New Politics / New Politics

New Politics [Explicit] [+Digital Booklet]New Politics is a rock band from Copenhagen, Denmark. It is made up of David Boyd, Søren Hansen, and Poul Amaliel. They are probably most famous for their debut single, “Yeah Yeah Yeah”.

Yeah Yeah Yeah—-The lead off single to this debut release finds a band that is steeped in Alternative Garage sounds delivered with a nice snotty attitude. This is over the top sexually charged energetic rock. The vocal is often delivered as an almost rap style…while the chorus is this big catchy affair that sticks in your brain…nice!

Dignity—-Delivered with that same snotty attitude, this is catchy and wonderfully preformed. The chorus is this huge effort that differs so much from the refrain it is almost like having two songs built into one. This is really nice…I love how the band ebbs and flows…becoming huge at the chorus and then quieting in a magical way. This is great.

Give Me Hope—-With a nice drum track and a vocal that is delivered with more accent and less snot, this song is full of catchy music and lyrics that are relatable…..the ebbs and flows of the music are masterful..the chorus is a nice blend of voices that gives the band a much larger sound…hard to believe this is only a trio. I like this song a lot.

Love Is A Drug—-With a bombastic drum intro, the band enters in full and delivers another snotty kid lyric/vocal that makes me think of Cage The Elephant. The vocal trades between a nice melodic chorus and an almost rap infused refrain. This is energetic and catchy as hell…I see this as a possible single.

Nuclear War—-This begins with a much more mainstream sound, but quickly dissolves into more of the same as the rap style vocal is delivered and spit out. The chorus falls a bit flat for me and this song serves to get on my nerves rather than please me.

Burn—-This is nice…beginning aggressive and keeping a really nice pace thanks to some great drumming, the band all helps out on vocals and the result is a much larger sounding band. This is manic at times…the pace of the song unrelenting and the garage style guitars right in the center of your forehead…nice!

My Love—-This has a slower pace and a slight blues feel that really does not set well with me. The vocal is nice and the underlying fuzzy guitar line saves the song for me a bit, but this lacks a certain energy and commitment. This is meant to be a ballad but comes off as uninspired and lacks energy.

We Are The Radio—-At this point, the same old delivery has become rather tiresome to me…the rap styled vocal delivery is too generic to propel this band to where they want to be. I love the musicality of the band, but the vocal style needs to change a bit to take this band to the next level. Good luck guys.

Die For You—-I love the intro to this song…reminding me of the more hyper bands from the 80’s. the vocal enters and ruins things a bit…but the chorus serves as redemption…coming across clear and melodic. This is pretty great!

New Generation—-This is nice, but again…the entire thing suffers from songs that all sound alike and lack what seems to me commitment to the process. This is acceptable…with a nice chorus, but careers are not built on chorus’ alone.

**1/2 out of 5


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