Misfits / Collection 2

Collection 2

The Analysis:

We Are 138—-A landmark moment in the career of this band a favorite song among Misfit fans everywhere, this song is a bit more pared down as far as speed of delivery goes, but the clear production quality is a nice rarity and the vocal is so familiar and comfortable. This is classic stuff. Shame on me for asking…”What’s 138 mean?” LMAO!!!

Attitude—-Again, the production quality on this song is so good…the vocal is not much different from the things that Glenn is turning out now. This is brief and freakin’ energetic as hell. Danzig sounds so clear and almost possessed with his vocal delivery. This is much more upfront Punk rock…the type that inspired crowds to go insane at live shows…this is exquisite.

Cough/Cool—-Another of those songs that I count as my favorites in this bands catalog, the music is much slower and delivered with a deep sound that reminds me of current day Danzig. I love the darker edge to the music…the slower pace of the song allows you to really concentrate of the wonderful instrumentation that this band was capable of producing. This is fantastic!!!

Last Caress—-One of the most famous of this bands songs, Danzig delivers a vocal that is full of graphic and vivid lyrics. The music is pared down to a slower pace, but never loses any of the intensity that the band is known for. This is classic stuff and still remains a very favorite of mine and Misfit fans everywhere.

Return Of The Fly—-This is nice…the music is layered and delivered with a really nice energy…but it is clear..as the progression of the band developed that Glenn was leading the direction of the sound and pace of the band. It seems to me that the music became secondary to the vocal and the vocal presence. The band does join in on the chorus a bit, but overall the melody is provided by Glenn alone.

Children In Heat—-This is much fuzzier and delivered with a faster and dirtier sound. Danzig seems pushed to the back of the mix…the guitars are really loud on this track…the music is energetic as hell and that remarkable melody runs through the entire song. This is superb!

Rat Fink—-This is so deep in sound and so poorly recorded that you lose almost half of the song due to the deep sound of the recording. You hear the drums and the voice and that is about it…the guitars seem to be missing almost all together. None the less, you recognize the wonderful melody and the gang style vocal that turns this into a nice barn burner despite the sound quality.

Horror Hotel—-This is great!!! The sound is much better and the track has a live quality to it that you can not ignore. The energy is fantastic and the vocal is outstanding..I just love Glenn Danzig…that voice is one for the history books. Just remarkable….and the energy….contagious as hell.

Halloween—-Perhaps one of the band’s trademark songs, this version is remarkable. It is raw as hell…but the deep baritone of Danzig is kept well in place…showing you just how good he was at live recording. The music is blistering fast and the guitars are loaded with tons of fuzz. the chorus is magnificent and still gives me goosebumps.

Halloween II—-Not really necessary, but i guess it is important in the history of the band…especially for the completest fans. This version is so poorly recorded that you barely catch a single word that is uttered except for the repetitive chorus that is a copy cat of the original version. this is nice to have, but something that I usually skip over.

Hate Breeders—- Ahhhh….my favorite!!! Have you heard the Hatebreed cover of this song…they take things to a whole new level and you must check it out…you know where the true inspiration came from after hearing this original. This is pure, unadulterated Punk rock…delivered by some of the masters of the genre. I love every single second of this song…no negatives….ZERO!!!

 Braineaters—-This is energetic as I don’t know what. There is a certain element of humor included on this track, reminding the fan that this band had a fun side to them as well. This is fast…I love the drum track and the whole band joins in on this 59 second song that still has a beginning…a middle and an end…believe it or not!

Nike-A-Go-Go—-This is so muddled and full of bad production sound, that you lose much of the energy of the song. Glenn does deliver a pretty stellar vocal though…this has a true Punk element that shines through the deep and dank part of the song. this is nice, I just wish it were recorded with a bit more clarity.

Devil’s Whorehouse—-With a much clearer production quality, this is classic Danzig as far as I’m concerned. the music, although fast paced still reminds me of stuff that you hear being released by this guy these days. This is steeped much more in dark imagery and evil overtones rather than the playful Punk that started with the band.  The shape of thing to come!

Mephisto Waltz—-Returning to the fast paced Punk rock element, and the trade-off of vocals that provide that certain energy, the song is nice, but still just remains a blip on the radar as far as this bands catalog goes. This is nice for the energy and the rather manic vocal…the guitars shine mid way through but the sound is a bit to muffled for me.

We Bite—-This is FANTASTIC!!! Delivering a track that makes me think of Suicidal Tendencies, this is so metallic and fast that there is no way you can keep up with the pace of the song. Danzig barely does!!! This is so energetic that i am typing standing up…there is no way you can stay in your seat during this song!!!!

Queen Wasp—-this is full of guitar static and energy. Glenn sings at such a fast pace you find yourself exhausted by the time the mid way of the song happens. I still am amazed that everyone remembered where they were and what song they were playing…this is true Punk Rock!!!

Demonomania—-Clocking in at just 45 seconds, this is a mish mash of sound, speed and dementia. Classic misfits…..nuff said!

Hellhound—-This is so aggressive and noisy that I had to listen to it 3 times before I could continue on. Danzig has a vocal that is a bit muffled, but it allows the barrage of music to hit you right in the center of your forehead. This is layered and delivered with such energy…whew!!!!

Bloodfeast—-This is just classic Danzig stuff…it is no wonder that he moved on from this band…his lyrics and ideas were out maturing the band and he need to go to do as he wished. This is a clear example of the stuff that he would go on to do…masterful, dark and layered with a certain evil twist…this is history!!!

**** 1/2 out of 5


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