12 Inch Wonders Of The World / Vol. 24

Wedding Day [The Bee Gees]—-Not really sure where this song came from, but as a closet Bee Gees freak, I snatched it up for my own. This is a wonderful song….Barry enters singing in a much more natural voice…reminding me of the earlier days of the band. This is gentle, emotional and full of introspection. The music is subtle….opening up a bit to allow for the chorus. This is remarkable…when Robin enters for the chorus you are sucked into the majesty that is The Bee Gees. Nice!

Shout/Remix [Tears For Fears]—-Taking this 80’s classic and infusing it with new generation synth lines and increasing the speed to about 130 BPMs, this gives the song a remarkable fresh new sound that resonated with me from the first listen. this is hyper kinetic….traveling so fast it is almost impossible to dance to…none the less, I have NEVER heard this before, so I was pleased to find this on some obscure website or the other. This is incredible!!!

Somebody Told Me/Remix [The Killers]—-Full of scratching turntables and vocal manipulations, this is a fresh and updated mix of this standout track from Brandon & Co. This again, travels at an amazing speed….allowing you to lose your place in the order of the song…there are so many breaks that the mixing possibilities are endless. This is brilliant…not sure where this came from either, but it is awesome…want a copy? Contact me…..

Sunrise/Remix [Duran Duran]—-Returning from another hiatus and proving that they were still relevant, this is a splendid version of this standout track. This combines new millenium style synth lines with the familiar strains of a long-standing 80’s band to produce a new direction and a fantastic lead off single to the new release at the time. This is so nice…there are lots of vocal manipulations, but never enough to ruin the true feel of the original. This was a big song to begin with…with this remix it becomes even larger. Fantastic.

New Moon On Monday/Remix [Duran Duran]—-This has always been my favorite Duran Duran track…I was excited to get my hands on a remix that I had not already heard. Simon delivers his best Bowie on this track…but the chorus is the main attraction for me. When the production double layers the vocals, I just about lose control. This is magnificent….a true piece of musical history.

Another Brick In The Wall [Eric Prydz]—-What seemed like a preposterous idea to me when I first heard about it, turned into a phenomenon for DJ Eric Prydz. Keeping much of the original vocal in place, bolstering it with nice bass and a pace that defies danceability, this is huge. Combining modern dance synths with a favorite band sometimes comes across much more feasible than imaginable. Brilliant!

No More Tears [kd Lang & Andy Bell]—-This is incredible and plays very well even now. Recorded for a PETA fundraiser release, this is a remake of the classic song by Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer. Bell and Lang sing incredibly well together and they are indeed both Divas from the word go. This is big, this is fun and this is fairly rare at this point. I love this and still enjoy it even now. Truly wonderful!

Call On Me/Remix [Eric Prydz]—-Mastermind DJ Prydz takes on Stevie Winwood as he creates a huge layered song that is erratic, obnoxious and so damn catchy you can not help but love it. This is brilliant….allowing for the sampling by leaving out the key word Valerie from the Winwood original, Prydz only proves his ability to turn out a classic dance track and avoid getting sued in the process.

Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd—-Really just a more beefed up version of the earlier reviewed track, this adds some more bass…a heavier synth feel and a bit more manipulated vocal. This still plays incredibly well. This is just one of those bizarre ideas that made a mark on dance music history. Just magnificent!!!

**** out of 5


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