Attack Attack!/Attack Attack!

Attack Attack

Attack Attack! is an American metalcore band from Westerville, Ohio. The group is currently signed to Rise Records. Since their inception in 2005, Attack Attack! have released one EP, If Guns Are Outlawed, Can We Use Swords? and two full-length albums, Someday Came Suddenly and a self-titled record.

Although the band’s songs contain Christianbased lyrics, not all members of Attack Attack! follow the religion, as such do not consider themselves a Christian band.

Sexual Man Chocolate—-Emerging slowly from a nice piano laden intro, the song slowly builds as the sense of energy increases…the vocal enters with a slight masterful puke that wraps around you wonderfully well. the clean vocal adds the important melodic elements to the track…this seems to transcend the more brutal elements of the song. this is a magical schizophrenic track that will leave you wondering exactly what you are listening to. Really great!

Renob, Nevada—-Beginning in a much more familiar tone, the drum track on this song is incredible. The band delivers chops at a lightning speed…the vocal deep and menacing. This is nicely intermixed with a clean vocal that allows the band to be accessible to everyone. The melody line that runs through this is irrssistable….I really like this back and forth stuff…just enough to keep you from becoming to complacent or bored.

“I Swear I’ll Change”—-This has some wonderful overt orchestration and a straight forward melancholy clean vocal that allows for some nice drums as well. This is full of atmosphere and a level of sadness and seriousness that hangs heavy in the air. the chorus is huge and contagious as hell…these kids have their recipe down …when the gutteral vocal enters, it almost seems required and needed. Fantastic!!!

Shut Your Mouth—-This is different….with an MC and a beat that would fit on any dance floor in Anywhere USA, this is shocking to me. I thought I switched the CD on myself!!! This is so different and unexpected you just ask yourself what the f*%k!!! This is nice, but such an abrupt change is almost overwhelming.

A For Andrew—-Returning with a full on metal assault, I am still reeling from the previous song…trying to get back into the mode of the material on the first half of this release. this track is deep, dark and driven…the hollers and gutteral exclamations on this are extreme. This is like coming home..I love this nice play between aggression and clean vocal snatches…just enough to keep me coming back for more.

Smokahoritas—-Once again delving into a quasi dance sound intermixed with heavy guitars, you sometimes feel like you are walking sideways through life with this off kilter delivery. the vocal is a nice mix…the play back and forth between the two vocalists are incredibly fresh and interesting. this is aggressive as hell, yet magically accessible. I have no complaints.

AC-130—-Brutal from the first note, the guitars come at you in aggressive blasts that are offset by the even heavier and driven drums. the vocal is a throat aching delivery that makes you cough and clear your throat on many occasions. This is masterful aggression…reminding me at times of the early days of Fear Factory. These kids are really in the know…delivering accessible and fresh metalcore to the masses.

Fumbles O’Brian—-Beginning with an odd vocoder intro and a turntable scratching, the song quickly changes direction and becomes more aggressive at a moments notice. The deep and puking lead vocal is masterful…the clean vocal giving the whole thing a nice sense of melody…the occassional intermittent synths and vocoder throws you off-balance a bit, but you will never be bored…TRUST!

Urbo Swag—-Again with the intro turntable and synth line! This again quickly dissolves into masterful metal as the aggression picks up and only slows a bit to allow for the clean vocal. This is so damn melodic and catchy you will have this in the front of your brain all day. this is amazing…these are a talented bunch!

Lonely—-With an almost toy piano sounding intro, I almost though of Linus right away!!! The vocal enters and is so clear and accessible it almost erases the aggression of earlier songs. this is lush and beautiful piano driven pop that seems almost out-of-place on the record. As the song progresses and opens up, you get a bit of a heavier beat and a bit more driving sound to the song, but overall this is tender and relaxed…full of emotion and lyrics that make you think about YOUR life. Nice!

****1/2 out of 5


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