12 Inch Wonders Of The World / Vol. 25

Ghetto Gospel/2Pac—-This is awesome…and still a favorite of mine….cobining the masterful lyrical ability of Pac with an Elton john sample, this becomes a pretty huge and emotional song. Pac spits like no one could…telling stories that seems to meld perfectly with the sampled chorus. This is huge….gritty and real, but accessible enough that everybody should hear this. Pac left a legacy and this is just a small part of that…great.

Hit Em’ Up/Better Off Alone [2Pac vs. Alice DeeJay]—-This is a chance of a lifetime find…thanks FrostWire. Who would think that something like this would work…it works and the result is nothing less than brilliant. Setting Pac and his vocal to an erratic house beat seems unimaginable…but the end result is this huge mass of sound that plays so well it is permanently on my Ipod. This is brilloiant…I want to make music like this dammit!!!

I Can See It In Your Eyes [?]—-I have no idea who this is or where it came from…I am thinking that this is also Alice DeeJay…the vocal sounds to familiar. This is a heavy and fast techno track that moves at about 140 BPM and sets your heart on fire as you try to move with the incredible heavy bass beat. This is great, but really gets old after about 4 minutes.

Pump Up The Volume [MARRS]—-One of the first of a wave of studio manufactured bands and sampling heavy from Eric B. & Rakim, this set the house and dance world on fire when it first appeared. I know..I have about 800 remixes of this song. still sounding fresh after not listening to it for a while, this marked a part of history in recorded music. The music was generated in the studio and featured faceless and nameless voices and created a movement…i.e….Black Box…Milli Vanilli….C+C Music Factory.

Strike It Up [Black Box]—-As mentioned above!!! This was a generated band…most of the vocals contributed by an uncredited Martha Wash [Sylvester/Weather Girls]. This resulted in lawsuits and an eventual settlement…in the meantime, we are left with some really great Diva based Dance Music that brings back to me sooooo many memories of better and more carefree times. This is still magnigficent…huge and pulsing with energy.

How Many Licks [Lil Kim & Too Short]—-This is an absolute filthy song…and I LOVE IT. Kim delivers some of the best lines of her career…putting her sex life and her proclivities all over the place for everyone to hear. Add Too Short in the mix and you know that you are in for a trip down the most hedonistic road you can find. This is awesome….

The Lord’s Prayer [Patti LaBelle]—-This is so emotional and real, LaBelle delivers a version of this song that will rip your heart out and make you drop to your knees. This was recorded shortly after 9/11 and is so poignant and real…..this leaves me in almost tears….this is real and heartfelt. Wonderful majestic and true….wow!!!

Better Off Alone [Alice DeeJay]—-Another act that is really full of studio generated stars, this made a big hit on the Dance Charts in the later 90’s. Full of energy and a Diva styled vocal, this filled dance floors all over the world for a brief moment…never really fulfilling the promise and falling away from sight…but for this moment, this was magnificent!

Alice vs. Jay-Z—-This is freakin’ brilliant…..taking and masterfully capturing the flow abilities of Jay and setting it with the bass heavy Better Off Alone, again…you would never think that this would work…but the result is nothing less that magnificent. This is huge….line after line fits perfectly with the synth heavy soundtrack and it all comes across natural as hell. This does not get much better….this is an experiment in a mad scientist lab that created a magnificent and genius of a monster. WOW!!!

Ride On Time [Black Box]—-Perhaps the biggest hit for this studio incarnation, Wash delivers a vocal that would break most singers these days. Her vocal is so strong and masterful that you just shake your head tat the wonderment of it all. This is full of nice House piano and the belting vocal of Wash…all coming together to create one of the biggest hits of the 90’s. Listening back to this now…this is just incredible!

 Everybody Dance Now/Remix [C+C Music Factory]—-The original version of this song was so huge…conguering the charts all over the world and setting Dance floors on fire everywhere…this remix adds about three times the bass and a bit more BPMs to create a huge and nostalgic track that feature the vocal of Freedom Williams prominently and matching the added bass to his vocal ennunciations wonderfully. With the added vocals of Wash…this is one for the ages!

Heaven Is A Place On Earth [Belinda Carlisle]—-Carlisle set out on her own on a number of occasions and this was one of her shiniest and brightest moments. This was accessible…allowing fans to easily recognize that voice everywhere, but removing the pop-punk sound of her band. this is adult contemporary to the fifth degree, but still really plays well. This is nice…showing that obnoxious but quaint quiver in her voice…this is nice…never get tired of this.

Head Over Heels [The Go-Go’s]—-Perhaps my favorite song from The Go-Go’s, this came late in their career, but proved to the naysayers that they still had life in them after the 80’s tidal wave of one hit wonders. this is energetic and fun…still maintaing the true sound ogf the band and moving slowly into the later part of the decade with ease. Still my favorite!

***** out of 5


2 Responses to “12 Inch Wonders Of The World / Vol. 25”

  1. Thanks for making me aware of all this great music. I’ve got to go check this stuff out first chance I get.

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