12 Inch Wonders Of The World / Vol 26

In The Mood [Ce Ce Peniston]—-One of the most under-appreciated Divas of the 90’s, Peniston made a real connection with me. I love the way that she phrases and draws out her words when she sings and I never get tired of listening to her. not really sure what happened to her…research for a later day. This is a nice track…full of the kind of vibe that gives you goose bumps and makes you feel good all over. This is full of positive lyrics and the notion that things are always going to get better. Choice….

The Game [Eazy-E]—-This remains, real rap…without all of the vocoder Kanye bullshit and built on true real life lyrics that still stand up to the test of time. this is brutal, graphic and as about as real as you could ever hope to find. Full of fantastic beats, breaks and a piano line that carries the whole damn thing with majesty, this remains…classic, true gangsta shit. Updated with the assistance of G-Unit, this is still real and raw!

 Undercurrent [Ihsahn]—-Not sure how this ended up cemented between these songs on this compilation, this serves as a nice study in contrast and the pure extremes of my musical tastes. This single, relatively new was not at all what i expected from this black Metal giant…but the simple fact is that this is more accessible than anything coming out of this movement in recent history. The overall tone of the song still carries a nice heaviness and dark feel, but the vocal falls flat for me. Still have yet to get my hands on this release…time to visit my local Black metal expert…..

Coming Of Age [Jay-Z]—-Jay has a remarkable flow…I never get tired of listening to this stuff. Usually New York rap bores me…the beats are so plain and uninspired…but sometimes the vocal rises above the beat and sets the mark even higher. this is one of those songs…the beat is nothing special for me…the vocal though is deep and real…with a sense of grit and rawness that you can not escape…that is why this man is the king. This is real, dirty and truth!

Money Ain’t A Thang [Jay-Z]—-Full of sounds that remind me more of the whole Bad Boy sound than Jay, this is hype…full of huge beats that fit into the whole club environment. Jay delivers a rhyme though that is real and raw…this is brutal. I love the static feel of the song…the beats are hype but the vocal lies underneath of the song…moving at it’s own pace…painting picture of reality and life. This is true stuff to me…who needs all of the glamorous style rap that is every where today…give me some old school stuff that speaks of life and struggles…and you got me.

Eh Eh Eh/PSB Remix [Lady GaGa]—-Full of the trademark synth lines of Chris Lowe, this is a great remix. The Boys stamp their trademark sound all over the song…even if you have to search for it. If you are a Pet Shop boys true fan, you recognize the sound from the very onset of the song. this stays true to the main vocal of the song, but the wrap around sad synth line that runs underneath of the song is pure Tennant and Lowe. You know what I mean if you love The Boys…to those who don’t, it is too hard to explain.

Radio GaGa/Remix [Queen]—-This only seems appropriate since Lady claims this is where she gained her moniker from. for true Queen fans, this was a turn off…for me, this was a progression that seemed natural and brilliant. As the band tried to remain relevant with the times, they managed to gain new fans, secure a place on the charts and further solidify their career. To me…this was a freakin’ brilliant song. We miss you Freddie!!!!

Escape/The Pina Colada Song [Rupert Holmes]—-To anyone who came of age in the late 70’s, this is a really familiar song that you have not heard in a very long time…thanks to me, you have a gentle reminder of the classic days of 70’s AOR. This was a story song that conquered the airwaves for months and was played every chance it was able on new emerging FM radio stations. Although the song sounds a bit dated, the memories flood back to me upon this listen…wonderful…meaning nothing and everything.

The Night Chicago Died [Paper Lace]—-Another of those songs that really means nothing but reminds me so strongly of my childhood, I was glad to finally get a ‘memory’ copy of it. This is brilliant…the song is huge and contains a chorus that is so damn catchy you will have it in your brain for days if you have the chance to hear it. This is late 70’s FM fare that was huge…this was a one hit wonder that still lives thanks to Marky in 2010.

Show Me Love [Ce Ce Peniston]—-Revisiting my favorite Diva once again, this is extraordinary….the phrashing and mood of this song is literally breathtaking…I lose myself in the energy and the heartfelt sentiment of the song. Peniston delivered two classic releases that I still play today…full of Dance Floor fare that will allow you to lose yourself in the energy and abandon of the vocal….this is wonderful!

Dance Mania Mix—-Full of breaks and beats that are bass heavy and only allow you snips of songs that were everyday fare in the later parts of the 90’s, this is mostly manufactured pop that played well in Dance clubs and gay bars….there is nothing new or exciting in this mix…mostly full of synth heavy snips of classic 90’s songs that have been forgotten by many people. This is still unique…with some nice vocals from Kim English, Martha Wash and co…..

**** out of 5


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