Creed / Full Circle

Full Circle (Dig)

Creed is a rock band from Tallahassee, Florida that became popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The band disbanded in 2004 after three multi-platinum albums, selling 26 million records in the United States [1] and an estimated 35 million records worldwide.[2][3][4]

The band consists of lead vocalist Scott Stapp, guitarist and backing vocalist Mark Tremonti, drummer Scott Phillips and bassist Brian Marshall. They released two studio albums: My Own Prison (1997), Human Clay (1999) before Marshall left in 2000 to be replaced by touring bassist Brett Hestla. Afterwards came Weathered (2001) with Mark Tremonti handling bass before the band disbanded in 2004. Tremonti, Phillips and Marshall went on to found Alter Bridge while Stapp followed a solo career. After months of speculation, the original members of Creed reunited in 2009 for a tour and a new album called Full Circle.

Overcome—-Not wasting any time with gentle interludes or intros, the band kicks off with a familiar tempo and blast of guitars. Stapp delivers his vocal as if he had never been gone. this is full of the classic Creed sound…huge chorus and a bit more introspective refrain. This is really nice…like they have never been gone.

Bread Of Shame—-With a really nice bass line intro, the rest of the band kicks in after the first bar with a slight sludge sound. Scott enters and sounds like he is singing way behind the band..even the chorus seems to lack a bit of conviction for me. This is not a bad song, but the band does seem to be just going through the motions…where is the inspiration?

A Thousand Faces—-A really nice acoustic intro begins the song and the trademark sound of the band is well intact. Stapp sounds great, even if he does sound like many generic alternative singers. This is heartfelt and the chorus is huge…the band all seem to join in on the chorus and the result is nothing less than magnificent. this is like the old days…the power chords are magnificent and the quiet spots are exquisite.

Suddenly—-Again with the really great bass line intro…the band soon joins in and the result is a bit odd for me. The lyrics are here and there…not really sure where this song is going. None the less, the power behind the vocal is fantastic…let there be no doubt, this band can play with the best of them. This remains the songs saving grace.

Rain—-Stapp does his best Eddie Vedder on this track…if I heard this and did not know who this was, I would think it were Pearl Jam. This is a fantastic track…the message is uplifting and the music matches the euphoric feeling that the vocal gives you. This is wonderful…my favorite track from this release.

Away In Silence—-Returning to a more acoustic sound for this track, Creed is in their element with this type of delivery. The vocal again is a spot on Vedder impression, but it seems to work for both the band and their fans. This is gentle, heartfelt and full of lyrics that are really relateable…almost too much…there remains a slight pain in the words for me. This is wonderfully arranged and delivered.

Fear—-Delivering another really powerful guitar intro, the band slows to allow for the vocal, but only just a tad. This is nice…full of huge monstrous guitars, some pretty magnificent drums and a great much more aggressive vocal. This is wonderfully noisy and a nice surprise…way to mix it up guys.

On My Sleeve—-Wow…this is yet another of those heart tuggers that really seems to resonate with me on this day. I am remarkably drawn in by the gentle instrumentation and the lyrics that almost seem to stare right into my soul. This is wonderfully delivered…the music soars and soars…taking you to levels where you almost bursts the glass ceiling. This is fantastic.

Full Circle—-This, the title track to the release seems to me the weakest track on the CD. The chorus is typical Creed…huge and over the top, but the interludes really do nothing for me. I like this, but it seems, again, a bit uninspired.

Time—-Again with the acoustics…sometimes I just wish this band would rock the hell out and surprise us all. none the less, when you combine the gentle musical delivery with the introspective lyrics you are left with a masterful song…throw in the over the top vocal of Stapp and you might just be in heaven. This is nice, but a bit of a redux of 5 other tracks on this release.

Good Fight—-The huge bass line intro seems to be the thing for this record…the vocal seems lackluster to me and this whole track falls a bit flat for me. The chorus is huge and a bit more overblown than necessary….none the less this is Creed and you would expect nothing less.

The Song You Sing—-Ending the release with another acoustic style track, Stapp sounds literally devastated as he delivers his heart wrenching vocals that allow you to peer into his soul. This is huge and epic…delivered with emotional highs and incredible quiet moments as well. A really nice way to end this release. Stapp asks….”What’ts wrong with the world today?”…someting I ask everyday!

****1/2 out of 5


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