The Queers / Alive In Hollyweird

Alive In Hollyweird

The Queers are a punk band formed in 1982 by Portsmouth, New Hampshire native Joe King (A.K.A. Joe Queer). Supposedly, the name ‘Queers’ was used simply to poke fun at what he called the “Art Fag” community in New Hampshire. The band originally broke up in 1984, but reformed with Joe Queer and a new line-up in 1990. That year, the band signed with Shakin’ Street Records and released their first album Grow Up. The album earned the band notoriety within New England, but with the release of their next album 1993’s Love Songs for the Retarded, on Lookout! Records, their following grew larger.[1]

In 2006, after releasing six albums on Lookout!, the band rescinded their master rights from the label, citing breach of contract over unpaid royalties. Later that year they signed with Asian Man Records.

No Tit—-On record, this band is dynamic and energetic as hell, live this band is even more riotous and raucous. this short little ditty is full of energy and the remarkably familiar vocal from Joe Queer…this just makes you feel energetic and manic as hell…one of the bands that have been there from the beginning…this is most excellent.

We’d Have A Riot Doing Heroin—-The sound quality, for the band at least is a bit underwhelming on this recording…the vocal is very forward and in your face. This is energetic pop-punk that sucks you in from the very first chord and gives you these great little energy bursts with each song. This is fantastic!!!

I Spent The Rent—-At only 18 seconds, what can you say…this is an energetic rant that says it all. This band is one of my favorites….32 songs in 45 minutes will tell you why…no attention span necessary! Brilliant!

Nothing To Do—-At only 45 seconds, I like this version even better than the recorded one. this is so full of manic energy that you sometimes wonder what these recording sessions must be like…really hoping for new material very soon. This is a great reminder of why I love this band so much.

I Can’t Stop Farting—-Juvenile and hilarious, this is energetic and a literal manic mess delivered live…the guitars are huge and electric and Joe just spits lyric after lyric…this is incredible.

Night Of The Livid Queers—-Joe sounds so much like Mike Ness sometimes I get confused to what band I’m listening to. This is fantastic…allowing for some great guitars and a wonderful nasal punk delivery, this is magnificent.

My Old Man’s A Fatso—-Delivered at the typical hyper speed, Joe delivers a vocal that is jumbled and almost understandable…none the less you are sucked in by the fun element of the song and you are destined to pogo for days…truly innovators, I can’t wait for a new release from Joe & Co.

Tulu Is A Wimp—-Fast and seemless, one song magically becomes another and reviewing this is almost impossible…none the less, if you want a really fun hyper evening…catch this band live…you will never be disappointed.

I Want Cunt—-less than a minute, this is just a jumbled mess that belies the name of the band and sends a nice message out to all of the ladies in the audience. this is awesome.

Monster Zero—-One of my favorite songs from this band, this is much more along the Social Distortion brand of Punk…fast, energetic and bare bones…featuring a really nice guitar solo, Joe comes right back with his blistering vocal and the crowd must be going wild. this is fantastic…this live experience is a must for anyone who even considers themselves a fan.

You’re Tripping—-Blistering and delivered with no hold barred, you have to wonder how these guys get all of this energy every night. this is poppy, this is surf and this is magnificent fun. I LOVE this band.

Wimpy Drives Through Harlem—-This is delivered so fast, you are really taken aback bu the remarkable sense of harmony that the entire thing has. The voice is actually delivered in a sing song way rather than just a scream….I love this shit…this is so energetic and contagious, you will listen to this for days on end.

Steak Bomb—-What a magnificent mess this is…just noise and hyper kinetic instrumentation that makes you want to pummel the guy standing next to you…regardless of his size or appearance…this is awesome.

Drop the Attitude Fucker—-Joe returns and delivers a nice clear vocal that is a bit nasal and delivered in the best Ramones impression on the face of the earth…the message is strong and clear…no room for posers or fakes…just kick out the jams already!!! This is incredible.

Fuck You—-Song after song all blend together to create this huge long exposure to the underbelly of pop punk circa 1980/80/oo. This is brilliant…I never get tired of this…the pace is incredible and the delivery never ever lags.

