12 Inch Wonders Of The World/ Vol. 22

Situation/Mega-Mix [Yaz]—-Perhaps I have every single remix of this song known to man kind, this is even larger and more bolstered than many that i have. This is simply a synth-pop classic that has survived the ages and will probably continue to find life in clubs for the next 20 years without fail. Clarke and Moyet…although only together for a short time, left an indelible mark on Synth-pop history…this is why!

Sometimes When We Touch [Dan Hill]—-Classic 70’s AOR syrup, this single…in the one hit wonder category for real…rode the top 40 charts high for months at a time. This is full of the emotional type of pop rock that was mass-produced in the late 70’s…generic and emotional, this remains a favorite track of mine from many years past. Ahhh…only for the memories!

Urgent Situation [Foreigner/Yaz Mash-Up]—-This is freakin’ brilliant….who would have ever thought how masterfully these two songs would match up and compliment each other so well. although the majority of the vocal belongs to foreigner, the song does fly back and forth…givin urgent a huge synth overdose that plays so well. This is just amazing…thanks again Frostwire!!!

Are ‘friends’ Electric? [Gary Numan]—-Perhaps the greatest Numan composition of all time, I cut my baby teeth to this song and thus began my obsession with the man who is Gary Numan. This is a synth classic that is delivered with as much ice as a glacier but still manages to be warmer than the sun. This is the future….surprising…considering it was recorded in 1978. Numan had his finger on the pulse of unknown and untried machines and he created a masterpiece with the most rudimentary of equipment…just freakin’ masterful!

The Specialist [Interpol]—-Delivered with the remarkable bass of Carlos d in the very forefront of the song, Paul Banks enters with his ice-cold vocal and gives the song an even more icy feel. Despite the warmth that develops with the drum track, this song is just another huge example of how unattainable and pushed back the emotions of the members are in this band…and that is why we obsess and love them…this is fantastic!

C’est La Vie [Kim English]—-Perhaps one of the most ignored diva’s of this decade and the last, english has such a strong and personable vocal that you are entranced upon the first listen. Specializing in music that is mostly played in Gay Clubs, English has a way of belting out her lyrics that leaves you with a euphoric feel….to quote the mighty Sylvester…..”This girls can sing, y’all”.

Kim English vs. Angie Stone—-Matching these two Divas against each other almost seems unfair…they both have remarkable vocal abilities and both seem to have a favorite place in the Diva school of Gay anthems. This is a remarkable mix…sliding effortlessly between the two and their better known songs…sometimes so seamlessly that it is hard to tell the two apart. This is a tour de force of club magic…..magnificent!!!

Unspeakable Joy [Kim English]—-My favorite track from english, this is a huge anthem that is full of empowerment and a euphoric delivery that lifts you on top of the world. The energy is remarkable, the vocal ability is something that is just not heard anymore and the message of the song matches the energy like you could not imagine. This is freakin’ Brilliant!!!! Without a doubt….a favorite of mine when I am feeling low and hopeless.

Join In the Chant [Nitzer Ebb]—-One of the singular tracks that was responsible for opening me up to the whole Industrial Movement, I can clearly remember the very first time I heard this song…at a small basement Industrial Club in Toledo, Ohio….it stuck with me and from that very first moment I was hooked. this song has a remarkable energy and a force that makes you want to punch something…at the same time making you want to become a better person than you ever though possible…this is a classic…I love this shit!!!

Industrial Strength Medley—-Beginning with more familiar snips of songs from bands like Front 242 and Nitzer Ebb, including pieces of KMFDM and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and various others, this is a tour de force of metallic machine generated sounds that will put a smile on your face and energy in your psyche’. This is one of a kind….not sure where this came from, but I am so glad I have it.

**** out of 5


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