes well up with tears….because….MUSIC MATTERS!!!

One Love [The Stone Roses]—-Ok….not noted but this is clearly a remix that I had forgotten about. This is much more erratic and delivered with a speed that is almost unnatural. The amazing thing is that it works so well!!! This is full of little extended musical interludes and slight vocal distortions that allow the song to become a fun trip through the land of excess and ecstasy. This remains….wonderful!!!!

I Am A Pig [2WO]—-This is Rob Halford’s experiment into Industrial Rock….few liked this release…I thouigh it was brilliant. It is an interesting foray into other types of music and I find it admirable. The lyrics leave a bit to be desired, but the aggressive nature of the music has Reznor’s production touch all over it and Halford sounds great. I still love this…..I don’t care what you say!

Unconditional Love [Musical Youth]—-Somewhat unforgotten and overlooked, the boys from Jamaica delivers a song that is full of empowering lyrics and a beat that is magical. This makes you feel happy and carefree…bolstered further by the added vocals of Diva Donna Summer. This is a piece of history that I am so pleased to call my own…I listen to this perhaps more than I should admit…it just makes me feel good on those grey days!

Pull Up To The Bumper/Remix [Grace Jones]—-Perhaps the best known of Jones songs, this is so full of sexual innuendos and overtones that it could only find a home in 80’s Gay Bars!!! Jones delivers a magnificent, strong and cold vocal that makes the whole damn thing even more appealing. This has a slow, funky and sexy bass beat that is so contagious…it had me hooked from the very first listen…and that was just in that past few years….great music transcends years and decades…this is a perfect example.

I Need A Man [Grace Jones]—-Full of swirling 70’s Disco synths, I keep thinking to myself that the last think Jones ever really needed was A Man….I don’t think Jones ever needed anything. This is delivered in the best disco style…full of background singers, subtle yet important piano and a swirl that leaves you dancing for ages. This is fantastic!!!

Pass The Dutchie [Musical Youth]—-Propelled by a wonderful video and the fact that these were a bunch of kids, this song is burned into the memory of anyone who came of age or listened to music in the grand decade of the 80’s. this is so contagious and special that something like this only comes around once in a while. This is wonderfully bright, light, fun and irresistable. Wonderful to hear this again!

Eartha Kitt Medley—-With huge bass hits and swirling synths…combined with masterful piano and the wonderfully gravelly voice of kitt, this is a tour de force of the material that kitt recorded in the 70’s Disco age. this is so wonderfully energetic and delivered with mastery, it is no wonder she was a Gay Icon. this is a brilliant interpretation of the glory days of a woman who reinvented herself to fall in line with the times. This is fantastic! When she delivers I Need A Man…..OMG!!!! Give me a towel!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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