12 Inch Wonders Of The World/Vol. 21

Self Control/Remix [Laura Branigan]—-Although this song did well on the charts for branigan, I think this is often overlooked in favor of Gloria. This song really goes further in showcasing the remarkable power and magesty that this woman possessed. This is magnificent! This particular version adds a lot more bass and energy…if you can imagine that. there is a nice 90’s style rap that introduces the song making it even more fresh and updated. Branigan could sing like no one’s business…this highlights the most wonderful parts of the song. This is fantastic. Gosh, I almost forgot I had this!

Forever Young [Alphaville]—-Enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to the wonderful samples from iconic Jay-Z, Alphaville has proven a life after life with this contagious song. this remix adds a bit of speed and heavier bass than the original version…giving you a nice palate to dance upon. This is wonderful!

State Of Independence/Remix [Donna Summer]—-This is, without a doubt, my favorite track that this Iconic diva has ever produced. Even though it was largely ignored by the public, you cannot deny the empowering feel of the song. The positive vibes that run through this track are incredible…not to mention the incredible vocal that summer manages to produce. This is incredible…listening to this song for over twenty years has still never dulled me to the majesty of the whole damn thing. listen and pay attention to it. This is a chance of a lifetime to have a really favorite song.

State Of Independence/Longer Remix [Donna Summer]—-This remix is much more dance floor friendly…allowing DJ’s to tweak and play with the vocal more than is necessary and giving the song a huge House Anthem feel. This is brilliant….the remix manages to highlight the really strong points of the vocal and amplifies it by 1000. This is wonderfully brilliant!!!

Rapture [Erasure]—-Iconic synth pop band erasure takes on a nicely delivered cover of the classic Blondie track Rapture to a mixed review from this listener. It is almost impossible to do the original version of this song justice, and for me this falls a bit flat for me. The musical landscape is incredible, but Andy falls a bit flat on the vocal delivery. This is ok…nice to have a copy of, but not quite what I wanted to hear.

Gloria [Laura Branigan]—-Perhaps the most played and requested song of 1983, this holds such special memories that I cannot but hold it near and dear to me. This was my coming out year and I came out indeed. The bars were full of this song…full of the powerful vocal and the ecstatic melody of the song. This was a midnight classic that you danced wildly to in your drunken decadence before you grabbed a friend to depart with. This is wonderfully timeless…still holding up well after all of these years…providing me with nice flashbacks, great memories and some regrets…it all proves the power of one masterful song!

Get Here [Oletta Adams]—-Perhaps one of the favorite songs for Drag Queens everywhere, this song is full of emotional vocal swings and enough hand movements to send an audience into a full swoon. this is deep, intense, sad and elative all at the same time. This is another of those timeless classics that has long been ignored by the general public…you should go to a gay bar now and again people…you will find out what you are missing!!!

Depeche Mode Megamix—-At an incredible 16 minutes, this is a seemless mix that covers everything from the very first single right up to the latest release. This is an adventure, enjoyable, interesting and full of enough breaks to urge you into the next song with little nudges. Masterfully remixed and showing a true journey of an iconic synth band that has made it through the ages. Fantastic!

**** out of 5


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