Like A Parasite—-Returning to his best Ness vocal, this nasal delivery resonates with me the most. I love the remarkable ability to keep melody involved despite the pace and speed of the music…this is an art that this particular band has honed to a tee. This is exquisite…Joe really knows how to work a crowd.

I Didn’t Get Invited To The Prom—-another really favorite song of mine, Joe again delivers his vocal in that nasally Offspring, Social Distortion way that cracks a huge smile across my face. This is remarkably energetic, juvenile and a huge load of fun. This is The Queers.

Ben Weasel—-Even faster than the recorded version, you have to wonder how the hell these guys can play so fast for such an extended amount of time…not to mention the workout that Joe has to undergo for a performance. This is contagious, melodic and hyper as hell….kudos guys.

Danny Vapid—-With an almost noticeable slower pace to the song, even in a live setting, you can actually catch some of the words that are spit from Joe. This is incredible even if it is a bit homophobic…especially for a band called The Queers…none the less, you take it in stride and humor. This is awesome.

Cindy’s On Methadone—-This is almost hilarious it is so tongue in cheek. the speed of the song is pretty incredible…as well as the underlying melody of the whole damn thing. I freakin’ love this band…did I mention that already? This is fantastic!!!

Hi Mom It’s Me—-Delivered with blistering speed and some great lyrics, you have to wonder how proud Joe Queers’s Mom must be with this whole thing as he traverses the country sleeping in vans and garagess…none the less…this is pure pop punk delivered like no one else can do.

Granola Head—-Almost indistinguishable from the previous track, after awhile all of this sounds like one long masterful mass of pure fun punk rock. This is great…catchy and unrelenting. This quickly dissolves into…

Ursula Finally Has Tits—-A huge fun song that is also a favorite of mine…it must be hard to write such juvenile songs as the middle age creeps up on you…Joe never seems to have problems finding material or creative process though. This is energetic, pogo style punk that will incite a riot in the right place. I love this.

Love Love Love—-The music on this track is fantastic…delivered in a pure punk surf rock style, the melody line sticks in your brain and has you nodding your head long after it passes…of course Joe delivers a masterful vocal, but the music really is the thing that sticks with you.

Goodbye California—-A blistering, speedy track that finds the crowd going nuts. Joe plays to the crowd and lets them know that this is the last night in Ca. before they venture on and you can hear the crowd return the love. This is magical.

Fuck The World—-With some nice guitar feedback and a remarkable sense of melody, the band moves magically from song to song. This is another of those Mike Ness impersonations that I find so endearing. Joe delivers song after song without ever losing one single bit of his energy…for a guy approaching 40, this is magnificent and admirable…I love this.

Six Pack—-Covering Black Flag better than Black flag, this is a different vocalist that steps in for joe and delivers a blistering and almost demonic, maniacal delivery that will go down in history as one of the best Black Flag covers ever. This is fantastic and a true piece of history.

This Place Sucks—-This is incredible…another really favorite punk songs of mine, this is so full of energy and vigor that you just want to get up in you living room and pummel anything that is in your area. This is magnificent…the energy is undeniable and the magnificenve is to be remembered.

Noodlebrain—-Returning for some encores, the band seems to have lost none of the energy that was there when they first began their set. Joe is so comfortable with the familiar melodies and the vibrant musicianship of his current band…this is incredible…I could never ask for more from these guys….ever!

I Hate Everything—-Magically evolving from the previous track, this is magnificent. The guitar solos on this are literally magnificent. the gang vocals on the chorus give the band a much larger sound…I love this shit…I wonder if I have everything i can get. Jeez…come on with a new record already.

Kicked Out Of The Weblo’s—-Another of those favorite tracks of mine, I can only imagine being at this show and finally getting to hear this in the last minutes of the set. This is wonderfully fast and delivered full on par with the recorded version.

Punk Rock Girls—-A stand out in The Queers catalog, you cannot deny the magical melody and the contagious quality of the melody that runs underneath the whole damn thing. This is a shining moment for the band and I hope they never stop playing this live….brilliant!.

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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