12 Inch Wonders Of the World / Vol. 23

I Made My Excuses And Left [The Pet Shop Boys]—-Full of lush arrangements and a magnificent melancholy, The boys deliver nothing less than a spectacular preformance….just as I would expect. This is full of that low hum I am so fond of…the classic blips and beeps of Lowe’s synths and a masterful sad vocal from Neil. Just when you though it could not get better, indeed it does!

Casanova In Hell [The Pet Shop Boys]—-This is both hilarious and poignant….the sordid tale of a Casanova who finally fails in the bedroom due to age and dis-interest. The Boys manage to tell the tale with incredible synths and a masterful word choice that leaves you grabbing your belly in recognition and relatability. The tales of age are ours now…this is wonderful!

West End Girls/Sasha Remix [The Pet Shop Boys]—-One can never have enough remixes of the song that REALLY started the career of this duo. This is super-energized and delivered with fresh synths and heavy bass but never leading you too far off the course of the original mastery of the song as it was originally delivered. This is perhaps the best and favorite remix that i have ever heard of this song…..kudos to Sasha…..coming through once again!

Mr. Crowley [Halford/Dio/Malmsteen]—-This live recording was produced at a time when Ozzy was unable to take the stage at an Ozzfest….the result is a thing of history. this is so powerful and magnificent, I prefer this over the original. Halford and Ronnie deliver a vocal that will leave you on the ground panting…malmsteen beefs up the instrumental and the end result is something of historic proportions. Not sure where I got this….but this is a must hear…want a copy…contact me…you will not be sorry.

Nobody’s Diary/Remix [Yaz]—-Never before enjoying a remix of this track, I still love this and cherish this sad little bright piece of pop history. Sadness to all who never were able to enjoy this when it was originally released. This is magnificent. Moyet delivers a vocal that is magical…Clarke delivers ten fold any synth magic that he made previously with Depeche Mode…this is literally brilliant and sounds remarkably fresh even today….a memory I could never live with out.

Don’t Go/White Label Mix [Yaz]—-I am forever on the lookout for White Label remixes…they are usually fresh and unheard…this is no exception. this is a deep house delivery that is just magnificent. Delivered with just enough bass and synth effects to allow a fresh approach, while still keeping everything original intact….this is fantastic and new. I love this…and though this is overplayed and tired, this white Label mix gives the song a fresh feel.

Die Krupps vs. Nitzer Ebb—-This is brilliant! Matching up two of germany’s most industrial bands next to each other, this flies back and forth between sound that both compliment each other and provide just enough abrasive qualities to keep the entire think interesting. Few German Industrial bands came close to the mastery of Nitzer, but in latter years Die Krupps really made some inroads to take the crown…this is a nice study of contrast and comparison. Masterful!!!!

Linkin Park vs. Depeche Mode—-This ranks right up there with the most brilliant of Vs. recordings ever made. Whomever masterminded this whole thing deserves a huge trophy. This is incredible….the mix takes the synth power of Depeche, injects it with steroids and allows Linkin Park to run around like lab rats in the underground of the whole thing…leaving you confused and completely in love. This is brilliant, masterful and damn near genius. I freaking love shit like this…where did this come from…and how the hell do i create something like this??

New Order Mash-Up—-This is kind of blase’. Taking snips from various New Order singles and combining then into a huge mastermix hardly constitutes a mash-up. None the less, I am one of the few that has this…and it is mine…all mine…hahahahahah!!!

Prince vs. Depeche Mode—-This really falls flat…as much of this stuff does sometimes. Clocking in at only 4 minutes in length, this misses the mark because of the quick and erratic mixes. None the less, I hold on to this because not many people have this. how would you ever think of combining When Doves Cry with Blue Monday……interesting indeed.

Kim English vs. Victor Calderone—-Victor takes every English single and manages to mix them into a 7 minute mis that will leave your head spinning on its’ axis. This is brilliance, mastery and talent. Combine Calderone’s ear with the vocal ability of english and you have this huge mastermix that will leave you on the floor in exhaustion as the song ends. This is choice…yo!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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