12 Inch Wonders Of The World / Vol. 27

I’m So Paid [Akon featuring Lil’ Wayne]—-This is pretty damn nice…I love the low hum that seems to run through the underbelly of the song. Akon delivers a sweet vocal…his lyrics have progresses a lot since the first two releases of his. The vocoder is in full effect, but it serves as a nice addition rather than an annoyance. Weezy enters with his cameo…sounding as possessed as ever…with his odd way of rapping and the driving element of his delivery. This is pretty great.

Simple As [Kid Cudi]—-This is accessible has hell…still wondering why this was not a much bigger song than it was. This flows nicely set along a really nice bass beat and enough backdrop sounds to keep you interested throughout the whole song. This is smooth, accessible and pleasant. Not as gritty as some, but great none the less.

Me & My Drank [Lil Wayne]—-Not sure where I got this or why it is on this compilation…simply put, this is a bit of annoyance to me. The beats are almost non-existent and the vocal is so machine distorted that it just comes off as an unorganized mess. This is not a favorite….

Can I Get A…. [Jay Z]—-Still one of my favorite songs from Jay, this has a beat that is so hype and fly…it brings back lots of memories for me. The whole career of Jay has managed to escape the boring spew of East Coast beats….this is hype and live. The way Jay raps is phenomenal..seemingly never taking a breath, Jay has his craft down to a tee…this is a clear example.

A Milli/Remix [Lil Wayne]—-This is a pretty incredible remix….with a deep bass line that threatens to blow your brains through your headphones. Big Mike remains in the backdrop…the constant A Milli that runs through the underbelly of the song is almost enough to make you lose your mind. Wayne delivers his familiar space ship inspired raps that are moved to the very front of the track on this remix. This gets a bit erratic after a bit, but I like this better than the original.

Pussy, Money, Weed [Lil Wayne]—-Wayne delivers perhaps his most accessible raps ever on this song…the lines and lyrics are pure and unmanipulated. The beat is a slow groove and comes across as the closet thing to a love song you could ever imagine Weezy producing. This is fantastic…I never tire of this.

Drop The World [Lil Wayne]—-This is awesome…..beginning with a rather subtle beat, the song opens up with guitars and a vocal from Wayne that is full and anger and actual emotion. This is another of those favorites of mine…Wayne delivers line after line of vocals that makes you wonder what the hell he is talking about sometimes, but the chorus is real and to the point. The anger and energy are undeniable…when Em enters into the rap, this goes to a whole other level. This is a marriage made in heaven. Just fantastic!

A Milli/Obama Remix [Lil Wayne]—-This is great….Wayne pays tribute to Obama..set to the music of A Milli…the constant A Milli in the backdrop is replaced by a never-ceasing Obama in its place. This is nice, but gets a bit annoying after a bit.

Apologize/Remix [One Republic]—-The remix treatment given to this is pretty masterful…the vocal at the beginning of the song is sped up so fast that we are treated to a Chipmunk version of the song. The bass is pronounced and when Wayne enters into the fray, the song is elevated to a whole new level. This is incredible…not sure where I got this…but damn..I’m glad I have it.

Duffle Bag Boy [Playaz Circle]—-This takes a bit of time to really get going…by the time Wayne enters into the fray you are ready and primed for the song. the intermittent more accessible rapping gives the track a bit of balance…this is nice..I like the trade-off of the clean straight forward rapping intermixed with the space sounding Wayne vocal. Great!

She’s Gone [Steelheart]—-To me, this is one of the really unappreciated Hair Metal bands from the 80’s decade. This guy could sing like a mother! This track has a nice slight blues edge to it…ballads were always this bands specialty…this is no exception. The soaring guitars are incredible..intermixed with nice piano, you get the full brunt of the emotion. When he really lets go with his vocal…I just shake my head in amazement. This is fantastic!

Never Let You Go [Steelheart]—-Probably the best known song from this band, I really wonder what ever became of these guys and if he can still sing like this. This is another ballad style Metal song that really shows off the vocal with a glaring spotlight. When the song really opens up, you are so caught up you will not be able to stay in your seat. This is simply….brilliant!

Love In This Club II [Usher]—-This is smooth and delivered with a nice seductive beat that fits the mood and lyrics of the song. There are lots of added backdrop voices…taking a bit away from the original form of the song. None the less, this guy can sing with the best of them….this is nice. The chorus is huge and infectious…I’ll have this in my brain for hours…bet!

Bedrock [Young Money]—-This is nice…again featuring lyrics from Wayne, the song also allows fro other MCs and a chorus that is actually delivered with an R & B flavor that creates a rather large sounding song. I love this stuff…this is choice.

Paper Planes/Remix [M.I.A.]—-Regardless of how many different versions of this song I find, I never get tired of it. Anyone who can integrate gunshots and a cash register in one song has to be a genius. This track, responsible for propelling M.I.A. to that next level, is brilliant. The vocal is classic M.I.A…..if you hate this, you probably don’t have much affection for this rather unique sounding MC…to me, this was history making.

**** out of 5


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