Filter / The Trouble With Angels [Deluxe Edition]

The Trouble With Angels (Deluxe)Filter (Stylized as FILTER) is an alternative rock group formed in 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio by Richard Patrick and guitarist/programmer Brian Liesegang, who later left the band in 1997 to form Ashtar Command with Chris Holmes. Filter has released four studio albums, and its fifth album, The Trouble with Angels, is due out in August 17, 2010.

The Trouble with Angels is American band Filter‘s fifth studio album. It was released on August 17, 2010 through Rocket Science Ventures in North America and Nuclear Blast in Europe. The first single from the album, “The Inevitable Relapse”, was released for free on the band’s official website on May 26, 2010.

Disc One:

The Inevitable Relapse—-This release has long been touted as a return to the more Industrialized sounds that the band introduced with their debut back in the mid 90’s….this song is true to form…reminding me of any of the cuts from Short bus. This is aggressive, layered with huge machine sounds and punctuated by the distinctive vocal of Richard. This is one of the best tracks the band has released in any number of years…large and muscular, I might fall in love all over again. Fantastic!!!

Drug Boy—-With huge muscular riffs and gigantic machine generated beats, the familiar and somehow comforting vocal of Richard all come together to create a pretty damn great song. Filter, despite some missteps, has always remained on of my favorite bands and this just goes to show you that good things come to those who wait. This is ballsy, brash and abrasive…all the while welcoming you right back into the fold…pun intended. This is great!

Absentee Father—-Aggressive and layered with machine on top of machine, Richard delivers a vocal that borders on beautiful and manic all at the same time. The song has some strong religious overtones….reminding the listener to never actually give up on the concept of religion…the day may come when you really need God. The aggressive nature of the music that is underneath the vocals is incredible…this is a welcome return to a more industrial style and I welcome it with huge open arms…this is fantastic!

No Love—-With a huge deep bass intro, the guitars enter back in the fray with an aggressive delivery that is on par with any and all of the modern Rock giants that can cross your brain in a moment’s time. What separates this is the remarkable vocal…Richard delivers an unfiltered and straight forward vocal that is pure and pained…au natural. This is fantastic….this is pure Alt-rock delivered with a slight industrial tinge that could quite possibly please everyone. Richard pines on becoming older…as he exclaims that 20 years ago began the story of he…..remarkable.

No Re-Entry—-Richard returns with one of the things that I believe he has always done really well…emotional ballads. This is dipped and drips of emotion and feelings that bleed all over you as the slow drops cover your head and descend over your entire body…becoming a part of you and your very being. The lyrics are intense as hell…seemingly centered on the simple and startling fact that none of us are getting any younger…as each day passes we become older and less relevant. This is brilliant.

Down With Me—-Full on aggression is returned with this track….watch the volume as the beginning of the song might blow off the top of your head…the song slows for a bit, but gradually comes back to life in that creeping filter way that will again take over your entire listening space in a few moments. This is remarkable…aggressive yet incredibly accessible…I love this band!!!

Catch A Falling Knife—-Wow…..the power just keeps coming and coming on this release. This has the nice necessary ebbs and flows that create the basis for a great song…Patrick is a master songwriter and knows how to write a hook that will take over your brain. this is by far one of my favorite tracks on this release. This is aggressive, yet accessible. The song has lyrics that are relatable and accessible…I love this….this is without fault.

The Trouble With Angels—-Beginning with a rather ghostly style vocal, this barely sounds like Mr. Patrick at all…until the chorus and then you are comfortable with the voice once again. this is laden with references of growing older, growing cynicism and growing lack of perspective. The song has a nice bass beat that gives the words an even heavier lean…this is pure energetic mid-life crises put to music…you done good Richard. You are one of my true heroes.

Clouds—-As aggressive as every other track on this release, I am struck by the vivid imagery that is in every single word that is uttered. This is a huge song…full of a bit of anger, a level of remorse and emotional tinge that reeks of regret and despair. This is what aging sounds like…the regret, the lament, the need for a renewal that is gone, the request for a fresh start that is almost impossible to find. This has really dug under my skin…remarkable!!!

Fades Like a Photograph [dead angels]—-Richard spends an entire song saying out loud all of the things that I have been too embarrassed to say out loud. Aging reminds one that they spend a lifetime portraying themselves in a certain manner that never really lets people see whom they really are…embarrasment, insecurity and lack of self-esteem keeps us from being ourdelves…until it is too late. this strikes a chord with me…damn whatevery one thinks…I am me….I gotta be me…..If I can remember who me is……!!!

Disc Two:

The Inevitable Relapse [Clayton Warbeck Mix]—-This is a huge remix….giving you a nice alternative mix to the original [not that you need one]. This looses none of the intensity of the original, but allows for much more industrialized style beats….this is wonderful…I love the voice even when the manipulations are included. This is magnificent…a very favorite of mine right now and probably for quite some time to come.

Drowning—-Wow! This is huge….layered with nice instrumentation and quasi-orchestration, Richard enters with a serene and morose vocal that hearkens back to the best ballads that he has ever produced. This is full of lamentations and the wonderment of never taking advantage of the things you should have. The passing of time and the drowning in the responsibility of life and obligations, the yearning to be free and young…as you can tell, this has struck a huge chord with me…this is magnificent.

Shot From The Sun—-Well versed with the trademark filter style guitars, this is nice!!! Richard delivers even more poignant and literal lyrics that seem to come right from the very center of my brain. where does this guy get his inspiration from….this is autobiographical and personal…TO ME!!! This is so reminiscent of the first two releases…it is so nice to see that the passion is still in place. This is brilliant!!!

My Life Before—-This is layered with a remarkable low-level noise and a pretty melodic line that come together to create a huge layered song that is wrought with despair, regret and a gentle tinge of anger. Patrick is allowed to divulge all of the demons that chase him in the early wee hours of insomnia to the mass public..laying his emotions bare and wide open..only to find out that there are hundreds of us who feel the same way…call me Richard Patrick…..we will talk for sure….

Plume—-Layered and full of emotional delivery, this is kind of trance oriented and full of the type of sounds that allow you to lay flat and let your body rise above and leave you. this is wonderfully emotional…never becoming to loud or out of the ordinary, this is a quasi-industrial track that sets better with me than the best desert after a heavy meal could ever do. This is a fantastic release…get this…and get this now…spend for the extra disc…it is worth the extra 2 dollars!!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]



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