12 Inch Wonders Of The World / Vol. 28

Supersonic/Extended [JJ Fad]—-Blending a nice mix of old school rap with a nice electro feel, I remember the first time I heard this I was hooked. This has that old style feel that you just don’t get from rap these days…the message was pure and simple and the delivery was amateur at best…none the less, it propelled them to new heights..if only for a moment. This is a millisecond of time caught  forever.

Comin’ Correct [JJ Fad]—-Somewhat lacking in the energy of the previous song, this is nice though. Delivered with a heavier bass back beat, the song is somewhat of an empowering song…speaking on the strength of the ladies. This is clean and innocent…nothing like the rappers of the modern age….this was the early days…when rap was more fun than a genre’. Hard to believe they were signed to ruthless back in the day!

Pump Up The Jam [Techontronic]—-Another of those studio produced groups that were so prevalent in the 90’s, you would be hard presses to find a human being who has not heard this song. Listening back to this after such a long time of not hearing it, it is no surprise this hit so big. This has lost of fresh energetic beats…a powerful vocal and is danceable as hell. You can’t forget it.

Boom! [MC Lucious]—-This is such a fun song….the tone is overly sexual..with some nice samples from Shante’ and a bass beat that is powerful. the remarkable thing is the speed of the vocal delivery…this song moves and is a lot of fun to top it off. I love this old school shit!

Go On Girl [Roxanne Shante’]—-I think this came from The New Jack City soundtrack…I loved this from the very first time I heard this. The biggest draw for me was the speed of the song…this girl could rap like no one’s business…this is remarkable. The backdrop beat is a nice old sample that is put through a processor….sounding like a nice scratchy record. This girl could spit too….giving herself all kinds of props…ahhh…the good old days!

Horny [Roxanne Shante’]—-Jeez….does anyone but me remember Cold Chillin’ Records!!! This is a much slower paced song….full of more self-indulgent lyrics that builds up one’s ego. Shante’ delivers a remarkably clear vocal…you catch every word and the chorus is a fun, sexually charged affair that would never have gotten played on the radio back in the day…this is fantastic…sounding dated but still a lot of fun.

Roxanne’s Revenge [Roxanne Shante’]—-I so clearly remember the first time I heard this song…this was back in the day when I was the only white person I knew who loved and lived and breathed rap music. For the longest time, I wanted to be nothing but Black!!! I was at shows…the only white face to be found, but accepted just as much as the next person. This is full of memories for me, but this is also about the time that the world finally began opening up to rap music as a real music form. This is history!

UTFO vs. Shante’—-The track that started the whole back and forth rap drama that prevailed so much in the 80’s. I remember seeing UTFO here in Toledo…with like 15 other rap acts…none of them ever to be heard from again…none the less, it was a lively afternoon. This is another of those pieces of history that will live forever because it is a huge track that really began the movement of rap to the forefront of the music community…call me weak…I still love this shit!

Salt N’ Pepa vs. Fergie vs.  JJ Fad—-This is breathtaking!!! It is amazing how much Push It, Supersonic and Fergalicious all sound alike. This flows together to create a huge nod to the past while still allowing Fergie to have the spotlight. without these ladies. Fergie would be nowhere…how nice of her to pay tribute to the founding Sistas!

Bite This [Roxanne Shante’]—-This has a great lyric line…but the remarkable thing about this song is the room shaking bass that forms this song. And all of these references to Marley Marl…this is fantastic. Shante’ spits with the best of the MC’s of her era and still sounds as clear and concise. Shante’ was much smarter than anyone gave her credit for…after her label dropped her, she sued and they paid for her to get a law degree….go on girl!!!

**** out of 5


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